Pro-Union blogger hosts abusive professor and sectarian sympathiser

Mark Devlin, a man so committed to the Union he has spent most of his adult life in Japan and the USA, has returned to launch ‘a new anti-Nationalist site‘ for Scotland. Devlin is responsible for the #RESIGNSTURGEON billboards and the flypast. It’s not clear who is funding this venture.

His choice of pals given him way. Devlin has recruited Jill Stephenson, an emeritus professor at Edinburgh University and expert on Nazi Germany, who called SNP MP Mhairi Black a “slut”.


In 2015, the prof said:

“If electors vote for a foul-mouthed slut like M Black, it says a lot about them and none of it is good.”

A wee Twitter storm developed, ending up with the good professor herself tweeting foul-mouthed that she didn’t “give a flying fuck” and a respondent suggesting that as Unionist she supported paedophiles!

Professor Stephenson’s [former?] expertise is Nazi Germany. She has written on ‘German Christians in the Thuringian Protestant Church (1927-1945)’ and Hitler’s priests, Catholic clergy and National Socialism?’

Devlin also has farmer/author Jamie Blackett – deputy leader of the Alliance for Unity under George Galloway, on his roster.

Blackett was educated at Ludgrove, Eton, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and later Warwick Business School, is a staunch defender of the right to kill badgers and has accused the SNP of behaving, at the same time, like Sinn Fein and the Nazis.

Blackett and Stephenson both seem to have a thing about Nazis – the boots, the whips?

Leading Scottish historian Professor Sir Tom Devine said:

I am not a member of the SNP or of any political party but on the face of it the comment seems uttered without a shred of supporting evidence. Cybernats are one thing, officially sanctioned cybernats are quite another. Indeed the comparison with the paramilitary wing of Sinn Fein and elements in the SNP might well be actionable at law.

Another of their writers, Bruce Halliday, tweeted this in December:

Finally, for today, David Griffiths is another of the writers:

According to the Daily Record:

A candidate for George Galloway’s new party has been linked to a Twitter page spouting sectarian, racist and sexist abuse. Alliance 4 Unity’s Holyrood hopeful David Griffiths has denied being behind the account and initially refused to identify who was. Vile content on @Windsor Hugo – which has now been deleted – refers to Catholics as “tarriers” and “taigs”, while using the term FTP (**** The Pope) and another offensive swear word on numerous occasions. The social media site has also been used to attack Muslims and women.

Devlin has denied attempting to recruit Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith, not realising that they had died while he was out of the country.

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8 thoughts on “Pro-Union blogger hosts abusive professor and sectarian sympathiser

  1. Looks like a police mugshot. Just lacking a number and sideview.

    “Flee with the craws, and get shot wi’ the craws”.
    His choice of friends tells all.

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  2. I think I’ve already mentioned that contemporary British nationalism is a harmful social pathology. This is because it’s an ideology that is detached from reality, Britain is not one nation, so it undermines the potential for Scots to enjoy equality in law (see Brexit). Hard-core British nationalism is simply a form of learned psychopathy. 😉

    Moral Foundations and Political Orientation: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


  3. They are attempting to ignite the smouldering embers of sectarianism in particular and Nazism is a convenient side show which occasionally bares its fangs
    In full knowledge that they are blowing upon a sleeping giant,especially in West Central Scotland
    Our trick is make sure tis the the wind they are blowing into

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  4. “Devlin has denied attempting to recruit Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith, not realising that they had died while he was out of the country” 🤣😂

    To be fair he did return to Scotland in 2016 (presumably for Brexit), the natural progression from his NewsBlocks venture was to add a few letters to arrive at NewsBollocks but SiU doubtless thought it missing a certain cache, and with Poison Pennington’s suggestion of “Formaldehyde for all” blackballed, the snappy “Margory” was born, sorry, “Majority”. Clearly they pay no attention to polls, but most appear to do so over Poles.

    A motley crew with a visceral hatred of SNP, dark money sources, has this not been done already, Ruth ?


  5. They do seem to be assembling a rag tag mob of supporters in the same way as Trump has done in the USA.
    Some very strange bed fellows,mostly of the right or far right politically.
    That is really what our independence is about.
    The right to reject the English political right in our country through the ballot box.
    These people know that the only way they are going to get a right or far right government in Scotland is by England imposing it on us.

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