Who here is qualified to talk about legal breaches, not breeches, that’s Douglas

Moo-ving on up: interview with Scotland Office minister Douglas Ross
Image: Holyrood

In the controversy over the conduct of the First Minister, who might know what they’re talking about:

For the prosecution:

Douglas Ross:

‘went to agricultural college in Ayrshire’

‘qualified to collect sperm from bulls’

No mention of formal qualifications or class of award.

Nicola Sturgeon reminded 'you're on trial here' in tense hearing | Politics  | News | Express.co.uk

Margaret Mitchell:

Law degree and PG qualification in law but no apparent practical experience other than as JP. Performance in the committee suggests why.

MSP urged to apologise after being caught on camera 'swearing at SNP  minister' | HeraldScotland

Alex Cole Hamilton:

Degree in politics and international relations, no class mentioned so not a good one.

Jackie Baillie Msp High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

Jackie Baillie:

Educated at St Anne’s School, Windermere before ‘studying at’ Cumbernauld College and the University of Strathclyde.  No titles or class mentioned so not good.

Anas Sarwar: Holyrood must focus on Covid not the constitution |  HeraldScotland

Anas Sarwar:

Studied general dentistry at the University of Glasgow.

James Hamilton QC: Who is the man who could decide Nicola Sturgeon's  future? | The National

For the defence:

James Hamilton:

Irish barrister and administrator who served as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) at the Republic of Ireland‘s Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions from 1999 to 2011. In September 2010, Hamilton was elected President of the International Association of Prosecutors, succeeding Francois Falletti.

Hamilton became Director of Public Prosecutions in 1999, succeeding Eamonn Barnes. Before becoming Director of Public Prosecutions, Hamilton was a practising barrister and was head of the office of the Attorney General of Ireland.

He was appointed as an independent advisor to the Scottish Government on the ministerial code in 2013 by Alex Salmond and was reappointed by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in 2015. He was also appointed to the same role by the Welsh Government.

Who is best qualified? Difficult one?

The defendant:

A law graduate of the University of Glasgow, Sturgeon worked as a solicitor in Glasgow.

14 thoughts on “Who here is qualified to talk about legal breaches, not breeches, that’s Douglas

  1. Refreshing to read this in comparison to what’s currently being published over at WoS. The tone can only be described as rabid. Numerous posters wishing for SNP defeat in May.

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    1. Wings is lost down the rabbit hole……..or….

      Like Trump, he is milking the gullible….or….

      He has been turned……or….

      This is fun, a game in which we are just pieces on the board.

      Take your pick. Have nothing to do with him.

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  2. Jackie Bailley
    On CH 4 news tonight she was asked not once,
    Not Twice , Not Thrice but four times if she. Would accept the findings of James Hamilton
    4 times she refused,Stating she only Acknowledged it.
    Well Well Well then
    My Dear Jackie
    No doubt you will not only have to acknowledge but ACCEPT the verdict of your
    Impending defeat at the Holyrood polls
    Karma my Dear Girl,Karma, I do believe it is called

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  3. What really bugs me about all these political traitors in Scotland is that having been in the Labour party or tory party or lib dem party for many many years as they all have , lying week in week out knowingly allowing Scotland and Scottish people to be robbed by england for decades and decades , they will still get a pension.

    I would love to see an enquiry by Scottish government after independence where we look at all their lies and judge them properly before we sack them , we should sack them without compensation for their lies and traitorous behaviour take their work pensions away from them as punishment.

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    1. Terence Callachan
      With regards the punishments to bestow upon the Traitorous Unionist Beasties
      They do NOT go near far enough
      No one and I mean none should ever employ them in any capacity other than cleaning toilets or stacking shelves


    2. Totally agree there TC, the troughing BritNat liars wrecking lives, wrecking kids’ futures in Scotland. Despicable lowlife’s awarded positions in public office beyond their capability and paid very highly to shaft their own country, hell mend ’em.


  4. All the BBC TV coverage I’ve seen this evening – 6pm news on BBC 1 plus Reporting Scotland – has sought to sustain some negative framing based on the Hamilton report’s commentary on the forgotten short meeting with Geoff Aberdein.

    Sarah Smith on the 6pm news especially sought to suggest the report contained a damning finding on this point.

    But what neither of the BBC reports presented was Hamilton’s reason for accepting the FM’s explanation i.e. genuinely forgetting about this meeting.

    The crucial bit the BBC omitted in what were extended pieces was Hamilton’s assessment of motivation, or lack of it – ‘motivation’ is a critical aspect of assessing any culpability for wrongdoing. Hamilton explained he could find no motivation for the FM to mislead on this matter.

    It is appalling – but of course no longer surprising – that the BBC failed to provide its audience with a FULL account of Hamilton’s reasoning as set out below.

    “7.10. It is regrettable that the First Minister’s statement on 8 January 2019 did not include a reference to the meeting with Mr Aberdein on 29 March. In my opinion, however her explanation for why she did not recall this meeting when giving her account to Parliament, while inevitably likely to be greeted with suspicion, even scepticism by some, is not impossible.

    ‘What tilts the balance towards accepting the First Minister’s account for me is that I find it difficult to think of any convincing reason why if she had in fact recalled the meeting she would have deliberately concealed it while disclosing all the conversations she had had with Mr Salmond.

    ‘Furthermore, given that the meeting was with Mr Aberdein who was expected to report it back to Mr Salmond it would have been naive to think that the meeting would remain secret given the First Minister’s poor relationship with Mr Salmond at that point.”

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  5. Difficult question , John ! Who is most qualified ? Mmmm! Can you give us a wee clue ?
    Is it the one who leaked the conclusion before they had reached a conclusion ?
    Is it the one from the Party that is going to lose the election?
    Is it the one who hasn’t got a clue what most Scots think of them ?

    Nope , I given in !

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  6. I appreciate this won’t be a popular opinion, but the application of the law is not impartial in Brexitania. If it were, Scots would not have been stripped of our EU legal identity to satisfy the political demands of xenophobic, right-wing, English nationalism, that was primed through austerity, informed through racist propaganda, and supported by mahoosive electoral fraud. And if the FM understood the law, the legal identity of women would not be under threat from science denying radical trans-activism.



  7. It’s certainly a pile on by the BritNats, they just look like a vigilante group attempting to name and shame someone with no evidence. Pathetic.
    Let’s hope they are embarassed to the hilt by the whole BritNat saga they are so dining out on. I would love to see these scheming, lying troughers get their just deserts, that would be fabulous, fingers crossed.


  8. I find that never watching or listening to any BBC news output does wonders for my blood pressure and happiness. What saddens me is that there is no impartial news service whatsoever in my country.


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