3 thoughts on “Employing the Scottish Manifesto for Indy as an Internationally Legal Means to achieve independence

  1. Will the SNP do this? No!! Having read the download it seems logical to me.

    Why, because it was not invented by them. Have you ever tried to get a local branch of the party involved in Yes activity, have you ever tried to get support from SNP HQ?

    Having said that the party had been good for Scotland.


  2. I remember Mark from the indy1 campaign who continues to make a valued contribution to the debate.
    Joining EFTA would be a sensible step to take immediately following independence,if for no other reason than it would get most Scots onboard.
    It would also allow us time to establish our new relationship with our neighbours before deciding on EU membership or not.
    Perhaps one of the downsides would be having to develop our own foreign policy infrastructure but I am not sure,certainly initially,how important that would be.
    Very good paper from Mark.


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