Galloway ‘bets on Alba to take seats’

Skyfall: Bond is back in the official teaser trailer - video - Mirror Online
This is thought to be Alasdair Galloway on a mission for the Scotia Nostra, in 2012: Image MGN

Irregular contributor to TuS, the thinking man or woman’s Galloway, Alsadair (above), has a letter in today’s Herald which persuades me that the Alba Party will take seats from the Tories and Labour in the process. I’d already detected the fear coming from them.

Here’s the bit that matters:

TuS Pictures Editor, Jamie (16) has been authorised to pay full whack for a photograph, preferably unflattering, of the elusive Galloway.

13 thoughts on “Galloway ‘bets on Alba to take seats’

  1. The rear view of “Alsadair (above)”.
    Will we need to scour the files of MI5 for the full frontal?

    Anyway, we should all get behind Alasdair’s analysis and back Alba on the List. The more “sovereigntists” we can elect the better.

    If DRossy can happily be in the same party as Damian Green, then accept Alex Salmond, with his all-too-human foibles—he is a much better person than Green.

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    1. I would like to thank you very much for that comment GavinOchiltree, as I reckon it is the back view of Daniel Craig (James Bond). I would ask my wife for confirmation, but she wont stop laughing.


    2. gavinochilltree
      With respect and regards to scouring MI5 files
      May i suggest our efforts be deployed to sneaking out all the gold held in Fort Knox
      At least you would have a far greater chance of some success


      1. Alas, MI5 used to leak like a sieve, but maybe only to the Russians.

        I wish I had the techy skills to “scour the files” of Brit Nat bastions like the BEEB or Cabinet discussions on Scotland, but I am barely able to use a keyboard.
        Where are the good cyber-hackers when you need them? Dont answer that!


        1. You ask as to where the good cyber hackers are with regards MI5
          Either in jail but more likely in missing persons list
          But beware as of now because Boris will
          Lob a nuke your way if you a hacker of serious ability


  2. It’s a no brainier.

    Desperation. ‘Fear in their beastie.’ The pesties.

    The Alba Party is what’s needed to break D’Hond’t. Increase the Indy representation. It just gets better and better. Alex Salmond has always listened to people and got things done. The best advisory for Scotland.

    It is not about personalities. It is about Independence to make Scotland, the world a better place.

    Like the new look site. Smart. Very professional. Thanking you for all you do.

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    1. I live in East lothian part of Southern Scotland region , my Constituency vote will go to SNP as per usual , I am conflicted about my list vote as I would like to see Kenny MacAskill returned to Holyrood , but as the Southern list retuned three SNP MSPs i’m in a quandry , with the changed dynamic of Iain Gray Labour standing down and the chance the seat may go to SNP ( here’s hoping ) does anyone know how that changes the likelyhood of SNP taking list seats ? if anybody has any reasoned thoughts help a guy out .


      1. Allen Ralston
        My sound advice is hold your vote till as close to poll as possible
        By such time all the dust kicked up by the launch of Alba will have well and truly settled
        Along with the Ingenuity of the Yes movement coming up with regional list voting likely hoods for us to comprehend
        Then cast our list vote accordingly
        Keep your powder dry for the now

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  3. I understand the ‘concept’. I support the objective of increasing the number of indy supporting MSPs in the next parliament. However …

    I will be waiting to see how the campaigning goes and how the opinion polls in my region evolve. I will be waiting to see what opinion polling forecasts for the vote for Alba and the Greens in the regional list.

    And taking all this and more (e.g. likely constituency results) into account closer to polling day, crucially I will be waiting – hoping – to obtain the benefit of some actual quantitative modelling at the region level before deciding on my own list vote.

    Actual modelled outcomes derived close to polling day will outweigh any and all assertions and aspirations about list ‘tactical voting’ for me. We need to ‘run the numbers’: I suggest we need to see the potential effects based on the same set of data inputs. Only then might preconceived opinions be moderated by hard-headed, evidence-based modelled results.

    Such modelling is perfectly possible to achieve, albeit we cannot guarantee that any modelled outcome is certain to be realised. We must surely strive to minimise the risk of unintended negative consequences.

    And once I can (hopefully) consider such quantitative modelling results I’ll look afresh at the other, related political issues/consequences that pertain for the independence cause at the upcoming election as set out for example by Peter A Bell in his typically challenging and thought- provoking fashion a few days ago.



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