They are, 100%, and thus far fewer deaths pro rata

In the Herald today:

Joanna Blythman doesn’t believe that it is necessary for care home workers to be vaccinated against Covid (“Don’t trust Hancock and power-hungry pals, vaccine passports are a step to dystopian future”, The Herald, March 27). I think she is wrong. It is all very well to argue about the rights of the individual to choose, but what about the rights of those being cared for? Surely they have a right to be protected from catching this potentially fatal disease? It is a well-known fact that care home residents are particularly vulnerable due to age and infirmity. My late mother passed away in a nursing home almost two years before the outbreak of Covid in the UK. If she were still there today I would like to be assured that all of those responsible for her care were vaccinated. I would argue that that would have been her right.

Who could disagree?

Here’s the evidence:!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview

So what’s that letter in a Scottish newspaper all about? Wait, Hancock? Was Blythman writing in a Scottish newspaper about English care home workers and confusing both the letter writer and the letters editor about the situation in Scottish care homes?

Does it matter?

Eh, well, 7 Covid deaths in Scottish care homes in week-ending 21st March and 103 in English care homes, in the same week.

England has ten times the population so might be expected to have ten times the Covid deaths or 70, but had 103, a 47% higher death rate.


7 thoughts on “They are, 100%, and thus far fewer deaths pro rata

  1. Its getting to be impossible to know what news is Scottish, English or UK—and who is responsible for what.

    The media now deliberately claim “UK” when they mean England, or “country-wide” when its not. No context, perspective or insight–its just a mish-mash of irrelevant, non-specific stats.

    Boris stands up for English covid-19 updates, surrounded by the Union flag–what’s THAT all about? An English nationalist, with the UK flag in the middle of a Scottish election?

    Where’s DRossy and his “Covid Briefings outrage”?
    Oh, its just Nikla he doesnt like!

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  2. Rights of the individual . . . Not to have the Covid Jag.

    People have to wear seatbelts, crash helmets. Don’t recall a human rights outcry over these measures.


    1. Jim
      To assert or by implication assume is a most dangerous pass time
      Because if 1 or any other then commences to act upon such,then invariably harmful and wrong consequences will undoutfully arise, no matter what and how long to arise


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