Eat out to die out?

Once more working against a national effort to save lives, BBC Scotland headlines the self-centred interests of a business group over the lives of the very people paying the licence that supports their output:

Hospitality leaders have urged the Scottish government to change its Covid lockdown levels to stop businesses failing. An industry group has submitted its own version of the system to ministers. The document, seen by the BBC, urges ministers to mirror the plans for England – extending opening times and naming dates.

Mirror the plans for England? Interesting, how have their plans worked out so far?

England has had 59% more deaths that Scotland because they had better plans? Hmmm, think I might stay in.

England has had 73% more cases? That’s it, how do I join the SNP?

7 thoughts on “Eat out to die out?

  1. Thought you were a member John?

    10pm news bbc radio based in Scitland

    Mentioned industry group wanting to open up. . . . Followed by Kate Burkart(spelling) . . . Who correctly called for caution, saying it is not safe to open up premises selling alcohol till a certain percentage have been vaccinated in the age group that frequent these venues. . .

    So seems the BBC are treading a difficult line. . . . They must have reason to believe Scots aren’t taken in by their lies.

    A positive thought.

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  2. Supermarkets retailers business profits up. 20%. Taking on more staff. Amazon tax evading profits up. Everyone cooking meals etc at home, Fancy chefs. Some people slipping through the net having to go to foodbanks. People on furlough. Still managing with some help.

    Takeaways inundated. Queues and slots out the door. Self catering accommodation doing increased booking and more profitable. Charging more, More people staying in their own areas. Spending more there while waiting for lockdown to lift. Swings and roundabouts.

    Hospitality changing shifts and doing more takeaway are doing more business. They are busier.Making profits. Getting furlough, loans and help. The ones adapting are more than surviving or getting grants and loans.

    Hotels are being booked up for the future. More people staycations at home.Still doing business trade. Commerce is still on going for essential services. The Police are locking down essential services. Fining tradespeople. Football obsessives roam the street with protection. Still spreading the virus.

    The vaccine programme is on going and nearing completion for people most at threat of survival. Infection rates and deaths are down. The weather is getting better and more people can meet outside. The pupils are back at school, Things are looking up and there are improvements to look forward. A massive increased election majority. To make the world a better place.

    Vote the Tories out. For mismanagement of the pandemic and the Brexit shambles unfolding. An absolute disgrace. They are trying to close down Holyrood. The only thing protecting Scotland from the Tories chaos and catastrophe. Get another to vote as well. To end the chaos and survival. , .


  3. Alcohol is a depressant. The more people drink alcohol, the more depressed they get. It is a vicious circle. It does not make them happy. The just get a massive hangover. A hangover that affects their lives and wellbeing. It is more sensible in a pandemic which affects people lives and wellbeing to consume less.

    Consuming non conscription drugs has the same affect. Alters consciousness. Makes people depressed and affects people wellbeing, relationships and happiness. It does not support people’s lives and leads to premature death. Hardship and unhappiness.

    Everything in moderation.


  4. Clearly you missed the interview with the hospitality sector guy at the Hydro, who, without blushing, was looking for commitments not just a few weeks away, but in a year from now.


    1. Iamsoccerdoc
      If he wants commitments for a year
      Tell him I have God,s mobile no.
      And he can have a wee word with him
      All in order to command the virus to F**k off


  5. Isolation cancellations got a voucher. Many will be non redeemable. They make monies not providing a service. No compensation. A gift to them.


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