Let them have their day – The wee souls have waited a long time for this

It’s true. After months, from March to September 2020 when the infection rate was pretty much the same across the 4 nations, then 5 months when Scotland had a much lower rate, the others fell to just under on the 10th March.


They must be very proud but they’ll have to go some to get anywhere near Scotland’s level over the whole pandemic:


15 thoughts on “Let them have their day – The wee souls have waited a long time for this

  1. This comparison of cases is revealing. However, might it be argued that it is influenced by numbers tested?

    To counter this, I suppose one could look to compare absolute numbers of people tested (using the same test) within each of the four nations and then compare calculated ratios of cases per number tested. From a general appreciation of available Covid related data across the UK, my sense is it may be non-trivial to do this with test data.

    Other, perhaps more comparable and also more readily available data are: hospital admissions (except with Wales as I think the total admission stats there also include ‘suspected’ Covid admissions), mortality due to Covid, and excess mortality.

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    1. Stewartb
      Scotland completely science driven and highly targeted
      England which is Privatised to Tory cronies
      Is highly profitable
      Not believe this then explain How is English testing twice the rate of Scottish tests
      But English deaths 47 % higher ( and thats with cooking of the books)
      Results my dear fellow Results and that is all that really matters

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      1. You kind of make my (technical) point. I am NOT making a judgement on testing regimes, simply postulating that identification of ‘case’ numbers is dependent on ‘testing’.

        If, as you seem to suggest, comparative statistics on testing are unreliable then it follows that if case numbers are indeed related to identification through testing then comparative stats on cases are problematic.

        Hospital admissions, covid-related deaths and excess deaths are – if one wishes to make national/country comparisons – more defensible statistically.

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      2. on the UK coronavirus site when you select testing for England you find they have included all lateral flow tests in their total. Only the PCR tests are included for NI Wales and Scotland. I think they may be doing about 200000 PCR tests a day. Travelling Tabby does not include England positivity.
        He sent me this email:
        “I ended up just removing all England/UK wide testing data from the page, as the inclusion of the lateral flow tests made it impossible to compare with the rest of the UK. Even the PCR positivity rate they show there isn’t particularly comparable, as it lags behind and doesn’t link up time wise with the rest of the UK.”

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        1. Alex
          Generally if you attempt to drill down into
          English/UK data you soon lose confidence
          Given that since the beginning they have had
          3 major changes to the data presentation
          Also a habit of delayed publication,mostly when Boris due to go live at press conference
          And data bad,so presumably to avoid dangerous Questions/replies
          Hospital and ICU numbers often stay at same fig. For 2-3 days
          One can only say that their data is designed to
          1.Depress the numbers that are bad and avoid the awful truth
          2.Exact opposite for what they think is good
          Such as you state with tests
          Generally Whilst looking at SG data it is reliable, consistent and quickly able to extrapolate
          But with UK& England certainly not so

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    2. I’ve not been able to find details of English tests for a while now. (Can’t think why not…)

      Wouldn’t the %age of positive tests be more enlightening?


  2. Ah. But let us not all forget The Good Queen Lizzie shall bestow upon the good Burghers
    Of Kent England
    Her award for export of this marvellously infectious new viral strain
    God Bless the Queen and Her Britanic Emperor Boris the Terrible
    Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray, Hip hiphooray

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  3. Due to Brexit , were lorry drivers not being encouraged to be in possession of a ”pass ” before entering Kent on their way to the Channel ?
    Perhaps , given the Kent variant , they should all be vaccinated ?

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  4. I botched signing-in, so I’ll re-post that. Apologies if it appears twice.

    It should never be forgotten that it was populist English Torydum that botched the response to the pandemic. With catastrophic consequences in terms of lives lost and damage to the economy.

    Populist Nationalism Threatens Health and Human Rights in the COVID-19 Response

    “Human rights offer legal frameworks for advancing justice in public health. Instrumental to dignity, human rights address basic needs and frame entitlements to uphold a universal moral vision. International human rights law—enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and evolving through international treaties, instruments, and policies—delineates government responsibilities for advancing the rights to health and health determinants.1 The health and human rights movement—spanning law and public health—has proven to be a powerful force for realizing the human rights that structure global health.”


  5. Young folk are illegally partying a bit, but they will not be hospitalised and die. Spreading it about. They are testing. Those at most risk have had their jab.


    1. Hmm some of our older neighbours have had pals around in their gardens past couple of nights, not many maybe four or five folk, but we can’t always blame the young folk for being irresponsible.


  6. Scotland higher rates of Covid than England…closing the border would have stemmed the numbers, air B&B’s around us have been doing a roaring trade throughout lockdown. Can’t stop the spread with people coming and going as if there was no pandemic. It’s a silent killer, even a zombie virus, I read an article at phys.org that some people feel extremely lively and more like socialising when they have the virus for the first couple of days at least.

    ScotGov really should now impose a vaccine passport on people coming and going across the border between England and Scotland, otherwsie it’s simple, numbers in Scotland will not be reduced by much at all. The BritNats are going to dine out on the fact Scotland’s numbers are not reducing as they should be. They’ll be saving the stats for end of April, it doesn’t matter if things are better by then, they use historical stats to suit their political agenda.

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    1. The case numbers in England have stalled a bit as well. This coming week or two should show if opening the schools in England earlier this month has affected their numbers.


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