Douglas Ross NOT one of 36 top sleazy Tory sex pests

With no sense of irony, in the lucky-for-him virtual, company of the PM, Douglas Ross attacked the SNP.

Leaving aside his Aberdeenshire pals with a fondness for grabbing and snogging good-looking lads at events or in the members’ bar, it’s a bit rich.

In 2017 Guido Fawkes shared a redacted spreadsheet of Tory sleaze:

13 thoughts on “Douglas Ross NOT one of 36 top sleazy Tory sex pests

  1. Information buried deep in the bunkers of the colonial mejah.
    NEVER to see the light of day.

    DRossy reputedly more interested in coo’s than the lassies.

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    1. Gavinochiltree
      Me thinks you got it all wrong about Dross likes for coos
      Because when it comes down to the crux of what he really likes
      Then I suggest tis Sheep that interests him the most
      His followers i mean
      But the other not to be discounted


  2. As ever, loyal Lugless DRoss diverts from the overflowing “scandal and sleaze” in London with the consummate grace of a baronless on a buffalo or tank.

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  3. Is denying Scots our legal rights inferred by our constitutional identity not a bit divisive? Some might even view such action as criminal. 😉


    “This article defines the right to identity as a distinct and autonomous right explicitly and implicitly protected by international law. The right to identity is associated with several other rights, such as the rights to a name,1 nationality,2 juridical personality,3 family,4 and culture,5 but does not precisely equal any one of these rights.6”


  4. Does Berxit not indicate Westminster is not interested in recognising its legal responsibilities to the Scottish identity? Given the rule-of-law does not work in isolation from international law, is it not about time we sought legal satisfaction? Or are folks content to live as Little Englanders?

    Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Self-Determination: The Meaning of
    International Law

    “….This Essay’s goal is to demonstrate that a State is not the sole possessor of sovereignty under international and domestic law. To be properly understood within the framework of international law, sovereignty is a compound doctrine that is best understood by examining the relationship between the sovereignty of a State and the sovereignty of peoples, i.e., the sovereignty of nations….”


  5. Aye, it takes on to know one Dross!

    Again a case of projection, everyone with one brain cell knows who the corrupt, scandalous, sleaze ridden, lying, scheming thieving troughers are and it ain’t the SNP.
    My the EngGov are in full assault mode, it’s working to distract from their own absolutely horrific corruption, and their massive negligence that has caused 125,000 deaths in the UK.

    I haven’t replied yet but my pals in Northumberland, Labour voters, watch BBC/Ch4 and Graun readers, in a recent email said ‘it’s all very depressing the whole Boris thing and who knows what’s going on in the Scottish parliament’! Though they have little idea, they are however by feigning total ignorance, shouting J’accuse! People are brainwashed, and easily distracted from the real terrible issues of their own government which affect them. Clever lot the BritNats have to give em that…

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  6. I have just watched Panorama BBC “I Know I Know” If Dross wanted to see sleazy he should watch it £Millions gone to cronys no documents provided,its worth a watch.


  7. Perhaps it means that Scotland really DOES need the UK. I mean, we obviously can’t even do sleaze properly… (/s)


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