Tory FAKE News

From, a member of the TuSitters

It’s fake news!

Transport Scotland has commissioned a comprehensive South West Scotland Transport Study (which the Scottish Tories supported), which looks in detail at what transport D&G needs, and what  REALISTIC  options are for improvement (spoiler, no tunnels or bridges). 

My understanding is that shortlisted options will be prioritised in Transport Scotland’s next capital investments plans through the National Transport Strategy.

15 thoughts on “Tory FAKE News

  1. My guess if not Indy
    Westminster shall control the funding and put where tories exist in potential winning numbers
    Want to make a wee fortune get into the signage game and Union Jack flags to sell at the grand opening by a Tory Grandee
    Hail Hail Hail Boris
    Who must become the Last Emperor of Scotland

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  2. I somehow cannot see the Scottish media fact checking and confronting Mr Mindel or his crony Alistair JOCK, as he might now be planning to style himself.


  3. I was most amused when this three amigos photo-op was first floated, the signage pinpoints their location even if “Tourist attractions” is a little premature for Tories rather than “Endangered species”, but being less than 2km from “M6 South” clearly points to the aspirations of all 3.

    For Fluffy to recycle this when traffic flows on the A75 have been decimated since Brexit January not only demonstrates his startling lack of awareness (a trait he shares with Alister (Gumboot diplomacy) Jack with his “metaphorical” bridge/tunnels) for what ails the electorate for the sake of promoting himself.

    As a child in D&G at the time of Beeching I saw the havoc unleashed by Tory policy unleashed on the south-west first hand, it took decades to get even bypasses built as traffic escalated, but why now when the land-bridge is being bypassed direct to ROI ?

    The man is a complete balloon intent only in advertising the fact…

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  4. As I have said before folks would be crossing the Firth of Forth in canoes had the Tories got their way, they voted against building the new bridge even though the old one was not safe for the volume of traffic.
    The Forth rail bridge would have also been left to collapse into the water by the Tories, Thatcher removed funding for painting it, so huge pieces of metal started falling off it.
    It was only saved when the SNP invested in it being given a lick of decent paint to last twenty years. If matters had been left to the Tories, and the red Tories, there would be no accessible road or rail arterial route without doing a huge detour, to get from the south of Scotland to the Highlands and Islands. There would be no borders railway, no upgrade of the main road in Aberdeen, and no upgrade of the A9 (?) which has just been announced by the SNP.
    ‘Deep fried Hillman Imp, Scotland’s Transport, by Christopher Harvie, 2001, Argyll publishing, well worth a read. The BritNat Tories, Labour and Libdums kept Scotland in the dark ages when it came to investing in infrastructure in Scotland, is,they didn’t. Absolutely criminal, at the same time they were siphoning away Scotland’s £Trillions worth if oil. Also go to the National Library of Scotland image archive for films about
    Scotland, including the dirt tracks which should have been properly built for the people of Scotland.

    Mundell has a damn nerve, his party would have folks using horses and carts in Scotland and any train journeys would be totally unaffordable for the general population. Their dirty tricks being to try to claim the credit for infrastructure projects
    that would never have happened at all without the SNP being in government.
    Tories never failing to rip off the people of Scotland.

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    1. Without full fiscal autonomy, (in other words independence) the Scottish government would be very hard pushed to find the cash for new railways in Scotland. They are having to mitigate against horrendous Tory austerity, along with a decrease in budget from Westminster, you know those generous crumbs the EngGov sends back to Scotland once they have taken their cut, which is most of Scotland’s wealth and it’s a very lucrative scam for the BritNats for sure.
      Like the Mafia taking protection money off their victims, handing a tiny bit back while laughing their heads off. Ha ha ha!
      Scotland has been robbed and still is, infrastructure is the least of concerns for the Tories, they will do anything to keep their gravy train(!) running south from Scotland though!

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  5. Man, this takes me back to working in the old Scottish Office Roads Directory, which was responsible for the strategic trunk-roads and ‘motorways’ in Scotland. So I can say with certainty that a good proportion of bypasses and improvement schemes in Scotland, could not be justified under the Treasury methods of cost-benefit analysis. We simply don’t have the same levels of road use as in England, thankfully. Though we do suffer from Tory austerity and their propensity to peddle bovine excrement.



    1. People still need transportation, even more so in Scotland due to large areas that are rural and remote. We also need to repopulate more rural parts of Scotland, after the despicable Highland and lowland clearances, the land theives only built roads to move their sheep and themselves around. They had violently forced the people off the land and depopulated Scotland’s countryside, absolutely criminal.

      Look at countries like Norway, their infrastructure is first class, it’s excellent, it has mostly rural and remote geography, but people still live and are able to travel about their actual own country. But then they don’t have most of their land stolen by outsiders, nor a next door country taking their huge oil wealth, and making decisions about their constitutional matters counter to their best interests.
      Sadly, we cannot say the same for Scotland.

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  6. This is a good ‘spot’. I’m afraid it’s a sign of things to come as Westminster intervenes and by-passes the Scottish Government and Parliament. Apologies for the length of this contribution.

    Transport Scotland’s website itemises projects associated with A75 upgrading. There are a number related to constructing new guaranteed overtaking sections of road and also this bypass.

    ‘A75 Dunragit Bypass – Completed 2014 – £17.1 million project involved the construction of a new 5.3 kilometre stretch of the A75, to the east of Stranraer in Dumfries and Galloway.’

    In the 2017/18 Programme for Government, the SG committed to a Strategic Transport Projects Review in the Dumfries and Galloway area. The South West Scotland Transport Study was initiated to examine holistically the rationale for improvements to road, rail, public transport and active travel on the transport corridors served by the A75 and A77 as well as the railway corridors to Stranraer and Carlisle via Dumfries, with a focus on access to the Ports at Cairnryan.

    The project steering group for this initiative comprises Transport Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway Council (D&GC), the Ayrshire Roads Alliance1, SWestrans and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).

    At an early stage, briefing sessions were organised with elected members (local MPs, MSPs and Local Members) on 26 Nov 2018 in Dumfries and 03 Dec 2018 in Ayr, to provide a progress update on the study, including emerging findings from a public consultation. These sessions also provided elected members with an opportunity to provide their input.

    Moreover, as recently as February 2021 this report was published on behalf of Transport Scotland: ‘South West Scotland Option Sifting Update’. (See )

    This includes amongst a range of priorities ones specifically on the A75 and A77: ‘Capacity Enhancements – Development of capacity enhancement measures, such as partial dualling, town/village bypasses and improved overtaking opportunities.’

    Importantly in the context of Westminster’s by-passing of devolved competencies, the latter report sets out the Scotland-wide, strategic approach already underway by the Scottish Government to appraise needs and options for transport infrastructure enhancement.

    “Transport Scotland is currently undertaking the second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) to inform the Scottish Government’s transport investment programme over the next 20 years (2022 – 2042). STPR2 takes a national overview of the transport network with a focus on regions and will help deliver the vision, priorities and outcomes that are set out in the new National Transport Strategy (NTS2). STPR2 is being carried out in accordance with Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) which is an objective-led, evidence-based transport appraisal process.”

    The UK government’s Interim Union Connectivity Review cuts across the Scottish Government’s ongoing strategic process of appraisal and prioritisation.

    And as Mr Mundell’s tweet clearly reveals, the Westminster government is setting out to maximise political capital, including by implying the Westminster initiative is addressing a deficit in Scottish Government attention and action that does NOT exist.

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    1. Just to add this from the A77 Action Group, the SW Scotland lobby group wanting to have the A77 south of Ayr dualled.


      ‘We as a country need to build on the investments already implemented in the area, such as the £77 million, spent on the A77 & A75 from 2008 (the A77 improvements are the Symington and Bogend Toll improvements relating to safety improvements and on sections of dual carriageway north of Ayr).”

      This lobbying group in the same document bemoans the repeated failure of governments over decades to invest in a much needed Maybole by-pass. There is now one under construction – delivered by an SNP Scottish Government.

      (Recall SNP Government delivery of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route – how long was that discussed? – progress on A9 Dualling and the Queensferry Crossing etc. etc. – nothing to see here? Hardly!)

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  7. Michael Mathieson was interviewed this morning by Garry Robertson, just after 8.30 am. Best performance by an Gov. Minister for a while.

    Started off on Boris’s investigation of a link between Scotland and NI.
    MM pointed out that none of the devolved transport ministers were in favour of this.

    Then onto the A75. Garry asked if the Scot Gov would be happy to accept funding from Westminster (Grant Spap) MM. pointed out that no additional funding was on the table. That infact Shapp was trying to engineer an other power grab.

    Well worth a listen!

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  8. The Tories-unionists destroy other countries rather than build up Scotland.

    They are illegally selling arms to Saudi Arabia to destroy other countries. For donations. Acting as mercenaries, One of the most repressive place in the world. Westminster has been illegally selling arms since the 1960’s. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act, They have cut aid to Yemen. The UN has accused Westminster of balancing the books by starving people.

    Westminster has wasted £Billions on Trident, tax evasion, illegal wars, Hinkley Point, HS2 and many other projects. They have wasted monies which could have been spent on Scotland’s infrastructure. They spent the Oil revenues on projects in London S/E. Canary Wharf bankers and Tilbury Docks etc.

    Thatcher behaved illegally and lied. Taking funds illegally from Scotland which could have been spent on the economy. They are still taking Scottish revenues and spending it on poor, bad Westminster decisions without consultation. Wasting it. Monies that could be better spent.

    The Tories have wasted monies in the pandemic. Giving unscrutinised contracts to their associates for donations. Tory Party funders and their associates are being given £Billions of unscrutinised contracts which are a total waste of public monies. Illegally. The goods are never delivered and the contracts are not honours. A complete and utter racket.

    No taxation without representation. Scotland did not vote for Brexit but it is ruining the Scottish/UK economy. The Westminster lying hypocrites just do not care. The Westminster incompetent ignorance and arrogance totally obvious. Parasites wasting public monies and breaking the Law. The Courts have to keep them right. They try to break the Law with impunity. Vote them out.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence.


    1. Gordon
      Please pay attention to the release of the Trade figs tomorrow
      No doubt they are going to be buried deep in the news
      But Germany has reported that imports from the UK are considerably down and 3 × more than German exports to UK
      Meanwhile Italy states that imports from UK are in almost total collapse and looks like well over 70 % fall
      And all on the basis that England carries the
      Largest trade gap in the whole world
      But the Brexiteers and the MSM
      Will be digging holes as fast as possible to bury this explosive news
      And to add to their woes the EU are preparing to take legal action over UK extension to exclusion of sea border checks
      To NI
      Which is in breach of a International treaty
      We are a cigarette papers width away from
      A failing tin pot banana republic dictaorship
      And the Titatanic band are playing upon the decks
      Cover your ears when they strike up
      Abide with Me
      Me thinks we gonna hear that one a lot as Scots make for the lifeboats


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