I thought Rikki Fulton had passed?

Doug Marr, have I read anything by him? In a wee special he gets to forecast what will be big in 2021 and offers:

In political terms, the virtual implosion of the SNP will have huge ramifications for Holyrood and the independence movement in particular.

What a classic out-of-touch-with reality, in-the-bubble quote. He’s got to be joking. He’s not. He needs to get out more. He needs to read more.

Has he not seen the last two polls and especially the Herald one today giving the SNP an overall majority of 3 and, not counting the Greens, giving them on constitutional matters, a majority of 19?

I guess this was written before Nicola’s not guilty verdict but ‘implosion’, really. On what planet?

A massive lead, barely nibbled at for years now, despite regular media saturation bombing of the the FM, the SNP and the SG. Half the infection levels and far less deaths due to superior pandemic management. Up to 16 000 new members.

This is not a party in trouble beyond the desperate imaginings of Unionists.

Former school heidie, journalist, golf pro, business consultant, squash player, Marr MA, MEd, CBE, got a bashing for betraying former colleagues last year:


Where did he get the time for all those other interests? Heidies I knew had to be in first, out last, daily and during holidays.

5 thoughts on “I thought Rikki Fulton had passed?

  1. Like I said elsewhere today John, what the Unionist side dont understand is that support for independence is gradually becoming less dependent on support for the SNP.
    I am not saying that bad news for the SNP is irrelevant, but it doesnt have the closely coupled implications that they might have had even five years ago.
    Support for independence is progressively becoming less about support for the SNP.
    Btw, re Rikii Fulton, next time there is a Coronavirus briefing, check out Ross – spitting image of IM Jolly – just a bit younger and without the dog collar and the jokes.

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    1. Just as the independence movement is more important than any individual it is also more important than any individual party.

      Desperate britnats are running out of straws to clutch.

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