SHOCK: Lib Dems do something useful

Scottish budget: SNP secure deal with Greens and Lib Dems - BBC News
News from the Scottish Government: Cross-party support for Scottish Budget
A further £20 million is being allocated in the Scottish Budget 2021-22 to help disadvantaged children and young people improve their educational attainment. The additional Pupil Equity Fund premium was announced by Finance Secretary Kate Forbes following the successful conclusion of talks with the Scottish Liberal Democrats, who have agreed to support the budget in parliament tomorrow.

The package also includes £15 million support for skills and training to back economic recovery in the north east, and confirmation that £90 million provided this year to support a national council tax freeze will be maintained in local authority budgets going forward.

Ms Forbes said:

“From the outset I have stressed that this needs to be a consensual budget to meet Scotland’s needs in these extraordinary times.“

I have held detailed and productive talks with all parties and taken on many of their priorities, alongside those of the Scottish Government.

“I am delighted that the Liberal Democrats have now agreed to join the Greens in voting for the budget tomorrow. This example of cross-party work at a time of national emergency reflects well on the Scottish Parliament.“

These announcements support the education of disadvantaged pupils, help drive our economic recovery and provide certainty to local authorities.

Good idea, I like it.

Given that moaning all the time is getting the Lib Dems nowhere, maybe they should try being helpful and see if the electorate like that better?

10 thoughts on “SHOCK: Lib Dems do something useful

    1. The Wee Wullie Boy Band splitting up?
      How distraughting for their tens of fans.
      What was their hit single again?

      “I wanna be in Ruthies gang, Ruthies gang…………….”.

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  1. People voted LibDem to keep out the Tories. Now they can vote SNP for a better budget, The LibDem went into collusion with the Tories. Enabled Austerity and Brexit. ConDems cut Education £6Billion a year, cut NHS £20Billion and cut Welfare benefits £16Billion from 2015 to 2020. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate it.

    Libdems facilitated Austerity and Brexit, The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the cuts. The LibDems now in the HoL. Lords troughing on public monies. After ruining the economy. Clegg now making £Millions as tax evading, Facebook EU representative. Illegal election manipulation. Illegally selling people’s data, Against the data protection and electoral Laws. The representation of the people’s act.

    They blocked the AWPR, International airport expansion, stopped sporting development for years. The tram fiasco. Wasting £Billions of public monies. Then complain there is not enough for essential services. It is because of their policies.

    They could not even manage a bus services and caused mass traffic congestion. Lack of infrastructure and investment. Then told people to take the non existent bus. Diabolical.

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  2. If it is atonement the Libs seek
    Then they have a mountain to climb
    But as always one cannot do so till the 1st step is taken
    But me thinks they trembling so much at the raised knee
    And basic instinct will soon have them place both feet onto the very shaky quick sand ground that their destiny stands upon

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      1. Is it Alterior or ulterior motive?

        Explanation: Ulterior, in this context, means hidden. Alterior, on the other hand, is not a word. If it were, however, it probably would mean something like alternate.10 Feb 2020

        Not being critical, I just looked it up myself


    1. The Scottish budget allocated to Scotland by England for 2021/2022
      was smaller than required to match inflation.
      Good to see Scottish government give extra to education.
      Lib Dems have agreed to support this extra money for education but you can be sure that their pact with the tories and labour includes actions to undermine Scottish government too ,they just have not revealed the plan yet.
      Its coming , we know it , this agreement by the Lib Dems is a sign that the Libdemtorylabour party intend to attack the finance minister of Scottish government in the coming months
      We just dont know what the attack we will about yet

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