51% increase in number of chronic pain patients treated

I appreciate that this evidence of recovery in NHS Scotland’s non-Covid activity still leaves many waiting for treatment but signs of recovery are not to be found in the MSM.

From NHS Scotland:

  • In the quarter ending 31 December 2020, 3,879 patients were referred to a chronic pain clinic. This compares to 3,168 patients in the quarter ending 30 September 2020, an increase of 22.4%
  • In the quarter ending 31 December 2020, 2,108 patients were seen at a chronic pain clinic. This compares to 1,397 patients in the quarter ending 30 September 2020, an increase of 50.9%.
  • Of the 2,108 patients seen during the quarter ending 31 December 2020, 50.9% (1,073) waited 12 weeks or less to be seen, 10.8% (228) waited more than 12 but less than 24 weeks, 29.3% (618) waited more than 24 but less than 51 weeks and 9.0% (189) waited 52 weeks or more.


9 thoughts on “51% increase in number of chronic pain patients treated

  1. Of course the MSM ‘framing’ if they choose to report this at all, will be, “Why was the original number so low?This is just getting back towards where things ought to have been.”

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  2. It is hard for any public health system to cope with a pandemic, as well as the more ‘mundane’ health needs of society, when its capacity to do so has been systematically starved of the necessary resources. It will be even harder to do so now that we are no longer protected by EU health law, which will enable the Tories to sell-off our health services to transnational corporations. This will inevitably intensify health inequalities and diminish public accountability.



  3. O/T. I see Labour List and others are reporting that Labour has removed a candidates for the Holyrood election because of views on Indyref 2. Hollie Cameron, candidate for Glasgow Kelvin, had suggested that another independence vote could be held in the next parliamentary term. She argued that the timing of another Indyref “should be when the public wants”.

    Neil Findlay MSP is reported saying: “This is absolutely outrageous – Hollie Cameron was selected by members of her constituency, her views chime with many Labour voters and with the views expressed my myself, Monica Lennon and many members. What on earth is going on?”

    But the party’s ‘leader’ Mr Sarwar is sticking to well worn arguments. These are IMHO about putting off a democratic event on Scotland’s constitutional future for as long as possible in the hope that something will eventually turn up. He is quoted as saying “We are going into this election seeking to unite our country, not to divide our country. We are going into this election making it about a Covid recovery parliament, not going back to the old arguments.”

    Mr Sarwar seems not to realise that ‘our country’ is already divided – on political party support; on EU membership; on the monarchy etc., etc. – and yes on Scotland’s constitutional future too. Out with one-party states and dictatorships having divisive issues out in the open is perfectly normal. And that last division can be – needs to be – resolved and not left to fester. (A thought occurs: would that the Labour Party enhance the divisiveness between itself and the Tories in Westminster!)

    Mr Sarwar is out of touch if he fails to see that the issue of Scotland’s constitutional future pervades our society – it has retained its central position after 2014. And this is in part because his party was complicit in ensuring that the democratic event in 2014 did not properly resolve matters – and then came Brexit. This is not about ‘old arguments’ – that is trite – it’s about important present and ongoing arguments over Scotland’s, our collective, future. As a democrat he should not be seeking to close this down.

    And Mr Sarwar’s political, social and economic analysis is narrow in scope and critically flawed if he fails to recognise this basic fact. The outcome of arguments over agency available to Scotland’s democratic institutions and people are absolutely central to what he refers to as ‘Covid recovery’.

    I strongly suspect Mr Sarwar understands all this very well but puts his British Nationalism – or is it ‘patriotism’ – first. (A second thought occurs: will Mr Sarwar be following what seems to be his party’s new style guide? Will he too have a butcher’s apron in shot when he broadcasts to the nation in the run up to the May election? Or is this symbol only to be used by the true Labour Party leader?)

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    1. “Once upon a time, in a country far, far away Scottish Labour signed a pledge to uphold Scotlands ‘Claim of Right’…………….

      Now the fairy tale has come to an end, the cloak comes off…..to reveal —-Mr Starwars and the Claim of Shite…….!

      How sad, but we all have to grow up and understand Labours Fairy Tale promises ARE NOT REAL!

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    1. I doubt Scottish nurses would go south because they are paid more, albeit slightly more, than nurses in NHS England. A few years ago the Pay Review Board for nurses awarded them 1% pay rise. The UK Gov blocked it but the Scottish Gov paid the 1% rise. Thus the difference.

      It did not stop a group of NHS recruiters coming north to try to persuade nurses in Scotland to go south to work in NHS England. Not sure how successful they were though.

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  4. This is actually something I hesitate to post.

    Could Scotland fill gaps in health staff provision by recruiting south of the border, where Boris and Co make clear their contemp for health workers?

    As I say, I do not want to make health provision in England worse than it already is, but I suspect Mr Handcock would have no qualms about poaching Scottish nurses.

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  5. It isn’t possible to be patriotic to a union of nations, only nationalistic. Contemporary British nationalism is defined through populist, right-wing, English nationalism and racism. So your man Sarwar’s approach to politics is simply unhelpful to all who live in Brexitania. Which requires the re-writing of history and the abuse of Treaty law, as well as international human rights law, if one is to believe Brexitania is one nation.



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