UK Government taking control from the Scottish Parliament, says new report

Michael Gove brands Scottish independence protesters 'bambots' as he  appeals for unity | Politics | News |
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Press Release from the Scottish Government:
Scotland’s ability to legislate in areas such as food, health and environmental standards is being undermined in a “systematic attack” on devolution, Constitution Secretary Michael Russell has said.

A report published today by the Scottish Government shows the extent to which the Scottish Parliament’s devolved powers are being eroded by the UK Government following the 2016 Brexit vote.

AFTER BREXIT: The UK Internal Market Act & Devolution sets out how:the Scottish Parliament’s views on Brexit have been ignored by the UK Governmentterms of reference designed to agree Brexit negotiating objectives among the UK’s four governments were disregardedthe UK Government and Parliament now regularly legislate in devolved policy areas and adjust the powers of the Scottish Parliament without the consent of the Scottish ParliamentUK Government Ministers have taken powers to spend in devolved areasMost notably, the recently passed UK Internal Market Act allows the UK Government to in effect impose standards in a large number of areas that are devolved.It means the Scottish Parliament could have its hands tied if it wants to stop the sale of hormone injected beef, regulate food content to prevent obesity or ban single-use plastics to protect the environment, the report sets outThe report also details how the Act is being used by the UK Government to divert funding that would otherwise come to the Scottish Parliament to decide how it should be spent.One example is the UK Government administered Levelling Up Fund for infrastructure projects, which is bypassing any Scottish Parliament involvement in around £400 million of expected consequential funding.Additionally UK Government Ministers now have the power to extend to Scotland’s NHS the controversial market access principles that the Act introduces.Mr Russell added:”Devolution has helped to move Scotland forward, building on the fundamental principle that the Parliament and Government elected by the Scottish people should make decisions for Scotland.“But since the Brexit vote there has been a systematic attack on the Scottish Parliament’s powers, fundamentally undermining devolution.“Bit by bit, the settlement that secured 74% support in the 1997 devolution referendum, is being unpicked under the cover of Brexit and without the consent of Scottish people.“This is not a big bang abolition – it is instead the slow demise of devolution in the hope that no-one will notice.“The UK Government has signalled its desire is to ‘undo’ devolution and it is now repeatedly using its majority at Westminster to impose laws in devolved policy areas.

“Most alarming of all, the Internal Market Act has substantially weakened the Scottish Parliament’s powers.“The Act is going to have a very real impact on everyone in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament’s ability to ensure high levels of food standards and stop the sale of single-use plastics could be rendered obsolete – undoing devolution and undermining Scotland’s ability to directly shape its future.“UK Government Ministers also now have the power, at a stroke of their pen, to subject Scotland’s NHS to the market access principles the Act introduces.“That is why we will continue to resist the damaging effects of this Act in every way possible, and why we are bringing forward an independence referendum Bill – to keep Scottish powers in the hands of the Scottish people.” BackgroundAFTER BREXIT: The UK Internal Market Act & Devolution is available on the Scottish Government website.Despite the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments refusing their consent to it, the Act became UK law in December, before the end of the Brexit transition period.The Internal Market Act introduces a new Market Access regime, comprising mutual recognition and non-discrimination principles: goods and services that meet rules set in one part of the UK (where they originate or are imported to) are automatically accepted across all other parts of the UK, regardless of the rules there.The Act also introduces new rules for the recognition of professional qualifications in the UK.The Act confers new Financial Assistance Powers on UK Ministers to spend in devolved policy areas, such as economic development, infrastructure, culture, sporting activities, domestic educational and training activities without the oversight of the Scottish Parliament, and reserves state aid, a previously devolved matter.Attached is a case study from the report on the impact of the Act on the Scottish Government’s commitment to action to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic

22 thoughts on “UK Government taking control from the Scottish Parliament, says new report

  1. On the most simple and basic of principles
    That you cannot govern without consent
    And that we the citizens of Scotland neither voted for Brexit or this Tory Westminster crew
    Along with the fact that Holyrood voted
    To refuse consent
    Then we must act as such Internal Market
    Does not exist and completely ignore it
    Not our Problem
    Bat their curved bouncing spinning ball back into their yard
    And let know we SHALL not be governed in such a way
    Tis they that shall blink first
    They are paper Tigers

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    1. Interestingly, the ‘consent’ argument has been used to justify the minimal police intervention in the events in the Square.

      For, the record, I think the ‘policing by consent’ argument has some validity, but I think it had a limited justification in this case. I think that there was a hesitancy because of the possibility of rioting and so a policy of ‘containment’ was adopted.

      However, it is more likely that police go beyond containment to dispersal when the group concerned is about some more radical matter, such as Extinction Rebellion, or anti-war groups, or anti-racism, anti-sexism protests.

      Had I been in charge of the police yesterday, I might well have opted for containment, being concerned about the health and safety of officers and uncertainty about whether Westminster would have provided military support on standby.

      I think the ambivalence of the headlines in many of the Scottish papers is indicative of the dilemma police commanders had to consider. The Daily Record (Ranger) front page, for example, is pretty much a celebration with those in George Square.

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      1. Alasdair
        A well thought out reply
        But at the end of the not if but when Westminster
        Point blank refuse us
        Then the gloves simply have to come off
        If they shall not play the game of democracy
        Then force their hand
        Once more
        It is not possible to govern without consent
        And as such we simply ignore any orders from Westminster and carry on as if in fact we are Independent

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      2. All well and good but would they have treated those attending an independence march with such kid gloves? No way. Given the whole situation with breaking Covid rules/laws. There is no on the street campaigning for the most crucial election in a few weeks time due to Covid but we have thugs marching and taking their bigotry onto the streets with the protection of the police, what the heck.
        As for Westmonster and the military, give it time, they will be delighted to put the army on the streets of Scotland if they can’t secure a win for their so called union in the May election. Also, there are several army bases in Scotland, the BritNat army are always ‘on standby’. Scotland is an occupied country, with WMD’s stored underneath their mountains and nukes patrolling off their peaceful shores, it’s bloody tragic because Scotalnd is forced to pay £billions for that, like it or not.

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        1. Arthetty
          And upon indy,Scotland must join the UN
          Then immediately sign the UN recently passed into UN law The non nuclear prolification pact
          Such firmly makes it illegal for England to store nuclear weapons or their launch systems within the Sovereign Territory of

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  2. This is another “Look what the big bullies are doing to us” lament, much like “Brexit is going to hurt Scotland and we won’t let it happen”. We know all this – how do you plann to deal with it ? Get off your knees and decide uniquivocally to become an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY !!!

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    1. Bushgeoff
      A very wise piece of wisdom to all who
      Will not listen to us
      Beware the wrath of patient decent honest people
      Tis worse than that of a spurned woman

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    2. Well said, bushgeoff. I’m totally pissed off by the way the gutless SNP lets liar Johnson and his britnat cronies walk all over us.

      When is the SNP leadership going to fight for Scotland and its people? Currently the SNP seems desperate to remain part of the british establishment. Sickening.

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  3. This year is the last chance saloon for Scotland.
    There is no halfway house any longer which has allowed those too feart of independence to vote for continuing Westminster rule but with a modicum of self government.
    The Tories are going to take everything away from Holyrood that might stymie their march to a “free” market and the subsequent end of public services.
    If Scots want public services and control over them,there is only one way to achieve that now.

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  4. The Tories’ ‘taking back control’ wasn’t really about Brexit, it was about removing the SNP and taking control of Scotland’s parliament.
    The BritNats have carte blanche now to do what they like and they are not going to allow Scotland to slip through their dirty slimey theiving hands now, no way.
    I read recently that the EU have introduced a ban on countries exporting their rubbish, (recycling!) effective as of January 2021. The UK and the US are the biggest exporters of rubbish and it either ends up in landfill in poor countries, or is burned in poor countries. That’s the BritNats’ ‘taking back control’ thing again.
    Scotland needs to ‘take back control’ or be ruined and kept chained to their destructive, stealing, controlling, lying,scheming,dangerous neighbour for a very very long time to come.
    If the SNP should adopted the ‘taking back control’, people would call them fascist!

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  5. Another example of what is pretty much the standard Scottish Government response to any Westminster action. Complain. Say it’s wrong. Demand that the action is reversed. Do nothing. Move on to another topic after about 3 days. How long will it take before Holyrood is not really responsible for anything except awarding pay rises to MSPs.

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  6. I understand why after a year of covid restrictions and winning the league for the first time in a decade these fans overreacted as they have.
    I also think about the rangers supporters who adhere to covid restrictions and will be annoyed at this behaviour by a minority
    I also think about Scottish government not wanting to make this a them and us issue because a fair few folk already say rangers supporters support the union with their union jacks and red white and blue colours even though its known that many rangers supporters support scottish independence.
    Every day in London you will see bigger gatherings on trains , in rail stations in airports .
    This celebration will blow over
    We need to give them some slack
    Police Scotland did the right thing

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    1. Wrong wrong wrong.There will be a spike in 2 weeks of covid cases .they broke all the rules and should be fined. This has opened the doors to everyone to break the rules.lockdown forever!

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        1. Terence
          But you can ram the consequences of their
          Foolhardy actions right ben their wide open mouths
          No doubt their will be a spike and by geneome
          Tests any spike in cases can firmly be placed upon their doorstep
          If this happened in China Rangers F.C.
          Would be sent back to the bottom from whence they came
          Flying a Union Flag is not a licence to do as you please
          Try doing so in Baghdad, Helmand,Damascus
          And many other places
          Such would be a suicidal act

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  7. I understand this response BUT it wont be 3 days
    It will be MAY , may 2021
    A good response that i hope you like

    “Another example of what is pretty much the standard Scottish Government response to any Westminster action. Complain. Say it’s wrong. Demand that the action is reversed. Do nothing. Move on to another topic after about 3 days”


  8. People could die because of Rangers ‘celebration’. Putting a strain on the SNHS. When the infections and deaths are coming down. Selfish and ignorant behaviour. Go to an empty field. Or the pitch. The management should gave out a stop to it. Told them to go home. Instead of encouraging it. Why were they not fined like other folk.

    Vote them out.

    DUP suing Westminster

    EU suing Westminster. Tied up in Court for three years.

    The Scottish Gov could sue Westminster.

    The Tories will be voted out.


  9. Scotland was going to have a bottling recycling scheme.

    Single use plastic is supposed to be banned in Scotland. @ YouTube recycling documentary.

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  10. Holyrood is bringing forward an Independence Bill. People need to vote for it. 7 May. A show of force. Democracy cannot be undone.

    The Tories have broken the EU trade agreement signed in December. The EU is suing them it will stagnate for three years. The Tories have no trade deal. Just a complete muck up. They will be kept busy by Court action on all fronts. Scotland could be gone by then. People have to vote for it, SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get another to vote, as well. The franchise has been extended.

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  11. I understand where AngryWeegie and Marydoll are coming from – it annoys the hell out of me too. In fact, way back when our PPE was…redirected, I remember thinking Jeanne Freeman wrote a letter to ukgov? She WROTE A LETTER??!!

    But we got the PPE and it didn’t seem to happen again. And, even though it was removed, there are screenshots of the fact that OUR SHARE was going elsewhere.

    I’ve lived with liars – especially ones who don’t always, technically, lie. You have to bring everything into the light, preferably on record, as you go along. It prevents… let’s be kind and call them misunderstandings. It also prevents gaslighting.

    In Scotland’s case, it also builds evidence of our situation in the international community. And we’re going to need international support to get a fair deal. Because I doubt honourable, fair-playing England will give us one without it, (And, as my username suggests, I used to be English. So, come to think of it, were the not-actually-liars…)


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