BBC double standards on sex offences

SNP MP accused of sexual harassment makes news. BBC Scotland have him. The Herald has him twice:

Tory MP actually sentenced following two assaults? BBC UK have him….no wait…..they’ve got the SNP MP again:

Maybe the Tory MP story is fake news? The BBC has responsibilities you know?

There’s no sign of a BBC report but the Guardian have him:

Wait, sorry, BBC Kent had him:

My confidence in the BBC fairness is restored, or is it?

13 thoughts on “BBC double standards on sex offences

  1. Hon Sarah will bring this “Tory-bad” news, hot foot and with her trademark grimace and smirk—–Oh, wait—-it’s the WRONG party!

    Just as a report by researchers some years ago named more than 40 Tory MPs on sexual assault, bullying and harassment, by the bad egg will be an SNP politician—because for the BBC scapegoating a party representing a UK minority (Scots) is easier than holding truth to power.

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  2. This has not (yet) been reported to the Police, but has been lodged as a complaint to be examined by the SNP’s internal complaints procedures regarding harassment. It is possible that it could be referred to the Commons authorities fir examination, as was the case when a Labour MP complained about sexual harassment by a Tory MP. But, perhaps, the fact that it happened outside Westminster might preclude that. Remember that although the Tory MP subsequently stood down from Parliament, the Commons authorities did not find the case against him upheld.

    The tone on GMS, was dry much, ‘he’s guilty and the party will botch or fudge it.’

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  3. Indeed HMS Sarah Smith have always been keen to highlight SNP issues as opposed to other parties, but it is the excruciating “Analysis” by David Wallet Lockjaw which sets the implications train in motion.
    – He gives the usual “last thing the first minister needs”, too slow to act, “stench of corruption within the SNP”, “Similar accusations..” to dissimilar events, with a final flourish of “the SNP image has had a difficult few weeks” to round off the innuendo….

    It seems to me that with their AS confections going nowhere, this “sexual harrassment” inquiry gives them perhaps hope they can breathe enough life into the corpse sufficient to last to the May elections.
    Desperate stuff…

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  4. A fine example here of objective, balanced reporting on the complaint against Patrick Grady MP by BBC Scotland’s David Wallace Lockhart – well actually NOT, as textual analysis reveals.

    Mr Lockhart writes:
    “There are allegations the party failed to take firm, swift action when earlier concerns were raised about Patrick Grady.”

    Lockhart chooses to separate his text on this charge by five paragraphs from relevant information in response: “And the SNP is pointing out that an investigation was launched into Patrick Grady as soon as a complaint was made. This, they insist, was the first opportunity for formal processes to begin.”

    Then we have Mr Lockhart’s freebie delivered on behalf of the Tories: “Some Conservative politicians are claiming there’s a “stench of corruption” within the SNP.”

    And Lockhart then adds, presumably to justify his reporting of the Tory claim he has just amplified: “Similar accusations have been levelled at senior party figures in relation to their cooperation with the Holyrood committee investigating the Scottish government’s handling of harassment complaints.”

    Similar accusations? Similar to those made against Mr Grady? Inappropriate touching in a London pub? And how is this supposed ‘similar accusation’ linked to – levelled ‘in relation to’ – senior party figures’ cooperating with a Holyrood Committee? This looks like a carefully crafted attempted smear.

    And finally, does alleged inappropriate touching in a London pub equate to ‘corruption’ according to BBC Scotland nowadays?

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    1. First thought I had on hearing of this and that the offence is said to have happened in 2016 was that the election is weeks away. Is the. Complainant a Unionist plant.


  5. The usual double standards. SNP demote offenders.

    The unionists cover up appalling behaviour. Keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Break the Law with impunity. Including breaking International Law.

    Thatcher abuse. Child abuse ‘Boys will be boys’.

    Cyril Smith, Saville, P. Andrew, Diana, The list is endless. Appalling behaviour? Police undercover, M15, torture, Ireland murders by the State. Thatcher, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Johnstone. Westminster abusing and killing people. Wars and the banking crash. Austerity. Pandemic mismanagement. Cutting essential services.

    Iraq, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. So the culprits can go free not be held to account.

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