No future in England’s dreaming

Opinion polling for the next United Kingdom general election after 2019 (LOESS).svg

Two more polls today confirm England’s steady irreversible drift into an ethnic nationalist nightmare. Survation have the Tories 6 points ahead of Labour and Opinium a shocking 10 points clear.

It doesn’t matter what they do. Waste billions outsourcing test and trace to the wife of a donor, give PPE contracts by the million to chums, breach the ministerial codes over and over or earn the highest death rates in the world.

They did just one thing the English voters love – stick it to the French by sneaking in quick and grabbing the lion’s share of the vaccines. As the jabs (sic) went in the poll ratings went up.

40 years ago, even with Thatcher, I could still be persuaded that we should stay with all those English folk who share our values, and make a better Britain, but after a brief flirtation with a new Labour leader when the second lockdown was pissing off his supporters, Boris is soaring again. He’ll call another election soon, walk it again and turn his malevolent gaze to devolution. If we don’t get out soon, we are so for it!

Run, run and don’t look back.

15 thoughts on “No future in England’s dreaming

  1. Two things we have learnt from our government’s failed intervention in attempting to reverse Brexit in England & Wales – There is NOTHING we can do about politics in England , and WE SHOULD NOT EVEN TRY. It is none of our business, just as our country is none of theirs

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  2. England’s Tories now have few friends,apart from those other countries led by extreme right wing governments.
    They were hanging their hat on Trump coming through for them but Biden has made clear his views on shape shifting creeps and their insane political and economic philosophies..
    The old saying ‘ Don’t pee against my leg and tell me it is raining’ aka trickle down economics now the preserve of banana republics and England.
    In the British islands which they like to dominate,the other administrations hold them in complete contempt.
    Even the DUP have realised that their word is worthless.
    The increasing prospect of voters in England supporting these idiots well into the future makes it paramount for the other countries that make up the UK to separate themselves from this madness.

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  3. Just merely confirms my long standing belief that the colonisation of Scotland is long underway and will only accelerate under the Tories.


  4. Labour back the Tories. There is hardly any difference in their policies. Austerity. Illegal weaponry, wasting public monies that could be better spent. Misogynistic, bigoted and racist. Breaking the Law with impunity.

    Greedy, self seeking, vain, arrogant and ignorant. The Westminster unionists parties are total lying hypocrites. Keeping their criminality secret under the Official Secrets Act. Colluding with the monarchy to waste £Trns of public monies which could be better spent.

    The Courts have to sort them out. The EU is suing Westminster. Johnston has broken the agreement signed in December. That did not take long. The DUP is suing the Tories, Foster is suing Johnston. No longer allies. The Tory-unionists are trying to hold on to Scotland to try and bail them out.

    The Westminster corrupt liars are doing everything to destroy Scottish democracy and the economy. The Tory-unionists are a waste of time, space and public monies, They are trying to shut down Holyrood and democracy in Scotland. Holyrood supported by the majority in Scotland. A massive SNP win will hold the corrupt Westminster cabal back. Send them homewards to think again. Then on to Independence. A better world and way of life. Vote to make that happen.


  5. The “Scottish” media look the other way, and back Boris to the hilt.
    Lies, corruption, Scotophobia, graft, bullying, international law breaches, Ministerial Code violations—all irrelevant to the editorial staff of the Hootsmon, Herod, BEEB et al.

    “You’ll have had your brown envelopes then?”


  6. Dreaming
    Oh Yes England indeed is dreaming as they sleep walk
    Only to be awakened to a real live nightmare
    Of Scottish Independence,whereby they no longer have our vast resources,Trident etc.
    In order to deal with the very sorry state they then must confront with very few resources
    To come to terms with the massive debts and no quick fixes available
    Not a Nightmare on Elm Street awaits them
    But one on Every Street

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  7. Whatever misgivings Scots have over leaving the Union (mainly financial risk ?), England’s love affair with self-serving elitists has visited havoc on most of the UK almost all my adult life.

    I was reminded of England’s enduringly “class” obsession” by an article in the National yesterday on John Rae, and briefly mused on how such a travesty could unfold today, only to realise it would be little different.

    The Tories are now re-writing history on a daily basis, their pocket media convey their distortions and lies with no scrutiny, and the English populace lap it up.

    Whist the Minister for the 18th century and Prime Charlatan lead England on to “sunny uplands” and unicorns aplenty, Scots know better than believe in fairy tales.. Time for a different road.


  8. The Tories buy up the Press illegally. Thatcher handed the Press over to the right wing illegally. Murdoch. Interfered and then kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. To make them both and their associates tax evading £Million/billionaires. Illegally.

    Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy. Westminster Ministerial Code is supposed to ensure a free, fair and balanced Press. It does not. Leveson was not implemented.

    No one believes it any more. Readership plummeting. People can share and exchange information on the internet.


  9. Engerland is Dreaming.

    “All the tongues were brown, (tongues were brown)
    look the other way, (look the other way)
    The Truth went for a walk, (it went for a walk)
    on St Boris Day. (on St Boris Day)
    Propaganda neat, (propaganda neat)
    Straight from Downing Street, (from Down-ing Street)
    Engerland is Dreaming (Dreaming).
    On St Boris Day”!

    Mamas and Papas—apologies (royalties in the mail).


    1. Gavin
      Please take the word Walk
      With regards its context as to what truth done
      And substitute the letter L contained therein
      With a N
      And if so you will now comprehend the unfolding MESS
      As Boris quickly pulls up the zip upon his troosers


  10. Speaking to relatives last night, we got talking about the situation (via vaccination comparisons!) Think you’re right about sleepwalking.

    Vaccine – we’ve all had one dose. Said we’d slowed down a bit due to starting 2nd doses and I was worried that England didn’t seem to be following JCVI advice like we were and I’d heard talk about Eng toying with not giving a 2nd dose. “Oh yeah, but it’ll be alright”. His wife’s shielding and he’s high risk!!

    Schools – They have grandkids and the LA “seem to be better organised this time”. (They would be, their area voted tory, she says cynically)

    Serco T&T being a washout – leading to corruption and lies, breaking international law etc. “Well, you know the joke, ‘how do you know a politician’s lying”.

    Corruption and chumocracy – via £37bn (that being more than the total Scottish budget) and nobody to report to cos Dildo’s married to the minister who investigates corruption?. “I know, but we’ll get rid of them next time”.

    Money going to donors instead of people who need it – “Yes and we’ll have to pay it back”. No – explanation of not being like a domestic budget, BofEng etc followed. No discussion just patronising “Oh well, but we’ll still have to pay it back anyway” type noises. (Mind you, he’s always been a bit of a patronising MCP, so I shouldn’t have been surprised and, in fairness, he’s probably got a point on that one in the current circs).

    I’m distressed to say that I’m rapidly coming to agree with something I never thought I would – especially of my own family. They may well deserve what’s coming to them. I just hope they don’t drag the rest of us down with them….


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