Only Scots would abolish Monarchy

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In a poll by JL Partners yesterday, after Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, 52% of Scots agree that the monarchy should be abolished with only 28% disagreeing. For the UK as a whole only 29% agreed with abolition and 50% disagreed.

Northern Ireland and London had 33% for abolition but still a majority for retention and all other parts of the UK were strongly opposed to abolition.


15 thoughts on “Only Scots would abolish Monarchy

  1. I kindly remind all
    That currently you ARE a subject of HM The Queen
    And as such you have
    No written constitution or enshrined rights
    Over to you as to whether you are most happy with such a standing

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  2. Perhaps it is the company I keep but 52% seems very, very low.
    Apart from the bigots very few people I know support a Monachy.


  3. Scotland grew away from the Royal. People grew up.

    The monarchy will not survive in its present form. Illegal evading tax, interfering in State matters, supporting illegal wars. Killing people. Racist, bigoted and misogynist. The Tory royals causing poverty. The head of State. The state of it. Breaking the Law with impunity. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    The wake could be interesting. Will they turn up? Awkward.


    1. Gordon
      Has anyone found the key to the cupboard
      That The Royals have locked Andrew ( randy andy ) in yet.
      Out of sight but not of mind
      Epstein in America has over $ 1 billon frozen by the courts in reserve for damage claim payouts to the abused girls
      Believe you or me the Yankee lawyers will stop at nothing to wing these monies their way in heavy % no win no fee game
      Tis a dripping roast for them that no Royal or special relationship that can ever stop the roast from dripping
      The only thing that matters in America is Money and they have no principles whatsoever
      When it comes to getting it
      E.Musk is advised to get Andy Pandy to Mars


  4. People in Scotland are sovereign under the Law. Separate Law forever. Treaty of Union. Under International Law. If it is broken the Treaty is broken

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  5. They are all half baked fruitcakes
    Who wouldnt be having a life like that
    Sure you get gold plated cutlery , bodyguards and servants but zero privacy
    You cant go anywhere
    You cant go to the pub
    Or out for a meal
    Or holiday on the beach with everyone else
    You cant even pop out for a wander
    No wonder the bodyguards become lovers theyre the only other people you see
    Crazy lifestyle
    Crazy people
    Once tagged at birth your freedom is gone for the whole of your life thats why they wont give it up voluntarily
    To give it up in their eyes would be lose the luxury and still have no anonymity or freedom, trapped forever, some may think harry is free of it but hes not hes only free of the other royals he hasnt gained freedom to roam


  6. The Monarchy is now an English institution.
    Titles; processions; procedures; fall de rals—all English.
    Even the weans get dressed in England sports strips.

    Charlie is “Prince of Scotland”! Ever see him using the title?

    Let’s hope we are independent before the crowning of “King Billie”!
    A name chosen deliberately to rouse the basest instincts in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Because the Royals don’t give a flying Ffoulkesakia about the carnage that will ensue outside England.


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