The National’s Michael Fry surfaces to undermine the cause

In 2015, the editor of the National, Richard Walker, told the Guardian that they would feel free to attack the SNP. Regulars like Kevin McKenna and Michael Fry, make much of that position, with ill-informed and biased reporting which can only damage the cause.

In March, Fry even suggested that Scotland had had more Covid deaths than rUK:

Today, we see:

SCOTLAND has the only government in the world which, while seeking freedom from an unfriendly parent state, is also asking it to send in troops to tackle a domestic crisis.

Yes, soldiers of the British army will be drafted in to drive ambulances in an effort to deal with the present unprecedented pressure on the National Health Service. It’s only September, and a mild September at that, yet in their crammed wards and at their besieged entrances our hospitals are already facing conditions otherwise only familiar from a frozen January.

Look at that language. These are Scottish soldiers.

Also, look at the acceptance of a crisis situation in Scottish hospitals, the narrative that BBC Scotland and the National’s neighbours in the Herald are pushing as part of a proxy war against the SNP.

This is all wrong. No doubt, NHS Scotland is under pressure in some areas but admissions are only half what they were in February 2021 and infection levels are falling.

NHS Scotland has significantly more beds, nurses and doctors, per head of population, than other parts of the UK.

I won’t list the sources here again. Read my earlier posts on these matters.

4 thoughts on “The National’s Michael Fry surfaces to undermine the cause

  1. Scotland’s A&E crisis will pass. Normally, England has much worse ambulance and A&E problems than us.
    Seldom reported, however, by the BEEB.
    The SNP has battalions of elected politicians.
    It’s time some of them started making a noise, and pointing out the obvious. Not least agitating against the biased media.
    Write letters. Call phone-ins. Raise it in parliament ( both of them).

    EARN YOUR CORN, for a change!

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  2. Do they point out that Scotland’s NHS is under vastly funded by the English government? Do they point out that staff shortages are due to England’s Brexit?

    Even with any issues now, due to underfunding etc, and Covid no doubt, it doesn’t bear thinking about if any Britnat party was at the helm in Scotland, their record in government in Westminster and Holyrood, does nothing to aleviate any fears over the demolishing of the NHS for profiteers which has been their plan since Thatcher and now it’s coming to pass. Scotland can only mitigate so much, and the BritNats know that, any failures can be attributed to years of underfunding, lack of investment and the BritNat legacy. Labour UK when at Holyrood, plunged Scotland
    into £BILLIONS of ‘debt’ with their PFI schemes, (scams), how much is that ‘debt’ which still has to paid by Scotland to private profiteers? The SNP need to point that out at every opportunity and the fact is Labour UK in Scotland would not hesitate to do that sort of dirty dealing in Scotland again.

    I remember the news when Labour UK were at the helm at Holyrood. Scotland’s NHS was being run into the ground and hospital infections were out of control because they had outsourced cleaning services (privatised it) and people were lying on trolleys in corridors waiting for treatment, it was a total disaster.

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  3. BBC politics (Jo Coburn style) really having a go at Scots (and particularly Nicola Sturgeon). Jo Coburn spouts venom every opportunity, and , of course she is able to dictate what she wants to debate!! Pure propaganda.
    And that Claire Fox from the HoL, what a blowhard, again with a built in hatred of Scotland.
    Felt sorry for Tommy Shephard, but hid did get a few digs in about Englandland’s quality of ‘crisis’.


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