Fit to stand for office? Tory double standards

Scottish Conservative leader and future list MSP, maybe, Douglas Ross has branded leader of the Alba Party, Alex Salmond ‘unfit to stand for office.’

Readers know all-too-well what Salmond was charged with, that he was found not-guilty but that, for some, he hasn’t apologised enough to the women involved. He also has not yet apologised to Tony Blair for trying to get him the jail for the deaths of half a million women in Iraq.

Anyhow, remember Damien Green MP, colleague of Douglas Ross and near neighbour on the benches at Westminster?

What did he do?

28 November 2008

Damian Green, then shadow immigration spokesman, is arrested at home in Kent on suspicion of “conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office” and “aiding and abetting misconduct in public office” by counter-terrorism police officers in connection with the Home Office leaks. The charges carry a potential life sentence. The then assistant Met commissioner Bob Quick ordered the arrest.

Late 2008

Police find “extreme” pornographic material on one of the Commons computers of Damian Green during an inquiry into the leaks. It is not reported at the time.

At the time Green was a Conservative MP but he would later become minister for policing, criminal justice and victims and then work and pensions secretary. He was a friend of Theresa May’s at Oxford University and is one of her closest political allies. After managing to form a minority government after the 2017 general election, May appointed him first secretary of state, effectively deputy prime minister.

Early 2015

Green meets Kate Maltby, a Conservative activist and journalist, in a bar in Waterloo, London after he invites her for a drink. Green, almost 30 years older than Maltby, is an acquaintance of her parents and the pair had met previously. On this occasion, after discussing whether Maltby was interested in a political career and sexual affairs in parliament, she claims Green “mentioned that his own wife was very understanding. I felt a fleeting hand against my knee – so brief, it was almost deniable.”

1 June 2016

Maltby, having, she says, not been in contact with Green for a year, receives a text relating to an article she had written in the Times the previous day about corsets. It read: “Long time no see. But having admired you in a corset in my favourite tabloid I feel impelled to ask if you are free for a drink anytime?”

What did Boris Johnson say about Green? Unfit for office? Nope:

Boris Johnson has said he hopes Damian Green will one day be able to return to government office, despite his dismissal for lying over pornography found on his computer.

Mr Johnson raised concerns that the former first secretary of state may have been the victim of a ‘vendetta’, describing the leak of secret details from a police raid of his parliamentary offices as ‘a bit whiffy’.

The Foreign Secretary added his voice to calls for further investigation of the way police evidence about the discovery of legal porn on Mr Green’s work computer found its way into the press.

Why do I always have to mention England, Ian Hislop?

17 thoughts on “Fit to stand for office? Tory double standards

  1. Other women’s names were mentioned, but wished to remain silent.
    The Daily Mail attacked Maltby in an article, but quickly retracted as it became clear Maltby would take it to court, and No 10 staff and senior Tories would be called as witnesses.

    Green may be sleazy, but is not unique in the Tory party. Nearly 40 names of Tory MP’s were included in a dossier compiled by Westminster staffers on sexual misconduct, bullying and other misdemeanours, but you will scour our brave press in vain, for a mention of any of them.
    Its how the “Lobby System” works. Omerta!

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    1. ?
      The Tories are far worse than sleazy. Let’s not underestimate their crimes, including sexual assault for which majority go unpunished and walk free.
      Salmond for all his faults was found not guilty in a court of law. We can be absolutely sure that if he had committed the crimes he was accused of, he would have never seen daylight again. The British state would not have allowed him to walk free.


  2. O/T A few days ago (27 March) there was a brief exchange btl here on how the BBC News website was wrongly describing how the List system in the Scottish parliamentary election works.

    Originally the BBC had stated this: “In the regional ballot, people vote for a party. The parties are then allocated a number of MSPs depending on how many votes they receive, to make the overall result more proportional.”

    I note the BBC’s text has now been altered to this: ““In the regional ballot, people vote for a party. The parties are then allocated a number of MSPs depending on how many votes they receive – once the number of constituencies already won in that region is taken into account – to make the overall result more proportional.”

    Source: Scottish Parliament election 2021: A really simple guide

    Candidly the insertion of “once the number of constituencies already won in that region is taken into account”, whilst at least now acknowledging this second factor, hardly explains the system to the uninformed reader. ‘How’ is the taking into account achieved? Is it by magic?

    Why did this public service organisation STILL not take the opportunity of fully explaining how this important aspect of our democratic system works? It’s hardly rocket science!

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    1. Agreed Stewartb: the Beeb is being disingenuous, if not thoroughly misleading, in its description.

      The d’Hondt system “masquerades” as a PR system, since it contains an element of FPTP (Constituency votes) and then, by adjusting the List votes (for a wider region and NOT for any specific constituency) in a convoluted and somewhat counter-intuitive way, attempts to modify the combined Constituency and List votes to represent approximately the proportion by party of total votes cast. This begs the question: why not simply use the Single Transferable Vote system and demystify the whole process? I suspect STV would also speed up the process of vote counting and announcement of results.

      Unless the reader is already aware that regional votes will be reduced if a party has done particularly well in the Constituency vote, the Beeb’s description could easily mislead readers and affect their voting intentions. Disingenuous, ignorant or intentional?


  3. The Tory unionist sleeze is endless.

    Thatcher ‘Boys will be boys’ abuse of boys in the Grand Hotel. Tory Party Conference. IRA tried to blow it up.

    Johnston denied his children. Lies and has had endless affairs and liaisons.

    The Brexiteer spokesperson just got cleared on accusations of rape.

    Major and Currie. Hot eggs

    Hague buried and lost the child abuse dossier. A scandal.

    An endless list of corruption and malpractice. They just get away with it. With impunity, Cyril Smith, Saville, Andrew. Fairbairn.

    Councillors abuse and indecent assault. Still in position and misusing public moments.

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  4. The Assault on Truth by Peter Oborne.
    I am in the middle of reading this and he does not hold back about Boris and Hancock and the lies they have told,I know he voted Brexit but has since changed his mind writes for the Mail butin saying all that worth a read,once I have finished reading I might send it to DRoss no to hell with that let him buy his own.

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  5. When applying for a place on the Tory candidates list ;
    after detailing whether one attended Eton or ( god help us ! ) Harrow ,
    and giving details of one’s connections to serving Cabinet Ministers and/or Prince Andrew ,
    and ignoring the section ( why do they put it in ? ) on conflict of interests ,
    does one HAVE to declare having one’s name on the Sex Offenders List ?
    I know Pater and Uncle Boris never bothered to include this info .


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