Oooh, 40 000 affordable rent houses from the Tories! Do you think we can trust them?

They sound confident but, let’s check if they’ve done this kind of work before:

Ah, maybe not, eh?

3 thoughts on “Oooh, 40 000 affordable rent houses from the Tories! Do you think we can trust them?

  1. The Tories are past masters in making promises that they know full well they have no intention whatsoever of evenly remotely achieving the goal for which they promised
    It is merely sound bites and catch parades they invent to deceive and trick
    All so to keep the wolf in sheep’s clothing
    In short i would never believe a Tory even if they said it was a lie

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  2. The SNP Gov have committed to build or renovate 6,000 affordable rentable houses a year. Private builders built 17,000 houses a year. Including compulsory low cost quota.

    50,000 people die in Scotland a year. Homes come on the market. In a few years there will be homes for everyone. There are reports there are enough houses for people in Scotland but not in the right areas and places.

    Homelessness can be called by social problems. Mental illness! divorce and separation. Low incomes or unemployment. Many people from the military can be homeless. PTS. Addiction problems. Co habiting women with children not having equal rights. Abuse.

    The Tories sold off council houses and did not build others. Labour built 6 affordable houses.,


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