Back-handed compliment?

If Iain Macwhirter thinks alleged drunken trouser fumbling in a bar, a stupid lack of judgement in a text to a woman colleague, texting a 16 year-old boy and inappropriate but non-criminal behaviour toward women by a powerful man, put a political party in a crisis or suggests they are ‘losing the plot’ he needs to get out more.

Perhaps, though, knowing how much worse some other parties are on bad behaviour, he’s just surprised that the SNP, now huge, should have any scandals at all? A back-handed compliment?

The US Democrats have been led by at least one serial sex abuser, probably a rapist to little effect but the UK Conservatives show what losing the plot might look like as well as revealing that, to their voters, it seems to matter little.

First, Guido Fawkes’ list of 36 Tory offenders:

Second, this lot:


As BBC Scotland headline the stupidity of a 42 year-old man, let’s remember how their Tory chums have long been a toxic presence.

Ironically, on 1 May 2018, the Sun gave us this short list from their Tory Dossier:

  • Michael Fallon resigned as Defence Secretary after admitting that he got “handsy” when he inappropriately touched the knee of journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer. Married father-of-two Mr Fallon admitted to The Sun he had touched Julia — but insisted he apologised over the incident 15 years ago and that both considered the matter closed. Julia said she did not feel like she was a victim of a sexual assault, and found the incident nothing more than “mildly amusing”.
  • Former Brexit minister Mark Garnier admitted calling his secretary “sugar t*ts” and taking her to buy him sex toys in Soho. Caroline Edmonson said Mr Garnier stood outside the shop and sent her in to buy sex aides for his wife and a member of his constituency staff. He did not deny the claims but told the Mail On Sunday the incidents were taken out of context. He was reported to the Cabinet Office and was later force out of the Cabinet in a reshuffle.
  • Former Cabinet Minister Stephen Crabb sent sexually explicit messages to a 19-year-old woman who applied to work in his Commons office. The 44-year-old husband and devout Christian admitted saying some “pretty outrageous things” after the interview. Mr Crabb had previously been caught sending messages to a woman around half his age describing a sex act he would like to perform on her.
  • Ex-Deputy PM Damian Green was accused of inappropriate behaviour towards a woman 30 years his junior. Kate Maltby, a Tory activist and academic, said he had made a pass on her in a bar – and flirted with her over texts. He denied the allegations, saying: “It is absolutely and completely untrue that I’ve ever made any sexual advances on Ms Maltby.” He also denied having signed up to extra-marital affair website Ashley Madison.  The 61-year-old was also rocked by a fresh scandal after it was police found pornography on his work computer when they raided his Parliamentary office. He was later sacked as May’s right-hand man.

A different kind of Dodgy Dossier or Dossier of the Dodgy?

Where are they now? Happily, back in fold of course.


Third and far worse:

Ignored by the MSM, at the same time as an SNP MSP was exiled, over a humorous and at best, naive, tweet, we read in the Canary, on 21st June 2018:

‘On 18 June, two Conservative politicians were convicted of child sexual abuse. The jury at Swansea Crown Court found former mayor for Pembroke David Boswell guilty of raping a girl under the age of 10. On the same day, former mayor of Godalming Simon Thornton pleaded guilty to more than 20 child sex offenses.’

Finally, how does the Conservative Party in Scotland treat complainants? Well, behind doors, of course. See this in the Times on 2nd October 2018:

‘Ruth Davidson said the way her party deals with sexual harassment claims could change after recent criticism. Miles Briggs, the Lothian MSP, was cleared of sexual harassment at a hearing of the party’s disciplinary committee last week. Rape Crisis criticised the way the complaint was handled and called on the Scottish Conservatives to “urgently change their approach to investigating sexual harassment complaints”. At the time Ms Davidson, the party leader in Scotland, tweeted that she had “confidence in the robustness of the disciplinary process” but has now said that it may look at changing the way such allegations are handled. She told BBC radio’s Good Morning Scotland: “Complaints of sexual harassment are dealt within the same framework of other disciplinary procedures like bullying. It might be we have to separate that.”’

22 thoughts on “Back-handed compliment?

    1. MacWhatter was interviewed the night of The FM’s evidence session at Hollyrood a forlorn figure reminded me of Howard Hughes near the end.


  1. The real criminals are the ones attempting to get rid of the FM, with their j’accuse! and kangaroo courts. The ones in the BritNat parties who really should be up in court get away with a telling off and a holiday.
    Devolution has these past few years, revealed just how corrupt the BritNats in WM are,
    and what they get away with, serious law breakers.
    They are using their fabricated allegations against the SNP for political gain of course, but also it’s a huge distraction from the real sinister stuff going on at WM with their sweeping new laws banning people from pretty much speaking out against them in public etc. Scotland needs out of the cesspit, and quick.

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  2. Our house needs to be cleaner than theirs. No point in promising a better future with the same dirty deeds.
    If there was a conspiracy against Salmond let’s deal with the perpetrators. If we have misdeeds amongst our representatives proceed against them all, not just the ones out of favour with the leadership.
    Scotland is and should be better than the Tories

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  3. OK so the tories are much worse than the SNP in this regard, and the MSM pile on to the SNP to a greater effect. Why wouldn’t we demand MUCH higher standards of conduct especially as we know that any aberrations will be pounced on and deliberately used to harm our cause. Oh its OK, the tories are much worse – well, no it is not OK


    1. I agree about the need for higher standards, both because any questionable actions can be (what’s the buzzword?) weaponised – and, also, because they should just be there.

      Anyone who puts themselves in a position of authority/leadership should accept that, if they are to set the standards, they’ll be held to an even higher level of adherence with them than those who merely have to follow them.

      Any cases that fall short of the target should be dealt with, whatever their position.

      THAT SAID, if any government/party or supporter of that government/party, wishes to place themselves above another Government and point to any flaws in the ‘other’ to justify their position, they’d better make sure their own cleanliness is squeakier than those they’re condemning.

      Let those in glass houses who are without fault cast the first stone. Or don’t be surprised if the windows of the Crystal Palace of Westminster get broken.

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    2. We can demand higher higher standards and we are entitled to do so but I think the point John is making is that it’s the opposition and the mainstream media who are demanding this.

      They are not entitled.

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    3. Much easier to ensure higher standards and self-awareness when sober. Its not that complicated, work and alcohol dont mix. Most things requiring a fully functioning brain and alcohol dont mix.

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  4. A complaint was made about a leading Brexiteer. Admonished without scrutiny. Illegal Brexit and austerity. The PM a serial abuser. Denying the children. Lying cheating malicious warmonger. Killing people. Totally incompetent,ignorant and arrogant. Promoted above any capabilities. Illegal donations, Corrupt, illegal political campaigning. Lies and manipulation by politician Pollsters. Breaking the data protection and representation of the people Act. The abuse of power.

    The DUP is suing Westminster. Foster is suing Johnston, The EU is suing Westminster. Johnston broke the EU agreement signed in December. There are calls for an Inquiry into the mismanagement of the Pandemic.

    The child abuse Report buried by Lord Hague. Thatcher ‘Boys will be boys’. The child abusers in the Tory Party. The McCrone Report. The illegal wars killing people and destroying the world economy. The inequality. Cabinet 21 men 7 females. Women unrepresented by a 1/3.

    The mismanagement of Scotland revenues and resources. Kept secret for years under the Official Secrets Act. Badly affecting the Scottish economy. To fund London S/E. Leading to major congestion. The North/South divide. Scotland emptied of resources, revenues and people. People had to migrate to get a job. London S/E congested. A bad, poor economic policy causing hardship. The Barnett Formula inequality. No taxation without representation.

    The Home Secretary an abusive malicious bully. Swearing and shouting at people. Harassing people, People losing their jobs illegally. Deporting people illegally. Putting innocent people in prisons, Targeting asylum seekers affected by the illegal wars. Illegal wars caused by the Westminster Gov. The British State acting illegally. Killing people. Austerity. killing people. The Tories giving contracts to their associates illegally without proper scrutiny. The Tory Royals and their associates tax evading and interfering in Gov. Breaking the Law with impunity.

    The Tories being sued in Courts repeatedly to stop them acting illegally. Wasting £Billions of public monies. Monies which could be better spent. The total mismanagement of the UK/world economy. The NHS needs £10Billion. The Tories have offered £4Billion. The Tories will be voted out.


    1. The Tories won’t be voted out, but they are very very BAD, and corrupt, and they hate devolution, Scotland, the people of Scotland, and especially the SNP who in the main stand for everything the Tories do not. The Tories play very very dirty to get what they want and want to keep, but sadly, they are still the party of choice in England.
      Scotland has been shafted for centuries by the BritNats, time to end that now.


  5. Oh what a complicated subject
    But for what it is worth a few pieces of wisdom
    Let ye without sin cast the 1st report
    The burden of proof is upon the accuser
    Speak ill of none,especially false witness
    Innocent until found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt
    Trial by randomly selected Jury only
    Respect and compassion at all times
    No pre judgement
    Think not of what you shall gain,but of that you will lose, before you wag your tongue
    Chose your words with the utmost of care
    When a bad thought arises in your mind Throw it out
    There are always 2 sides to every story
    Innocence or guilt applies to each and all of us when applied to our Thoughts,Views,Speech,Actions,Efforts,
    Work and your mindfulness
    Now lift your pen,bash the keyboard or wag your tongue
    Because if wrong you shall bear responsibilty
    For the consequences
    And one day for certain and no matter how long you shall suffer for your actions as the resultant effects wash over you

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