SNP accused of failing to get enough of us infected?

In the Herald today:

Up to one in four adults in Scotland and nearly half of all over 75s now have antibodies to protect them against Covid, according to new estimates. However, Scotland has the lower prevalence of Covid antibodies of any of the UK nations, according to the latest survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

They do go on to explain in a grudging way but the damage is done. The many, who do not read on, have another dose of negativity about Scotland and by implication the SNP administration.

There’s no suggestion that, over the whole pandemic, having an infection level half of that in England, might be a good thing, might have saved thousands of lives.

Not much on it’s own, I agree, but it all adds up over days, weeks and months.

7 thoughts on “SNP accused of failing to get enough of us infected?

  1. English Torydum has been captured by the radical-right, who are hostile towards a scientific world-view and international human rights law. Unfortunately, it would appear that the Herald is punting misinformation aimed at supporting the ideological position of the radical-right. As such, I’d suggest the Herald poses a direct threat to public health and democracy in Scotland. No surprise there though from a yoon rag.

    Denial and Distraction: How the Populist Radical Right Responds to COVID-19; Comment on “A Scoping Review of PRR Parties’ Influence on Welfare Policy and its Implication for Population Health in Europe”

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  2. Likewise Sarwar saying we’re “only” using a third of test & capacity.

    What would he prefer?

    Reduce current capacity by ⅔, risking it being stretched? Wish ill upon us all so current capacity is utilised efficiently?

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  3. The SNP bad is now very bad, couldn’t be worse, vote for any party but, in fact they should just rename the SNP the BAD party and have done with it.
    Scyse any typos I broke my cheap off the shelf glasses and am now seeing through a fish eye with cheap prescription ‘varifocal’ specs, urgh. As a friend of mine said perhaps they are ‘too clever’.
    SNP good, good too good, doing good.

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  4. John
    But if you add to the mix
    1.Anti bodies reduce quickly over one year
    Thereby back to Sq 1
    2. Higher infection rates produce a high % of long covid and presently calculated at 25% of all infections end up with long covid
    EHNS estimate £ 2.5 Billion P.A.extra funding for 5 yrs to deal with
    Conclusion only those who are Stark Raving Mad would promote high infection numbers
    Especially when such Will produce mutations
    More contagious ,deadly and Reduce Vaccine efficacy all as now being experienced over the whole of Europe and beyond as the Kent/English strain goes on the rampage
    £ to a penny and behind closed doors Political
    Leaders in Europe especially calling him Boris the Terrible
    A Man to Avoid
    Do no business with this one
    Isolate him now and forever
    Norway yesterday had 410 more new cases than Scotland had
    Read their English speaking press and see what they think of Boris and his baby called
    Kent Mutant
    His name for once is on the birth certificate of this little Bast**d


  5. I’m Boris, The king of the globe.
    Covid deaths they never will probe.
    I’ve got two aircraft “liners”,
    Cause I’m off to fight China,
    I’ve got nukes that I want to explode!

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  6. Englands propaganda war against Scotland is going through a childish phase , im not sure if the dumbing down is be ause they think a lot of us in Scotland are stupid of if its the actual journalists that are stupid either way the british newspapers especially the herald dont have many readers and will have fewer readers next month and the month after …..

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  7. Apparently two cases of a new strain from the Phillipines has been found in people in England, pleeeeese can Scotland close the border, numbers are not great right now, and, still seeing air B&B places used as if everything is nornal…in our part of Edinburgh. Very scary.

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