The “Sturgeon misled Parliament” headlines are based on nothing more than a minor semantic quibble

The Scottish Mail on Sunday

I’m sharing this from rScotland, written by Popcorn.

I’ve seen a lot of confusion recently about how Sturgeon “misled” the Parliament. Here is the Committee’s logic:

  1. In her written submission to the Committee, Sturgeon wrote that she had “made it clear” to Salmond that she would not intervene in the investigation.
  2. There is no dispute within the Committee that Sturgeon fully believed she had “made it clear” to Salmond that she wouldn’t intervene.
  3. However, Salmond left the meeting under the impression that she might intervene.
  4. Since Salmond misunderstood Sturgeon, she didn’t actually make her position “clear” – even though she fully believed that she had been clear.

Yes, that’s literally it.

It’s nothing more than an overly pedantic interpretation of a common phrase.

If you ever hear a politician tell Parliament “I have made my position clear on this key policy area,” simply find one person – even if like Salmond they’re not an elected representative – who misunderstood that politician, and now that politician has misled Parliament.

21 thoughts on “The “Sturgeon misled Parliament” headlines are based on nothing more than a minor semantic quibble

    1. How about ‘Devo max’…the ‘VOW’ etc etc …they lied to Scotland with impunity, breaking purdah…that should be illegal oh wait it is!
      Laws do not apply to the BritNats though do they…

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      1. Arthetty
        Re.Laws do not apply to Brit Nats
        But they always forget that the Universal Law of Nature applies to all
        They thought they could defeat Ireland
        They Thought they could tax America and win
        They Thought herd immunity would triumph
        They thought Post 2014 we would go back in the box
        They Thought They could keep India
        They thought Suez venture would win
        They thought Bank de regulation was God
        They believe Brexit is a roaring success
        They thought the WW1 would be won in a few months
        They Think 72000 Troops, 15 Capitol surface ships,120 clapped out tanks and 100 front line aircraft can take on and defeat any
        But in order to be sure they must resurrect Dad,s Army
        They think they World class at almost everything,Name me just 1 business that,s British owned that are in the top 100 of World Of Business Companies
        They think that Westminster is the Mother of all Parliaments ( reality it is The Mother F***er)
        They think Britania rules the waves , Whilst in fact the waves rule them
        They think tis a Land of Hope and Glory
        Whilst tis a Land of Despair and Disease and the despair is that they now believe that lobbing a Nuke at a Computer Hacker is sensible way to spend 100,s of Billions of Pounds
        They think that the £ is strong and mighty when you get $ 1.39 for £1 today
        And all whence in 1914 you would have got $ 14 for £1
        They think they are a military force when they are no longer capable of producing on their own Tanks, APC,s, Military aircraft and ICBM missiles
        They think London is the Fiscal hub of the World, Whilst the EU has now trapped them and within the next few yrs London will no longer deal in Euro Exchanges or European Stock Markets
        My fingers sore now but enough said
        And any Scot.with any sense or pride would say to them
        Enough is Enough Bye Bye Bye


  1. Meanwhile King Boris has misled parliament repeatedly.
    In the last few weeks he lied about:-
    !.- Labour voting against a pay rise for nurses in England.
    2.-The full release of covid-19 contracts.
    3.-Northern Rail funding.

    Where is the media outrage?
    Where are the calls from Starmer for Johnson to stand down?

    The media is England nationalist and just biased against Scotland.
    Starmer is an empty jacket, frothing hypocritically at Scotland, while standing four-square with his buddy, Boris.

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    1. How would people in England react if their media was controlled by Germany and the German press was in full Johnson must resign outrage?
      Let’s hope more Scots see the light and treat all this nonsense with the contempt it deserves.

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      1. You might also ask them how they’d feel if their civil service was controlled and appointed by another country, say France or post-Indy Scotland?


    2. Gavinochiltree
      Re.Stammer tis not a empty jacket he shall
      Need after May poll
      It is a Full Metal Jacket he will have to adorn


    3. you might have added him letting Patel stay on after being found not to have consistently lived up to the standards expected of a Minister? She only bullied her Principal Civil Servant out of this job at a cost of at least 340k

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      1. Fret not with regards Boris and his lies
        Because he forgets that the more you lie and get away with merely leads to incremental lncreases in the length of his Proboscis
        And as his confidence in doing so grows
        Then little does he know that he shall trip up
        Upon his own extended nose


    4. Starmer is a con man, a true blue BritNat taking a huge wad of cash for services to his country of London and the SE of England, still folks in NE of England would vote for him…they won’t hear a word against but my do they feel free to comment on the Scottish parliament and SNP, with an air of contempt of course…


  2. It now seems NS is to be held to account for failing to sort a “toxic culture” of bullying etc when AS was First Minister. When the committee findings prove worthless, we can them move seamlessly onto the next bad thing – scatter as much dirt as you can and something will stick.

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        I cannot but get ( jokingly of course )
        A image in my head of Murdo,s cranium
        Being in the cross hairs of a snipers rifle


      2. So she should, iamsoccerdoc.

        Also for:
        – the building of Hadrian’s Wall
        – the eruption of Vesuvius and the subsequent burial of Pompeii and Herculaneum
        – both world wars
        – the death of whichever indigenous group it was which was wiped out by the common cold.

        Especially the last, because I’m sure I heard her sneeze once – so it must be her fault!

        PS: @thesnpleftme – I’m being sarcastic/ironic again…


    1. “When the committee findings prove worthless, we can them move seamlessly onto the next bad thing ”

      Surely, even if they were 100% correct – and I’m convinced they’re far from that – the very fact that what appears to be a serious breach of the Ministerial Code in leaking them renders the findings null and void. Wasn’t that the upshot of Ms Fabiani’s comment? (Which I found far more potent than if she’d signed the letter).


  3. AS legal rep at his court case whilst summing up before the Jury retired said
    I smell something wrong here and it stinks
    We on the side will very soon through our gas masks into the bin
    And release against the Unionists the sheer foulness of all their and Westminster,s deeds
    Show the B**stards what happens when you start chemical warfare


  4. Respect to you John but you’re on a very shoogly peg in this article, the link from ‘Popcorn’ who he?, you’ve used is not what the press are reporting as the reason for alleging Sturgeon misled parliament. Sturgeon misled parliament and the Holyrood enquiry by stating under oath that she had no prior knowledge of complaints against Salmond and that she did not meet Geoff Aberdein for a meeting prearranged, by her staff, for the sole purpose of discussing the allegations against Salmond and that she then subsequently forgot all about this and had no idea what the meeting arranged, by her staff, with Salmond at her house was about


    1. Liz Lloyd and Geoff Aberdein are old chums. They were SPADS to Alex Salmond in the 2014 campaign (as he says in The Dream Shall Never Die) and have met up regularly ever since. Geoff Aberdein was in Holyrood in March 2019 to meet Liz Lloyd. Nicola Sturgeon did not have a meeting scheduled with him, as her Private Secretary, John Somers, confirmed under oath. They met by chance while he was meeting Liz Lloyd.

      She told parliament that she first knew the DETAIL of the Alex Salmond case when she spoke to him on 2nd April. Obviously Geoff Aberdein said she should meet AS and she did so 4 days later at the earliest opportunity.

      This is a resigning matter?


  5. They have been saying this for 7 years. The 7 year hitch. Not likely to ditch. Johnstone will be gone. After May, Cameron, Brown, Blair, Major, Thatcher. The McCrone Report. The bunch of cronies. Leaving Scotland short.

    Devolution 2000. On to Independence. Vote SNP/SNP. Or it could stall there. The Tories held back Devolution for twenty years.


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