Which of the Panorama 5 broke the code of conduct for MPs in committees

Alec Cole Hamilton, Murdo Fraser and Jackie Baillie were interviewed extensively yesterday on BBC Panorama, before the programme-makers made the above claim and before it was spread, like slurry, across all of MSM, including Newsnight and Question Time.

On the latter, we got another reminder of the contempt in which our democratically elected government and most of us are are held. Boris Johnson has broken ministerial codes on far far more serious matters, as many as 7 times, but that could not be mentioned as context in which to put the, frankly, trivial accusations made against the First Minister.

The argument that we should wait until the actual report is published and that a leak is also a breach of conduct was ignored.

Here’s the code statement:


Will the guilty member be found and banned from future committee membership?

25 thoughts on “Which of the Panorama 5 broke the code of conduct for MPs in committees

  1. Disgusted with Bruce when she new damned well they would all gang up on the FM and why could Boris not be brought into it.
    As for that lab woman she has a very short memory Tony Blair did a lot of misleading in Parliament.
    Hell mend them all.

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  2. Sauce for the British nationalist goose, and its “running dog” media.

    Boris and the Brit Nats can lie and lie in parliament, and no media comment is made.

    Fabrication, omission of facts, commission of selected data, exaggeration and Goebbelesque repetition of the Big Lie.

    That is the ONLY case made by the Brit Nats and the colonial media for Scotland to remain subjugated.

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  3. All part of a construct,pre planned and coordinated by a Master controller
    A troupe of dancing and performing monkeys
    ABC (BBC) foaming at the mouth
    Big Big giveaway
    Fiona Bruce off camera obviously handed piece of paper then immediately interrupts all
    Proceedings to Quiz The SNP M.P
    Without the usual interruption until I.Hyslop
    Rudely intervenes
    They may I suggest start to wear their Swatzika on their heart because if allowed to
    The Scum would
    All this is the simple of matters
    It is Good versus Evil
    Think on latter then tell me tis wrong

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  4. FFS! When will the SNP/SG do something about the britnat media?! The britnat media makes no attempt whatsoever to be balanced in its “coverage” of Scotland – it hasn’t for decades – yet the SNP/SG obediently observes all the britnat media niceties when being interviewed or when demands are made to react to britnat lies and smears.

    Utterly ludicrous.

    The SNP/SG has nothing to lose in calling out the britnat media for what it undoubtedly is: stinking purveyors of anti-Scottish propaganda.

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  5. They, the corrupt unionist media would love this non-event to be uppermost in the minds of the Scottish people.
    However, the most recent evidence, amongst real people, it seems to be having the opposite effect.
    The latest opinion poll shows Yes back in the lead, an increase in the number of new members for the S.N.P, and in our local branch, over two hundred have recently joined.

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  6. BBC GMS this morning

    Garry Robertson interviewing Drew Hendry. . . . DH pointed out that Duncan Hamilton QC and Kevin Pringle were not in “The Room” Robertson didn’t contradict him at the time . . . . Bit later on Robertson said “Point of information, Duncan Hamilton QC was in the room.

    Is that true? I thought neither were present, and have read their statement described as “Heresay”

    Did Garry Robertson knowingly mislead his audience.

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    1. I thought the Drew Hendry interview got confused on this point.

      Garry R was talking about the incident when AS met NS – and after the private part of the meeting, the others were present.

      But DH was – I think, from what he said – talking about the phone call from Geoff Aberdein after, AS says, he was advised of the id of a complainant and Geoff told the two witnesses.

      The confusion arises as one of the witnesses was involved in both – Salmond’s QC, Hamilton.

      When Garry pointed that out, Drew said he wasn’t sure and they parted on that basis.

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  7. There’s more than a touch of irony in this, breaching the standards required of ALL committee members and staff on the Inquiry by leaking information to the media over the FM breaching standards, before the report has even been concluded.

    Unsurprising given the circus made memorable by the Cole-Scuttle, Baillie-on-thin-ice, Turdo, and the appalling Margaret Mitchell acts, but it is for Parliament to FIND, it is for the Committee to report.

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  8. The representatives of England’s political parties here in Scotland are desperate to get SNP bad news out before the current Holyrood session ends next week.
    Understandable given their lowly standing in the polls.

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  9. Can’t keep the big mouth shut. Unelected 19 times. 3rd rate loser.. Annoying people and making them sick. The Tory sycophants. Misusing and mismanaging public monies. A bunch of total chancers. Killing people.

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  10. The presiding officer should rule that due to a breach of the rules of conduct of Parliamentary Committees’ members (an obvious breach through briefing the press – – this leak), the report should not be published until the perpetrator(s) be identified and sanctioned. As in a well worn phrase this leaked report has been ‘tainted by apparent bias’. The unholy alliance of Baillie, Fraser and Cole-Hamilton with their frequent media briefings throughout the process need to be scrupulously scrutinised and, for good measure, have their arses skelped with their communal wooden spoon until their noses bleed.

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    1. Even Inspector Clouseu could work out who leaked this ”report” . My money is on Baillie – the two Tories couldn’t find their arses with a join-the-dots map and two hands !


  11. Im happy , why ? because more and more people are finally seeing englands propaganda war on Scotland.
    You are right it is relentless.
    It breaks media guidelines , british MPs break their own code of behaviour every day.
    Yes its upsetting to see your country treated like dirt
    But its wonderful in another way because england has been doing this to Scotland all my life and im 64 , theyve been doing it in a quiter sneakier way unbeknown to most people in Scotland , but now its OUT in full force.
    Their unfairness , their readiness to distort to lie to hide the truth to treat us as unequal and unworthy of respect is there for all to see.
    Scottish people at long last are seeing what england really thinks of them.

    Now i know some people have difficulty equating england the country with english people they dont like treating them as the same thing , in some situations they accept england and english people are the same thing , in sport for example , after all what is a country if not its people but when it comes to discussions about Scotland , its not treated the same and the reason given is always the same
    “ But but there are english people in the SNP “

    Sure i know about english scots for yes that little bunch of folk with a huge banner , they are a tiny tiny minority they get too much publicity.
    I know full well that not every person in a country believes the same stuff or has the same values but across the world your government represents you and you cant get away with continually saying yes we have a right wing government that hates foreigners that hates and punishes the poor that smothers the rich in taxpayers money and then say “ but its nothing to do with us english people “

    Its all to do with them
    They continually vote them into power and do nothing to change it
    Even their opposition party is right wing party that is foreigner hating and supports austerity that hits the poor over and over again

    Im finished with england and english politics i want Scotland separated i want our return to the EU and if a border is needed lets do it

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    1. Hard to make anything of worth out of this poorly presented rant.
      I’ll focus on the one obvious slur that demands an apology.
      The Comment about English Scots for Yes is a thinly veiled piece of racisist cant. An unwarranted slur on a group that is to be applauded, to be encouraged.
      I’m a Scot with English (Cumbrian of Irish emigrant forebears) and of-the – soil Scots antecedents and have nothing more of an ambition than our independence. I find Callachan’s post to be utterly distasteful and destructive. Shame on him.


    2. TC. . . .

      Not right to say English Scots for Yes get too much publicity.
      Many Unionists like to make out that Independence supporters hate the English. I’ve had this hurled at me many times. So ESfYes pulls the rug out from under this well trodden Yoon attack line.

      I say more strength to ESfYes.

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    3. I am NE English born but lived in Scotland more than half my life, independence for Scotland is paramount to me. In 2014, I had more Scottish pals voted no, than English pals here. You need to be careful in tarring people with the same brush. My worry is that many well off folk are however moving into Scotland from the English shires, and most would vote no to independence because either they have no idea what it’s all about or about Scotland and the history of the so called union, or because they view the UK as one country with one identity, as well as seeing Scotland as the possession of England, a playground with stunning countryside and relatively cheap houses for them to snap up.

      So, what to do, should there be a requirement for people to have lived in Scotland for a few years, to have the right to vote in an independence referendum? No second homers, no part time or absent landowners should have the vote and no students not usually resident or born in Scotland. It’s a tricky one but better to try getting the message out to people about why independence is so crucial to the survival and future of Scotland. Anyone who wants to live in Scotland should want the best for the country. In the case of English folk, they need to know that the Scottish people want to take their country back, but remain good neighbours, if only the English government would let go and part amicably. It’s not an easy task, but not impossible either.


    1. Last time they voted no because the English government said they be chucked out if the result was yes. The BritNats know who to target and when, with their well honed propaganda.


  12. We hear about the few hundred or thousand english scots for yes a lot

    Never do we hear about the hundreds of thousands of english in Scotland for NO who make up about a fifth of the NO vote

    The ten year census went ahead in England
    The ten year census was cancelled in Scotland
    There has been a huge increase in the number of english people living in Scotland most will return to live in england

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    1. I wondered about the census why was it cancelled in Scotland?
      Agree there are many English people in Scotland, problem is they tend to more conservative and well off ones. Yes it is a problem, they will vote no in huge nunbers, so, and I think it was discussed post 2014, should people be required to have lived in Scotland F/T for a few years in order to vote in an Indy ref?
      Also need a high turnout as possible, of Scottish people.

      The English government are terrified they know their is nothing positive for Scotland in their union anymore. As long as enough Scottish voters turnout, their numbers easily overshadow any English voters. We need to get the election won first though.


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