London-based Tory ‘think-tank’ attacks Scottish education, hired by Gordon Brown

In the Herald today:

Scottish education is stagnating and needs an injection of outside expertise to achieve better outcomes for pupils, a major report has warned. Analysis published by the Social Market Foundation and campaign group ScotlandCan says the schooling system is “cautious, conformist, risk averse and stuck in its ways”.

The London-based Social Market Foundation was John Major’s favourite think tank before becoming close to Gordon Brown and New Labour. Both its former directors left to work with the Tories. It claims to ‘champion ideas that marry a pro-market orientation with concern for social justice.’ Blair’s long-dead ‘Third Way.’

ScotlandCan is a campaign run and owned by the Our Scottish Future think-tank, headed up by former communications staff at the Conservative and Labour parties.

Our Scottish Future is Gordon Brown’s own wee think tank.

Nuff said?

12 thoughts on “London-based Tory ‘think-tank’ attacks Scottish education, hired by Gordon Brown

  1. What happened to us being North British? I suppose a “North British Education system” would not suit the agenda.

    Oh well! If it wasn’t this being attacked it would be vaccination roll out, hospital waiting times or some other distortion of data.

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  2. This is a rewording of the ‘no very good’ trope – “we need an injection of outside expertise”.

    The Bodger’s contempt for his fellow Scots knows no bounds. He seems to loathe us.

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  3. More attempts by the in forgotten failures to destroy the Scottish education system and the economy.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

    The £Billions from Scotland used abused and wasted by unionist failure.

    £Trns wasted which could have been spent. The world could have had a better education system with the monies the unionists have wasted and continue to waste. Scotland is paying a high price. To high price for Westminster unionist total lying, total incompetence.

    Fift6 years of Labour. Illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion. The UK the most unequal place in the world. Thatcher and the like ripping off the Scottish economy. Lying and cheating trying to keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Killing people.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years,

    Scottish revenues and resources wasted. Trident, HS2, Hinkley Point, the bureaucracy at Westminster. Illegal wars, redundant weaponry. Brexit, the mismanaged pandemic, electoral fraud, illegal unscrutinised Gov contracts. Scotland loses because of all of it.Essential revenues mismanaged and wasted by the criminal at Westminster.,

    The Westminster corruption, abuse, criminality and lies. Trying to keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Trying to break the Law with impunity.

    The Scottish education system, one of the best in the world. More universities pro rata than any other country. 15 uni. 5.6million pop.
    Life long learning. 20% mature students. Colleges and apprenticeship. Loans, grants and educational support.

    The first country to have tertiary education. Renowned throughout the world. Scottish invention and discovery shaped the modern world. TV/radio, telecommunications led on to the internet.

    The education system would be even better. Without Westminster interference trying to ruin the Scottish economy and the education system. Brexit and the Westminster mismanaged pandemic. Austerity. Killing people.

    The parent/carers are glad the pupils are back k at school. They really appreciated it. They are thankful and grateful for the teachers. The children are happy to be back at school.

    The Tory-unionist cut £6Billion a year from Education. From 2015 to 2020. Clegg elected to support education. Lied and cut funding. Broke the Vow many times. Now getting £Million working for tax evading Facebook as their Europe representative. After causing Brexit. If Facebook lawbreakers and others paid their taxes. There would be a better education system. Worldwide.

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  4. London knows best do they ?
    But London is a mess , covid infections out of control their nhs collapsing it cant cope all because of advice enforced on them by the likes of these idiots.
    No thanks we dont need advice from London

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  5. Westminster unionists cautious, conservative, conformist, risk aversive, except with public monies, and stuck in their ways. Cheating, lying and abusive. Illegally ripping off the public purse for them and their associates. Supporting malicious ‘think’ tanks full of cheating unionists troughing on public monies and tax evading. With unsupported, suspect, ill informed data.

    Most of them have never been near a school. Unqualified to gather data, statistic and conclusions. Full of substantial errors. The can’t count or read a balance sheet. The Barnett Formula unionist corruption and misinformation. Cannot be relied upon in any way possible. People can see through it.

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  6. The unionists councils spend more on empty shops and offices. Against the electorate’s wishes. People want pedestrianisation and open spaces.. Cheaper and more functional. Instead they build expensive concrete jungles. Wasting taxpayers monies.

    The wasted Council monies should be better spent on essential services and education.

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  7. “Scottish education is stagnating and needs an injection of outside expertise”

    We HAD one. It was called the EU.

    Oh. They mean The Glorious Union? Sorry – a bit subtle for me that one.

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  8. ‘Outside expertise’ eh. So it’s the newest tactic to attempt to portray the SNP as useless and incompetent. How very sinister, to sow the seeds of doubt as well as pave the way
    for some sort of coup. If you look at what the US do in countries like Venezuela, along with horrific sanctions that are killing people, they use dirty tactics to undermine the democratically elected government, they install an opposition headed by a puppet,
    and attempt to portray them as a necessary intervention, nothing to do with the masses of resources like oil the country has, which the US and others want.
    Scotland is being set up for a coup, paint the ScotGov as incapable of government, send in ‘outside experts’. The othering of Scotland, and gas lighting of the SNP, as well as the the people, paves the way and falsely legitimises a take over.
    I hope I’m wrong.


    1. Arthetty
      With regards USA/ Venezuela
      The US is now had to abandon its coup and military plans WHY
      Because Daily they flew F35 stealth fighter/ Bombers over their territory
      Until a complete and total shocking surprise came upon such a flight one day not long ago
      China unbeknown to them had successfully
      Built a World leading anti stealth radar, coupled up to a new ground launched anti aircraft missile
      And had trained Venzevaulin crew to operate
      Then deployed
      So that 1 day 2 no.US F35,s on their daily routine mission and as they were about to enter Sovereign air space of Venezuela
      Received a message from ATC stating you both have been tracked and located,along with missile lock on you
      If do not abort and turn around you will be shot down
      Needless to say no further missions launched
      But futhermore 10 days later the USA encountered the exact same response whislt
      Flying into Pakistan air space
      China conveyed a simple message that your stealth aircraft now useless and we can deploy such against you anywhere in the world
      Like i constantly repeat
      US led Western hegemony now at a end in World affairs
      Russia has jointly worked together to achieve this level of sophistication
      China with the Radar. Russia with surface to air missles
      And both have mutually agreed to work together on all strategic matters
      So it is reasonable to assume Russia can at will now deploy this through the access it has to 2 Syrian and 1 Iranian airbase
      Thereby signaling to The USA, you must think very very carefully upon any military adventures you plan in your own back yard, The Middle East
      Or any other place for that matter


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