2nd poll puts yES firmly back in the lead

The Herald’s poll by BMG puts Yes at 52% and No at 48% after dinnaekens were removed . It’s not a big lead but its the second in a row after a run of polls, some unreliable, suggesting a lead for No:


It’s too early to be sure but the last two are remarkable in the context of the media saturation bombing of the First Minister. At any other time, in any other country, with any other party and leader, they would surely have done more damage than they seem to have done.

daily mail

They must be sorely disappointed after spending all that money on polls.

‘SNP supporters do not give a **** about the media witch hunt of Nicola?’

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7 thoughts on “2nd poll puts yES firmly back in the lead

  1. Never mind–the Brit Nits will have bin bags full of “DRossy” postal votes, just waiting for darkness to fall, so they can be slipped, surreptitiously, into the system.

    The “English Raj” (to paraphrase Paxman) never gives up its colonies easily.

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  2. Lia Nici, a Tory MP, states that if you don’t love the Union flag or the Queen, then you should live somewhere else.
    I dont mind auld Betty (though I am republican), she will soon be gone after her long service. After her a deluge of media criticism, I suspect.
    I dont mind the Union flag, but have the greatest distrust of people who parade it on all, and any, occasions they can, and have one handily in a corner of their living room.
    Stand to attention while a Churchill speech is playing on the “gramophone”.

    But live elsewhere?
    I want to live in a country called SCOTLAND, where we can decide our own policies, priorities and alliances.
    A self-governing country with a totty, wee, Saltire fluttering somewhere non-threatening or in a living room or on the telly or on a warship/tank or Trident..

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  3. Sorry to go off topic but that photo of Brown and Kamara has really made my day.
    There is hope for a better place to live in for everyone in Scotland.

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  4. And what the all the Yoon MSM seem have completely forgotten to take into consideration Newton,s law regarding force
    Each and every force shall produce a equal force in return

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  5. Interesting to note the Undecided percentage much lower than in the recent polls showing No higher, while No has reduced too. This might indicate some people were initially wary during the media “pile on” against First Minister but now showingvtgeir support for Independence.
    Hope it continues to grow.

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  6. I wonder John, how closely attached the indy vote is to the SNP any more? Once upon a time, it would be closely coupled, and we knew that 80% of the SNP would vote for indy at the drop of a hat. Voting SNP was THE way to secure independence.
    But have things changed? How much of the Labour vote in particular, even the Lib Dem vote would vote Yes. We know much of the Green vote would vote Yes.
    The significance of this is that attacking Sturgeon in the way the MSM have rather misses the point. The Scottish electorate is sophisticated enough to know, without more, that in an independent Scotland the SNP will only be our government if we vote for them. The SNP in its present form might not even exist any more. An acquaintance who was an SNP councillor down our way said that on independence he reckoned the party would fracture very quickly.
    And the significance of that is that the independence movement is – in a good way – leaderless, as there is no one to attack that is going to make all that much difference.
    Let’s suppose that Sturgeon is not only found to have misled Parliament but other horrible crimes, and has to resign. What then? Well, we start again. Nicola might have gone away, but the cause has not.

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