Where did you find that?

Look a this from the official report where the word violent appears only six times:

See any sign there of violent crime going up? Me neither?

Here’s what they’ve done. On page 39:

They’ve taken the upper estimate, estimate remember, presented it as a hard fact and ignored the caveat of no significant change, actually pointed out just above the table:

Table 3.1 examines results from key comparator years21 and shows that the estimated amount of violent crime experienced by adults:
• has fallen by 39% since the 2008/09 baseline, from 317,000 to 194,000 incidents in 2019/20
• has shown no change since the last SCJS in 2018/19 – the apparent increase from 165,000 violent incidents is not statistically significant

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16 thoughts on “Where did you find that?

  1. It’s relentless isn’t it? So sick of the constant negativity and feel it’s only going to get worse until May. Doubly bad when you see what’s going on at Westminster. Really hoping there’s enough of us who can stand firm and stop fighting among ourselves

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    1. Yep, correct it will get worse, most fighting is orchestrated by the BritNats, and they are losing their silly arguments, people are not daft, well most are not anyway.
      SNP good, doing good, Tories and red Tories very very bad. That’s my motto now.

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  2. The simple fact is that Scotland’s constitutional identity can’t survive in a political environment that is defined through methodological nationalism (see British nationalism). So we are to be denied our legal right to legal rights, and assimilated to become Little Englanders, through political discourse and media representations that undermine our sense of self. The BBC is actually legally compelled to participate in this denial of our natural rights.

    The Claims of Culture, Equality and Diversity in the Global Era

    “The principles of discourse ethics require that “all those affected by the consequences of the adoption of a norm” have an equal say in its validation if democratic legitimacy is to be attained. For discourse ethics, territorial boundaries and state borders are not coterminous with those of the moral community. Discursive communities can emerge whenever and wherever human beings can affect one another’s actions and well-being, interests or identity….”


  3. Jon,
    The 5 named schools (Fettes, Loretto, Morrison’s, Victoria (Dunblane) & Merchiston) are all fee-paying private schools with boarding facilities. Just the sort of place the Tories would send their kids to. No wonder there so many psychopathic Tory nutters!


  4. Presumably this is a Herald creation if so far adrift of reality, or perhaps a “Lieman for the Country” special ?

    Desperate stuff these days, even David Davis has been drafted in divert from Tory woes in WM with an attempt to resuscitate their flagging AS v NS farce, naturally being flogged to death by HMS Sarah Smith etc with the usual platforming of the unbelievable DRoss…

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  5. The Police are arresting far too many innocent people. Alex Salmond was innocent of any crime. Witnesses totally lied. The Police knew they were lying and it would not stand up in Court. Alex Salmond has been treated appallingly. He should get an apology and compensation. Or he could sue the Police. The UK appointed Lord Advocate dies not know the Law. £Millions of public monies have been wasted in false prosecutions. His wife was being paid £thousands while £hundred/ thousands of public monies were being wasted. A conflict of interest.

    Unelected Unionists interfering in the justice system. The unelected UK civil service causing malicious trouble in Scotland on behalf of the Westminster corrupt, appalling Gov. Warmongering criminals. Breaking the Law at every opportunity, International and otherwise,

    £Millions have been wasted on malicious prosecutions. Amounting to persecutions. Luke Mitchell is innocent. Yet he remains incarcerated and his mother living in squalor. They have done nothing wrong. Yet nothing is done.

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  6. The Police are charging innocent people to try and get a conviction. Often it is dropped before it can come to Court. Putting people in cells when they have done nothing wrong. Wasting public monies. 50% of people in prison are on the spectrum. They are 20% of the population. Vulnerable people who need support.,They can be vulnerable and easily led. Leading to criminal convictions for mild misdemeanours.

    People on the spectrum can behave differently when challenged or scared. The Police and the public should have more diversity knowledge for those on the spectrum and vulnerable. It could be perceived as violent when they are scared and are not comfortable with others touching them.

    This week police entered the home, unwarranted; of a vulnerable person (female) who had done nothing wrong and scared them. A social worker said that is how they carry on. They do not care. Trademen are being fined. Football obsessives are violently roaming the streets illegally spreading the virus.

    Crime is a gender issue. Most perpetrated by men. 2/3. Women are charged with minor, non violent crime. Shoplifting to feed people. Or not paying fines. Etc. Some are abused and react to being abused. Them are charged with ‘crime’. Yet they are vulnerable. The Police over react. The Domestic Abuse Act is used against women who are being abused. Even if the complainant (the abuser) wants it dropped. Caroline Flack committed suicide.


  7. The private schools must be being sued. Sexual abuse. They are all apologising. Duncan Hamilton. The Inquiry Advocate? The warmonger Blair attended Fettes. Ruined the world economy. A culture of racism and bullying at Fettes. Blair influences.

    Nicola Sturgeon is the best leader of the SNP/Scotland has ever had.

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have the same rights as other women (or men 50/50). They have to put in a claim within a year (1/3). They have to fight through Courts. It costs £thousands and can take years. They can lose the roof over their heads. Lose their home. There is little legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case, if there is any settlement. The Law has been changed in England so women can get legal aid.

    Renting agencies (solicitors) illegally demand 6 months + deposit. Even if women have good credit rating and funds. Women have to stay in abusive, unhealthy, unsafe environment because they do not have equal rights with other women (or men). Change the Law. There has been consultations going on for years but nothing has been done. It is unequal and unfair affecting children as well. Change the Law.

    Helena Kennedy and Elish Angiolini has been doing consultations for years. Elish Angiolini Lord Advocate 2008 to 2011. Married her hairdresser. The rest is history. A 1st in everything. Now in Oxford uni lecturing? Elish, Helena, Nicola help change the Law to help abused women keep safe. To have equal legal rights and keep safe.

    Men are still 3 times more likely to be murdered and more likely to be assaulted, violently. People commit crime under the influence of drink/drug. Crime they would not commit if sober. Alcohol is a depressant. The more people drink the more depressed they get. It does not make people happy. Long term it makes them sad and miserable. Abusive and unhealthy. Everything in moderation.

    MUP is cutting consumption. Reducing crime and death. £250million has been funded in ‘total abstinence’? rehab facilities. There should be treatment under the SNHS. Doctors could refer people. Or it has to be paid privately. Public/private helps.

    Council social care puts people on methadone and prescription drugs for years. It is more costly and leads to premature death. A drain upon the public purse. When people can get proper counselling help and be healthier.

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