Scottish Greens doing what they should be doing

Patrick Harvie's Greens set to lose role in setting Holyrood agenda |  Scotland | The Sunday Times
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From Patrick Harvie today:

Pandemic relief payments worth £130 for 500,000 households and £330 for the families most in need, free school lunches for all primary school children, free bus travel for everyone under 22, a pay rise for the public sector workers who have got us through the last 12 months and £40 million worth of funding to promote walking, cycling and green projects.

This morning my colleagues and I were delighted to agree to a Scottish budget that included all of these great Green wins and more. It is a very positive budget that will start to sow the seeds of a green recovery. These changes will be felt by millions of people across Scotland, and will have a positive impact for years to come. 

None of these important changes would have been possible without Scottish Green MSPs working constructively and pushing the Scottish Government to implement them. We have done this with only 5 MSPs. Imagine how much more we could do for Scotland, our planet and our children if more people vote Green in May.

This is great. Well done, I say. Though an SNP member, I’m a bit to the left on matters of income equality, so I genuinely welcome this achievement by the Greens.

Let see more of the above and less of this:

or this:

Patrick Harvie's Greens set to lose role in setting Holyrood agenda |  Scotland | The Sunday Times

14 thoughts on “Scottish Greens doing what they should be doing

  1. It would be most wise that The SNP enter into a electoral pact with the greens
    Informing each committed voter for Indy
    And to maxium advantage as where to tactically place their 2nd vote to maximise
    Damage to the Tories,Labour and the fast going off the Radar Liberals and only in seats
    Neither the SNP or Greens can possibly win

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  2. Yes, as someone who considers himself on the ‘left’, but who holds ‘green’ views, and – disclosure!! – lives close to Mr Harvie and had had cordial conversations with him on the occasions we have met and chewed the fat, I think this is a significant deal made between the parties to agree the budget.

    Given the unionist mendacity hinted at by Andrew Marr and Sarah Smith that any referendum act passed by a Scottish Parliament, in which the SNP does not have an absolute majority, would be invalid, even if, as happened in this Parliament such an act was passed by an absolute majority comprising SNP and Green MSPs and, if even with an absolute majority of SNP MSPs the popular vote was not 50%.

    Maybe there is a case for both the SNP and Greens to put in their manifestos identical wording with regard to a referendum and independence.

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    1. “Maybe there is a case for both the SNP and Greens to put in their manifestos identical wording with regard to a referendum and independence.”

      Sounds like a good plan. This would also, perhaps attract voters who wouldn’t want to vote SNP – esp in the list votes – and make it plain(er) that it isn’t only the SNP wanting independence.

      Would there be a danger of it splitting the YES vote and taking votes from SNP seats, though?

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    2. From recent history, I think it’s unlikely that the SNP would enter into an extensive, formal electoral pact – whatever that might mean in practice – with any other party prior to the election.

      However, we know the ‘games’ Unionists in Scotland, Westminster and the media will seek to play with the election results data.

      So I agree with Alasdair Macdonald. To future-proof the position, it would be very sensible to have clear agreement between parties on a form of words. And it would be very sensible if that agreed form of words in each manifesto is given the same prominence, the same ranking, in terms of party priority – namely first!

      The party leaders and their manifesto drafters must be able to foresee how opponents will explore the election results for any chink of apparent weakness: Alastair’s proposed approach would make the legitimacy of summing support for Indy across different parties AFTER the election watertight.

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      1. I wonder if they could also give an identical chart of where it’d be more effective to go SNP 1&2 and (because I gather there are some areas where that would waste a YES vote and let a Yoon in) where Green would bring a better result?

        I agree with what stewartb says, especially about legitimising Indy support. It would also knock the “SNP want a One Party State” (from the One Party State across the no-border) on the head. And there are some people who won’t vote SNP under any circumstances, but might be persuaded to vote Green on the list, at least. Also, maybe some Green voters who can see their influence would be greater with an SNP government and might vote SNP/SNP.

        I’d like to know myself. I want a clear mandate, and certainly don’t want to risk Union Party candidates getting in!

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  3. The Brit Nit parties assert only each of them can “defeat” the SNP.
    DRossy, Starwars and Wee Wullie.

    Three stooges dancing on the head of a plook.

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  4. These agreed measures are fantastic
    Just think what the Scottish government can do once Scotland is independent and has control of all its money
    This nonsensical situation we have where England takes all our money gives us some back
    tells us what we can spend money on
    doesnt tell us what it spends the money on that it keeps
    and then works against our plans with counterintuitive spends such as this so called levelling up idea
    Is absolutely crazy

    What kind of people in scotland actually agree to this control by england
    Who are they

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  5. Opposed the Queensferry crossing, opposed the AWPR. For years. Leaving cars spewing out fumes. Mass congestion. Instead of shorter, better, safer, economical journeys. Delays and Inquires taking more time and putting up the costs.

    Opposed sporting Developments, bringing visitors into Scotland, Opposed expansion of the airport. International flights. Anywhere but Heathrow. The trams debacle. The cycle paths no one uses. Wasted £Billions that could be better spent, Then complain there is no funding for essential services.

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