BBC Scotland’s go-to English academic knows nothing but feels able to advise us again

Dr Gurdasani

Scottish experts such as professors Bauld and Sridhar are strongly supportive of the Scottish Government’s strategy for school re-opening. The Unionist parties are split, with the Tories wanting to go faster and Labour working with the EIS to suggest it’s too fast and risky.

Today, BBC Scotland feels no need to resolve this for viewers but just hops conveniently from one position to the other, knowing both are SNP-bad positions.

Knowing that Bauld and Sridhar will defend the Scottish government strategy on this, they, once more dig up Dr Gurdasani from London to say it’s wrong and dangerous.

In February, Gurdasani, keen to develop her profile, was all over BBC Scotland and the Herald, arrogantly telling us what to do, up here.

Dr Deepti Gurdasani of Queen Mary University of London is not the first English academic brought on to BBC Scotland, ignorant of the new context they find themselves in, but quickly applying their opinions as if they somehow know better. Do they ever wonder why no Scottish academic has been consulted?

Gurdasani makes no pretence of presenting her data as even UK-wide, clearly content that things up there are probably just the same as in the English cities from which her data derive.

Gurdasani says that in the data she is seeing, in England, primary school age children ‘had the highest prevalence of all age groups.’

Might the far higher infection levels across England and far far higher in inner cities with large minority populations, a prevalence of over-crowded vertical families and a deep distrust of government, affect the extent to which children in schools are likely to be infected and to infect family members?

The Scottish Government has its own team of expert advisers and bases its actions upon their independent advice. Why should they listen to one researcher, no harm to her, helicoptered in to contradict the Scottish Government and to undermine, irresponsibly, public confidence?

There is, of course now, another factor which I’m guessing Gurdasani knows nothing of – football.

While the Chief Medical Officer did say that it was too early to get a full picture of the impact of the celebrations in George Square on the 28th February, he did note that we are seeing increases in ‘those areas’ most obviously geographically connected to the events, in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire and that the contact and trace interview teams are picking up references to it.

10 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s go-to English academic knows nothing but feels able to advise us again

  1. This ‘shopping around’ the pundit list to find the one who will provide the quote to suit the purposes of the item – I.e. attack the SG, alarm some parents, and give support to the perpetual nay sayers of the teacher unions.

    I have a friend who worked fir both STV and BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs and they did indeed have a list of pundits to provide the sound bite and outrage-on-demand that suited the slant they wanted.

    He also said that ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’ only hinted at the perfidy of the reporters and editors. And, yes, the security services had staff in the stations, to ‘clear ‘ particular stories.

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  2. She made a great point of ( by subterfuge)
    That England in Schools were carrying out lateral flow tests .whilst Scotland was not
    She used such to build her case, but completely failed to state that such tests were
    inherently up to 50 % inaccurate
    Any media interviewer worth their salt would spot this and feed such back to her
    All this proves is the whole thing is set up in a manner to belittle our SG

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    1. “.. England in Schools were carrying out lateral flow tests .whilst Scotland was not” Yes OK but that’s not quite the whole story in terms of testing of school staff and pupils Scotland!

      See this from Scottish Government ‘Guidance on arrangements for the phased reopening of schools in March 2021″. (dated 8 March 2021)

      “The current asymptomatic testing offer is for school staff and senior phase pupils. In line with advice from the Advisory Sub-Group, work is being undertaken with the UK Department of Health and Social Care to provide secondary schools with additional test kits to allow them to extend the offer of twice-weekly at-home lateral flow testing to all secondary pupils after the Easter break.

      “Confirmatory PCR tests will continue to be made available for all those who test positive using lateral flow devices (LFDs). It will be important to encourage all those participating to undertake these PCR follow-up tests, to mitigate against any risk of false positives.”

      So lateral flow testing is being offered and this offer is to be expanded – for use at home. Crucially, any positive lateral flow test can be followed up with a PCR test as the limitations of the former are well recognised by the Scottish Government.

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      1. Stewartb
        Thanks for that and was aware of such
        But i was concentrating on her words and as to how the interviewer reacted OR not
        It was the fact that the interviewer did not
        Interject that confirmed my suspicions
        This is all a deliberately set up pre planned
        Arrangement to debase us

        I am most thankful to your addition and regret in my haste to mention what you did
        Nonetheless such only adds ammo. to the conclusions derived


  3. We should not be attacking Gurdasani for her lack of awareness of either Scottish media’s habits or her own ignorance of what Scotland are doing, rather we should be gauging her response with regard to the continuing London problem.

    On searching around for negative views, undoubtedly HMS Sarah Smith will be furious at desperately finding an alternative negative after Dr Death was prematurely re-retired, Poison Pennington Esq carried a certain gravitas but became too obvious a SiU plant (plus the stick on plastics in the studio were peeling off mid take due to the fumes from the formaldehyde).

    London grows increasingly desperate, but continue to hold faith with DRoss much more than his cows, or the Scots…

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    1. ” (plus the stick on plastics in the studio were peeling off mid take due to the fumes from the formaldehyde).”

      Thank goodness I wasn’t drinking my tea… 😀


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