Scottish Greens WILL NOT NOT SUPPORT John Swinney?

An interesting way of phrasing that, with a double negative to suggest the opposite of what the Greens have said they will do?

I know, we trust our readers to get to the end of the sentence. You’re being paranoid, again.

To write something clumsy and potentially misleading do you need a reason?

Here’s the source:

How difficult would it have been to just cut and paste one of the actual phrases used to get:

6 thoughts on “Scottish Greens WILL NOT NOT SUPPORT John Swinney?

  1. To do otherwise would force the BBC to adopt a rational and inclusive approach to political balance, which the organisation currently frames by platforming a rather narrow choice between British Labour and English Torydum. And by promoting a false equivalence between facts and racist propaganda (see Brexit).


  2. It might be interesting to know how many requests for “legal advice” disclosures have been met by Labour and Tory governments at Westminster.
    I would guess at NONE!

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  3. The BBC are raising their propaganda style its risky because those who are not fooled by sentences like this and do read to the end automatically think to themselves “ who wrote this “
    “ what an idiot whoever they are “

    Looks like whoever wrote it was too ashamed to give their name


    1. Terrence
      And upon Indy
      The whole shall be shamed and named
      They so lucky they operate in this parts
      And not another place close to our shores
      Because it would create a severe shortage of feathers,tar and brushes
      But create a spectable


  4. The Tories want to destroy the Holyrood Parliament. They want to destroy democracy. They are such hypocrites. Elected to an administration they want to destroy. Total troughers and opportunists. Evel.

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