Pay Attention, teachers are among the least likely to die

It doesn’t matter how often you tell them, this group or graduates working for the fine but fake-sounding Educational Institute of Scotland, can’t seem to grasp the facts. Here they are again:

Throughout the pandemic, teachers were among the least likely to pay the ultimate price for the dedication their representatives never tire of telling us about.

Carers were 4 times as likely to die. Tradesmen were nearly 5 times as likely to die. Hardly any profession was less likely to die.

Why? Because children are less likely to spread the virus, end of!

At nearly 70, with a few underlying things, I’ve spent a year in near-isolation, sometimes dreaming darkly of not being able to breathe but I’m not complaining. I’ve had the jag and now feel fairly sure I won’t die from it thanks to that.

Do rank and file teachers know and agree with this campaign by the EIS? I was in the EIS for 40 years but, if still a member, I’d be telling Larry Flanagan where to go.

2 thoughts on “Pay Attention, teachers are among the least likely to die

  1. If memory serves me correctly, when I was at the chalkface it was usually agreed that the EIS ‘high heid yins’ were, in the main, teachers who could not hack it in a school and simply looked at the union as their escape hatch to a supervisory admin job – well away from any children.
    The last thing they think about are the workers on the ground.


  2. Over the 35 years of my teaching career, 28 as a headteacher I of course was an EIS member but not for the whole duration. It became clear during one particularly contentious pay round that the EIS sees everyone above class teacher grade as being the enemy and negotiating against the interests of its promoted members.
    Little wonder that it now sees the Government and its advisers in the same light.
    This not a fight for their teaching members but one which they have picked for years against anyone in authority.
    The political background of these fighters for the rights of the teacher may be found in the Socialist Workers Party, the Communist Party and fellow travellers. Malcontents earning their coin by riding on the backs of a largely non-politically-active membership who simply need a voice in pay and conditions negotiations.
    Dangerous people like Flannigan should be scrutinised as to their ulterior motives.


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