London-based expert puzzled as Aberdeen, Hibs and Dundee supporter clubs report No cases of new ‘Squariant!’

Football Ground Zero?

Some experts are confused. BBC Scotland had a London-based expert on to cast doubt on the SNP’s ‘Return-to-schools-for-votes‘ strategy’ but did not show her the map above.

Here’s a thought. Schools re-opened three weeks ago, right across the country, everywhere, in your town, but the recent spike in infections has only happened in some places.

Particularly confusing for some academics, football supporter clubs in Leith or Tynecastle in Edinburgh, Aberdeen West and Dundee Whitfield report no surge in cases.

Labour and Conservative politicians are currently burning scarves and deleting tweets.

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7 thoughts on “London-based expert puzzled as Aberdeen, Hibs and Dundee supporter clubs report No cases of new ‘Squariant!’

  1. Yesterday, when Mr Swinney was being interviewed about the return to school, which had been framed with a long tirade from a teacher about how nothing has been done since the closure started and by several other ‘is this putting our children at risk for no educational benefit?’ Gripes from ‘education leaders’, he was confronted – the correct term based on the accusatory tome of Ms Maxwell, that three primary schools have had to close because of cases amongst staff or pupils. That is 3 out of 1500 primaries in Scotland – 0.2%. Mr Swinney pointed out that community transmission was the cause and that testing and tracing had done its job. Ms Maxwell interrupted repeatedly in a decidedly arrogant and contemptuous manner.

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  2. Fraser the 3rd loser. Loses again. The obsession with football kills people. The loser wins. Cheats and lies. Not very sporting or fair. Breaking the Law again and again. They do not care.

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  3. All please note
    ABC (BBC) ,SKY & STV
    whilst reporting on the 3rd lock down and surging case infections in Italy
    All 3 referred to the main cause in one way or another NOT as being The Kent Variant
    But one of the British Variant
    However almost all the time with regards vaccines it is the Oxford one
    But once more demonstrates a joint up approach and orders from Central command
    And control,right down to reporting not only on foreign matters but foreign as well now
    Smacks of desperation induced by a deep down fear

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    1. “However almost all the time with regards vaccines it is the Oxford one”

      Now be fair, P1UK, they don’t call it that when there are problems…
      (Presumably that’s why you say “almost”…)

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      1. Spot on but hoped most would work it out for themselves
        As of late given the blood clot issue the vaccine appears to having mutated to The Astra from The Oxford
        Did not even dream that a vaccine could mutate
        Silly boy am I not

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  4. “Mr Taggart, Mr Taggart—there’s bin a MURDO”!

    “Quiet, son, we need tae hush these things up.
    Wi’ don’t want folk tae ken aboot him, in case there’s a copy-cat”!

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