UPDATE: Better educated, less impoverished, why the minority ethnic Covid-19 death rate in Scotland is only half that of ‘white’ population

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This update prompted by a suggestion from reader, 2012nancy:

From the National Records of Scotland, last updated 24th March 2021:

The 2011 Census showed that the Scottish population was 4% minority ethnic. This data show that the number of minority ethnic deaths in Scotland relating to COVID-19 is between 1.4% and 2.7%.



In England and Wales, males of Black African, Black Caribbean and Bangladeshi ethnic background had the highest rates of death involving COVID-19, all exceeding 250 deaths per 100,000 and significantly higher than all other ethnic groups. 


What can possibly explain this?

Earlier today, I wondered if ethnic minority groups were more prepared to take advice on compliance with pandemic control measures and vaccines from Nicola Sturgeon than from Boris Johnson? It may be that this is the explanation based on the fact that, on average, Scotland’s BAME community is a bit more educated and affluent than the rest of the population while in England they are less so.

See this from the JRF in 2011:

In some respects, the minority ethic population in Scotland is not as disadvantaged as the majority
population. For example, Census data indicates that Pakistani, Chinese and Indian households are more
likely to have access to a car, or to three or more cars, than White Scottish households (these variables
are generally related to income). Most of the visible minority ethnic groups have higher qualifications than
the White Scottish population; this may be related to the fact that many are actually students (31 per cent
of African and 26 per cent of Chinese). Others may have come to Scotland originally to study.

And from the ONS in 2020:

Children in Bangladeshi and Pakistani households were the most likely to live in low income and material deprivation out of all ethnic groups, while children in Indian households were the least likely. Children in Asian households were 2.5 times as likely, compared with the national average, to be in persistent low income during the period from 2013 to 2017.


The data is separated by 9 years but should still be reasonably comparable and if the gap has changed, it seems likely to have widened further after a decade of Tory austerity, more extreme in England.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Better educated, less impoverished, why the minority ethnic Covid-19 death rate in Scotland is only half that of ‘white’ population

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