Herald’s youth policy lacks promise

Fresh from adding Brian Taylor and Lord Dunlop, Architect of the Poll Tax, to their roster, the Herald appoint a new Farming Correspondent, who grew up on a farm outside Ayr:

Here she is recently grinning at Ruth Davidson, not an easy thing to do:

Claire Taylor - Glasgow,  Scotland (Vlog 2)

More importantly Taylor launches with reporting we have little to smile about.

First, the headline. The SNP has politicised the pandemic. Did she miss Boris starting off with suggestions that NHS Scotland was not resilient before offering to send in the troops while Scotland did the right thing by its care home residents or suggesting we’d have no vaccines at all if it wasn’t for the Union?

Then we get this again:

The Scottish Government’s handling of the pandemic in the early stages was also abysmal. The care home scandal saw patients discharged into homes to free up space in hospitals for coronavirus patients.

Do I need to answer that? She must know that research study after research study has revealed the role of agency staff in triggering the outbreaks.


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16 thoughts on “Herald’s youth policy lacks promise

  1. “Please send your pennies to the Herod–support our vacuous fiction-based narrative”.

    P.O. Box,
    Panama Accounts,
    Evaderz R-Us Bank,
    Swindle Island.

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  2. It is a ploy used over the centuries by the worst of mankind – tell a lie repeatedly and you will convince some that it is the truth .
    Brexit and anti-independence are just the latest manifestations .

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  3. Let the B***ards politicise it
    Then you can smack them full on with
    UK.Gov official figures that clearly demonstrate the horrific death and case numbers in England. Prorata miles higher than Scotland
    That is NOT politics
    It is Truth

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  4. For my recent birthday, I received all five volumes of Charlie Allen’s “Farmer’s Diary.”

    These were reprints, in book form, of Charlie’s popular Monday “Farmer’s Diary” columns in the Herald, back in the late 1980s – early 1990s.

    Back then, the Herald was a good paper, with great writers. It’s not that paper today.

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  5. Of course, it isn’t possible to support human rights if you allow businesses to arbitrarily re-contextualise the intertextuality of ethical norms. The same applies to allowing political parties to privilege the performative over biological reality. Which pretty much entrenches neo-liberal theory and practice at the heart of politics, so it is neither ethical nor sustainable.



  6. Another lying Tory. Farmers voting for Brexit. Not a good idea,

    The Tories are saying the children are not back at school. The younger ones are back. They were back before them in the south. The older ones are going back next week. A phased return. What are they on about? The parents/carers are really appreciative.

    The magnificent vaccination programme. They are waiting for more supplies. All over fifty and vulnerable will be done, Essential workers. School, Police, Fire staff have been vaccinated.

    Rangers should be fined for flaunting the rules. Other people are fined.

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      1. IKI
        Geneome tracking can prove beyond all doubt the very origin of any cluster or outbreak
        And as off now the SG should inform the SFA
        that in the event of such future occurrences of gatherings of a Ibrox/ George Sq. Nature
        Then if found to lead to a serious cluster or outbreak arising due to such
        Then the penalty shall be punitive and fast
        Delivered in a most effectual manner that all
        Are in no doubt as to what is the result of such actions
        End Off
        Not Negotiable

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    1. Lord help the poor wee farming lassie if they are in hoc to the banks
      All due to the impending severe impact due to Brexit upon Scottish Agricultural produce
      Which then considerably reduces farm and land prices
      And for some they will find themselves whereby their debt liabilities are well in excess of the fixed assets they hold
      The lender pulls the rug
      Then The rich elite Tories and pals move in
      Buy up at ridiculously low prices,either adding to their land holdings or cashing in years later when prices recover to their true value,then shunt the vast profits into tax havens
      Brexit is pre programmed to enact wealth by stealth

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  7. She’ll go far then. Smiling and lying at the same time for the cameras is a talent not to be taken lightly you know. BritNats, jobsworths rewarded with silver pieces, for doing their masters’ dirty work. What was that Upton Sinclair quote, ‘it is difficult to get a man (woman) to understand something when his (her) salary depends on his (her) not understanding it’. Just for balance and all, which the 100% anti SNP, anti Scottish media don’t do.

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    1. To thesnpleftme, google snp and you get ‘single nucleotide polymorphism’ is that what you mean by snp?
      That 3mln was perplexing, maybe to at least try to be nice show willing and not be accused of discriminating against the dishonest lackeys writing the stories for those rags. An appeasement, still wrong move by SNP imo. The alternative to them being in power at Holyrood however does not bear even thinking about…so SNP will get my vote so we can push ’em towards an indy ref asap.
      BritNats = privatised water, NHS,education,schools,tuition fees, fracking, even more austerity on the poor and vulnerable, killing off old folks to save on paying state pensions, nukes forever,nuke power even when the stations r crumbling, etc etc etc, whats not to like eh!

      I guess though the 3mln is nowt compared to the BritNats’ funding the Tory rags and the BBC etc,…3mln wouldn’t pay for the breakfast of the CEO’s of these BritNat anti SNP, anti Scotland, propaganda platforms!!


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