Unique in History of Democracy?

The Herald had the story for their poll today differently:

Exclusive poll: SNP set for knife-edge majority in Holyrood vote


14 years of total dominance of Scottish politics, heading for a 4th victory, perhaps an outright victory of the kind thought impossible in the Scottish system, averaging 50% and always up on the 2019 election, and that’s the story?

No journalist outside of the UK would see it that way.

Any student of electoral systems would be thinking:

Wow! That is ******* amazing! Has that every happened before in the context of a democracy far more fair and representative of its population than even England’s ‘Mother of Parliaments’ or the US ‘Greatest Democracywhere you can win with less than 40% of the people backing you?

Something very special is going on here. These politicians must be among the most trusted in history. You can fool some of the people some of the time but this is the most educated country in Europe so these folk must be doing something right, for them.

3 thoughts on “Unique in History of Democracy?

    1. sorry have to respectfully disagree here. I will vote for the SNP candidate in Dumbarton – I would walk over hot coals to be rid of Jackie Baillie. BUT, as I did in 2016 I will vote for someone else because the SNP have little to no chance of getting anyone elected on the List because they will have won so many of the constituencies. Last time I voted Green, but if there was a List only, focused indy party I might vote for them this time round.
      Since the polls are suggesting something close to a wipeout of Unionist constituency candidates, the focus has to fall on how we maximise the indy proportion on the List, and with the voting system we have, that wont be the SNP.
      So constituency vote SNP. List vote, most likely indy candidate to be elected.


  1. “May loses seats in election”. 42.4% of votes.
    With 1% more votes— “Johnson wins landslide”! on 43.6% of votes.

    Yes a “landslide” for Blondie giving him a mandate as electoral dictator to do anything he wants.

    This is why it is imperative for Scotland to leave.

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