The Master of lies: Johnson shows Sturgeon how to do it

7 out of 10 headline stories about whether or not the FM truthfully forgot a meeting and inadvertently mislead the Scottish Parliament.

A 5/4 vote on party lines by some pretty dodgy characters.

Meanwhile the PM, a serial mis-leader of the UK Parliament, is treated with undue respect:

On the same day, Peter Stefanovic of the CWU reminds us of the terrible truth of the PM’s lies:

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18 thoughts on “The Master of lies: Johnson shows Sturgeon how to do it

  1. The English press will not attack their present leader because that would undermine their government.
    The rebel government in Scotland which threatens to bring down the facade of England as the UK is another matter and must be attacked at every opportunity.

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  2. Parliamentary privilege that David Davis was so keen to use to malign Scottish Government in full flight by Johnson lie after lie in sure knowledge there are no consequences for him. Unlike the calls for resignation of Scotland’s First Minister. Shared in 4 groups

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  3. Westminster controls the Press. The Press lie in Scotland all the time. They are a fifth column full of Westminster lies. Paid by Westminster. Corruption, lies and scandal. Illegal election results. Paid by unionists lies.

    Johnston was sacked by Murdoch for lying.

    A dishonourable, cheating, greedy, arrogant, ignorant liar. Killing people, The Tories are killing off the supporters. Male over seventy.

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  4. In terms of straying from the principles of good governance, the FM is certainly an amateur in comparison to the PM. Who’s party’s ideological commitments with regards austerity and covid-19, have cost in excess of a quarter of a million premature deaths and counting. Then there’s Brexit to consider and the overall direction of travel with regards authoritarian and populist English nationalism, a.k.a English Torydum.

    Good Governance: Rule of Law, Transparency,
    and Accountability


    1. So CameronbBrodie , tell me please , where has Scotlands First Minister Nicola Sturgeon strayed from the principles of good governance.


  5. In the ‘news’ section of YouTube last night, every single article was about the FM. The BritNats’ witch hunt continues, they care nothing at all for the truth, (they are expert liars themselves) they want blood. The desperation of the English government is laid bear more than anything, it is they who are the law breakers.

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  6. Ever since the “shock” polls showing Sturgeon trusted across the UK vastly more than Johnson, the media has turned on her.
    We have had nearly a year of smears, lies, obfuscation, deflection, omission from our colonial press.
    Ask yourself who is directing this? Was there a briefing? An MI5 circular (perhaps a wee phone call–untraceable of course)—“your promotion/honour/OBE/CBE is in the post”.

    “Arise Dame Hootsmon, your service blah blah….”!

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  7. Good governance is a global concept, as the rule-of-law translates across all cultures, as do the legal principles and doctrines that under-pin democracy. So you’re on to plumbs if you live in Scotland, as Westminster does not consider you worthy of an authentic constitutional identity, or the legal right to legal rights that such an identity secures (see Brexit).



    1. Yes so CameronbBrodie , after all that ,what we know is
      “ There is very little difference between malfeasance, misfeasance and, nonfeasanc “


        1. It’s all right Cameron, I was just trying to be pedantic. All my working life I had to correct my colleagues who were remarkably ignorant that there is such a thing as Scots Law, never mind knowing what Delict is, 😁

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  8. Your inclusion of the word inadvertently pre judges the test. If she truthfully forgot then it is justified. If she didn’t forget then there is nothing inadvertent about it. So you can’t apply it to both situations as you have done.


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