Am I the only one feeling zero sympathy

Sometimes I wonder why even the Herald’s puzzling health correspondent has gone with a story choice and direction. She writes today:

Hugh (77) had been due to fly back to Scotland in mid-January? Via London? In the middle of lockdown in both countries? For a non-essential purpose? As deaths in his age group were high? As hospitals were filling up?

Why didn’t he stay in Taragona until it was safe to return?

Is this another self-entitled, self-centred individual?

Why couldn’t he and not the hubs be more flexible.

Will the Herald report any old thing for clicks?


Walker is a photographer. Here’s his website info:

Not for my wall.

Essential work?

8 thoughts on “Am I the only one feeling zero sympathy

  1. His flexibility involves bringing covid infection on yo a plane , into Lindon airport , into Edinburgh airport , into Scotland , what a fool and he complains we did not make enough effort to help him do it.

    The Herald ? Well they are just nuts , shows you how thin on the ground they are for SNP bad stories

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  2. Breaking the Law is now a public concern. The Herald, just gets more and more annoying with every publication. The wilful, malicious ‘reporting’ is unbelievable. No wonder no one is reading it. Readership going down and down.


  3. Could this man be a personal friend of someone on the staff at the Herald?

    After all a consultant (not in public health) whom John Beattie met at a dinner party, was given substantial coverage over two days on various BBC Scotland platforms to criticise the QEUH, not because it did not have fluid sterilising of hands at the doors, but because someone was not present to tell her and others to use the hand steriliser.

    The pigeons would not have crapped on the roof had the hospital put people up there to warn these birds off.


  4. Was working abroad and got back last week. Found I’d missed my vaccination and phoned the helpline. Vaccination rescheduled for Thursday, no problem. No problem at all.


  5. Off topic, but indicative of the media priorities: today, The Scottish Parliament will incorporate the United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child into Scots Law. There will be a ceremony at Holyrood where members of the Scottish Youth Parliament will meet the FM and other members of the Parliament.

    Needless to say, there is not a cheep about this in the Scottish media. Mind you the Scottish media gave wall-to-wall platforms for religious zealots who opposed the outlawing of beating children and wanted flogging to be permitted, in a ‘loving’ way, of course.

    Here is part of a press release from The Children’s Parliament”:

    Janusz Korczak*, the Polish, Jewish, author, paediatrician, and pedagogue said: “To reform the world, means to reform our methods of bringing up children”. We have an opportunity now to accept that as a society, we need to think about how we influence the environments our children grow up in in order that they experience trust, kindness, empathy and respect – and by experiencing it, they are then able to show trust, kindness, empathy and respect to themselves and to others.

    When asked what children’s human rights means for children, one young Member of Children’s Parliament (MCP) said: “Adults just think children’s rights means children get to do what they want. But that’s not what it is. Children don’t want to be able to do what we want all the time. It just means that adults have to be kind to us and not shout or do bad things to us just because we’re children. They have to help us be the best we can be”.

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  6. No, nor for Captn Inspiration Tom (am I allowed to say that yet?). I was waiting (in deluded hope) for a mention in the reports of cause of death. He would most likely still have been here to enjoy a holiday if he’d postponed it a few months. Real public service broadcasting would have included how he got covid and thereby might have deterred a few other selfish auld tw*ts from jumping on a plane just yet and becoming part of the problem.


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