The National’s Michael Fry dishonestly suggests Scotland has had more Covid deaths

Author Michael Fry, appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Stock  Photo - Alamy

Alerted to this by reader Jim O’Rourke, I cannot believe my eyes:

In the supposedly pro-independence National today the above astonishing claim. The facts:

So, Mr Fry, by any of the three measures, tested, death certificate mention and excess deaths, Scotland’s death rate has been much lower than England or Wales.

20 thoughts on “The National’s Michael Fry dishonestly suggests Scotland has had more Covid deaths

  1. Yes I have been finding some of the National’s articles disappointing and recently cancelled my subscription that I had since they started. Some of their “journalists” in the sister Herald newspapers have lost the plot with their behavior and this assisted my decision. I will be recycling the savings to ALBA and if the wife permits will apply a similar strategy to the TV licence. With honest sites like your own and others there is no vacuum to fill. Keep up the good work, you are getting there.

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    1. Still on the bright side they seem critical of one of Alba’s prospective candidate’s insulting language. He apparently lives in Hong Kong but is returning (through quarantine I hope) to stand.
      They also mention another whose tweets seem to have caused offence.


  2. The editor of The National really needs to do something about this, to publish a correction.

    Based on the section quoted there could hardly be a more erroneous representation of the truth, and a ‘truth’ based on the Boris Johnson government’s own data source.

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  3. John
    I have just posted a comment on The Nationals digital copy today under M.Fry,s article giving them his actual words along with a correction as to the actual fact of the matter
    Along with the caveat that in the event that both Mr.Fry and The National
    Print in tomorrows copy a full apology
    Then the matter shall be passed to the regulatory authorities

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  4. This appears to justify the opinion of some, that the National is a bit of a Trojan horse. Perhaps your man is just having an off-day. Though that doesn’t explain why the article passed the editor’s scrutiny.


    1. Clydebuilt
      Tank you for the key contact info for The
      And i have sent The Editor a e mail
      Strongly advising him to read my comments posting under the M.Fry article under my full name
      And thank him in anticipation of a reply
      Given that and any fair minded citezen would consider this matter to be one of a very serious and grave matter

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  5. All newspapers in UK are against Scottish Independence for the simple reason that Westminster keeps them afloat and allows them to print whatever they want and when its patently wrong all they are required to do is print a correction some weeks later usually on a page well inside the newspaper and usually in a bottom corner in print as small as they can get away with.
    Its no accident.
    And a perfect example of people saying they support Scottish Independence when they do not.
    All part of englands propaganda war on Scotland , but we are on to them.

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  6. O/T Just watched C4 News this evening carry out some Vox Pop interviews in Redcar, one of the Red Wall seats won by the Tories at the last GE. Interviews were with what appeared to be working class folk who once voted Labour. Oh dear!

    Apart from some concerns about the 1% pay deal for NHS England staff – but even here there is a view that post Covid belt tightening is required of us – they just seem to love the Tories and especially Johnson and Sunak.

    Of course I know this was not a statistically credible sample – far from it. However, if the prevailing views exposed here are anything close to wider Red Wall opinion, then those in Scotland of a left of centre political persuasion who are expecting a UK Labour government any time soon – and looking to Labour’s delivery of federalism as the antidote to Scotland’s independence movement – are engaging in at least two fantasies!

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    1. Turkeys voting for Xmas and they don’t even know it…the brainwashing really does work…I suspect unemployment to be very high in places like Redcar…maybe a couple of sweeteners have been offered. Always useful to have a compliant poor, good for cannon fodder.

      Same with Blyth, just up the coast, always was Labour until last election, though, I have friends who live very near there, and they tell me that new housing estates (NOT social housing!) have been built in what WAS countryside/rural or semi rural, and they have no idea who the hell would live there anyway, but it seems quite extensive. Possibly second homes, folks from darn sarf buying up because it’s cheap and plenty space and countryside, or rather, there was!

      Redcar is where there was once huge industry, what is there now I wonder…
      also, looks like that region is seeing worst Covid infections at the moment.
      Scary stuff.

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  7. As I’ve previously pointed out, social deprivation is the main social driver of poor health and health inequity. So Tory governments are simply bad for your health, as their economic policies both demand and produce inequality, which spreads and deepens existing social deprivation.

    Influence of socioeconomic deprivation on interventions and outcomes for patients admitted with COVID-19 to critical care units in Scotland: A national cohort study

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  8. Discussion with a chap today…

    He says “I’m OK with Nicola Sturgeon, but she has not done as well on Covid as Boris. The deaths in Scotland are worse”

    I know enough to try not to start an argument, but I say I think it’s the reverse. I suggest he looks at the Travellingtabby website for good info.

    He says “No. I don’t look at dodgy websites. I watch all the programmes and then I just make up my own mind.”

    I said it was an excellent site for showing the Covid stats, but to no avail.

    What this does show is that the more the lie is repeated, the more it is believed. And it is getting believed.

    If the SNP / Greens /Alba lose their majority, they will have lost to cheats. What a disgrace the media in Scotland are. And what a fine and precious union this is. Not.

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