BBC Scotland admits First Minister did not need to be cleared of cheating on cancer-ridden husband or giving our money to her lover!

Old pals at the Telegraph demonise the woman.

From, this morning:

Can you imagine the state @BBCNews would be in if N. Sturgeon had behaved as appallingly, even cruelly, towards a cancer patient husband AND on top of it all given her equally ghastly affair partner £126.000 of taxpayers money? Can you imagine the doorsteping? The enquiry?

Try googling ‘Johnson Arcuri story‘ and almost every report headline will start with her name first, implying she initiated the affair, making her the ‘guilty woman’, the ‘home-wrecker’.

The Telegraph, above, try to protect Boris as only they can.

What about the broadcasters:

BBC? Nope he’s our leader!

ITV? Nope, he really is our leader!

Channel 4: Churchillian!

Sky? What did he do? No, didn’t know about that. Sure it’s not fake news?

11 thoughts on “BBC Scotland admits First Minister did not need to be cleared of cheating on cancer-ridden husband or giving our money to her lover!

  1. I am getting a wee bit fed-up with the constant whitabootery over how badly Baw Jaws behaves and how little attention is drawn to his many faults.

    For as long as the Union lasts, there is nothing we Scots can do about Baw Jaws. If the English want to vote-in a Tory wanker who is a serial liar and womaniser, surrounded by a Cabinet who dole out lucrative contracts to their pals – then there is nowt we can do to prevent this, or prevent ourselves from being caught in the fall-out.

    But, I don’t want to see the same disgraceful failings up here, and some of the stuff the current ruling cabal in the SNP have been indulging in, not least in their treatment of Wee Eck, is distinctly Tory in nature.

    We are supposed to be in the early days of building a better Scotland, so let’s drop the English political habits and get on with this – starting by getting Independence.

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    1. Wee Eck ? He’s a BIG boy , can’t he fight back .
      If only he had access to a prominent Blogger who could throw scurrilous and vile accusations for months on end at his alleged opponent , then that could level the playing field .
      If only !

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  2. No need to wonder why because the British state know full well that they are now in a final state of collapse and been aware of such for many a year
    So they by their subtle but clever deployment, channeled via all The MSM
    succeeded in Stupefying most of the electrorate


  3. While I dont want “fish-wife gossip” as news, I would like context and perspective in reporting issues.
    If the media want to operate as “yellow page” scandal sheets, then they MUST spread the muck in ALL directions.

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    1. Gavinochiltree
      And as they throw the contents of their
      Faecal laden buckets over either starboard or port sides
      Tis so into a howling gale from the direction of the Bow

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  4. It is a wonder it is even getting reported. They have kept it quite for long enough. The Westminster controlled Press. Something must be stirring. An account against the tide. The waves and the storm is brewing. The honeymoon period is over?

    Expect more. Johnston the liar, got sacked by Murdoch for telling lies. The tax evader. £80,000 Tory expenses disappeared from the Parties coffers. The partner. The monies being misappropriated and abused by the Tories and their associates. £Billions in non scrutinised contracts.

    Cameron now accused. He has been lobbying for years. Hickley Point, HS2 construction Chinese monies. The Tory associated slush fund. The British -Chinese consortium totally over priced and mismanaged. No properly scrutinised business case. £Billions wasted. Cameron blocked the vote in lobbying for self gain. Boasted he would make £Millions from illegal Greenhill gains. Another cheating, liar breaking the rules with impunity. The majority of the Tory Party.

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    1. Gordon
      One must liken all the MSM
      As being the mortuary technicians
      Placing all such misdemeanours into body bags to await the arrival of the Hearse to take it to the crematorium


  5. If you’re the PM, or any other publicly accountable figure, it must be rather reassuring having the MSM manage and conduct your public relations for you. Though it does undermine democracy, which is already under intense pressure from the radical-right.

    Accountability in modern government: what are the issues?

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