Three days free advertising for a stagnating minority party

Hanging on for a third day on the BBC Scotland website, the laughable Lib Dem claims, and in second place on Scotland Politics:

Have they had a surge in the opinion polls to justify this attention?

Well Survation had them at 9% on 13th of January and 7% on the 25th February. Panelbase had them at 6% on the 22nd January and 7% on the 5th of March. In between, Savanta and Ipsos MORI both had them at 5%.

What did that former Lib Dem leader say?

Go home and prepare for government?

Stop it, my sides hurt.

17 thoughts on “Three days free advertising for a stagnating minority party

  1. All part of the plot to promote tactical voting
    For Holyrood
    Anything that minimises a Indy Ref.majority
    Will do
    After all their ammo pouch is rather empty


  2. Despite having a consistent presence at Holyrood since its inception in 1998 and having been the fourth party in terms of MSPs since 2016, the Green Party does not get the regular coverage in the media that the LibDems do.

    More often than not, panels on radio and TV programmes in Scotland comprise SNP, Tory, Labour and LibDems with no Green Party representative. Scenes from Holyrood coverage always have Wuggie saying his piece after the Tories and Labour have said their pieces, but, occasionally, Partrick Harvie will feature.

    During the 2014 referendum, radio and TV coverage was always 1-3 pro-independence to unionist, despite the fact that there was no substantial difference amongst the arguments being advanced by the three unionist parties.

    The BBC defended this as ‘balance’. When asked why the Greens were not included, the BBC said that taken across the UK as a whole, the Greens had fewer MPs than Plaid Cymru, DUP, SF and so did not merit a place.This criterion, strangely, did not preclude the presence of UKIP on such panels, on occasion.

    Because of their local strength in the Northern Isles and in Fife, the LibDems are likely to retain c4/5 MSPs, hence the publicity by the British Nationalist media.

    Expect George Galloway to get regular TV appearances in the run-up to May.

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  3. The LibDems the Tory enablers. Lied to get into Gov with the Tories. Responsible for Brexit, austerity. and the badly managed pandemic. People have died. Clegg now making £Millions as Facebook rep in Europe. Tax evading £Billions while people are in poverty. LibDem ‘Lords’ in HoC wasting £Billions of taxpayers monies that could be better spent. Paid for their duplicity and lies. Held Scotland back by corrupt ignorance and lies. Supporting child molesters.

    The racist Tory monarchy. Illegally Tax evading, interfering in Gov wasting public monies which could be better spent. The Head of StateGov wasting public monies, tax evading. Breaking the Law with impunity. The corrupt British state.


    1. Ken
      Some breaking news for you
      No.10 have announced the creation of a vital
      New Ministry
      Applications have been narrowed down to 200 current Tory MP,s as they are all considered has having excellent qualities to ensure that the new Ministry shall be able to
      Achieve its prime objectives at the earliest oppurtunity
      And what you may ask is this new Ministry
      Which shall have one of the top seats in the Cabinet along with a unlimited budget of freshly printed monies
      Well then it is
      The Ministry for Tin Pots
      All in order to place the Worlds best Tin Pot
      Upon the head at the coronation of our glorious new Dictator


  4. Don’t be too harsh on the BBC, they are simply complying with their legal obligation to promote social cohesion in Britain. Which means they need to manufacture narratives that support conservative, nostalgic, notions of reality, which undermine emancipatory AGENCY. Though it’s a bit rich that you need to pay to be misinformed by their guff.

    Narrative identity, subject formation, and the transfiguration of subjects


  5. When lib dems say go home and prepare for government they dont mean them as a party they mean as a coalition but even then labour and tory alone are short so they obviously mean prepare for government as a threesome all in it together the britnats become one party
    The libdemlabourconservative party

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    1. They could call themselves the Union Party. Short and accurate?

      They *might* get more MSPs, OTOH they might get fewer votes if they admitted they were all the same…

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    2. When Jo Grimond was the Uk Liberal leader in the 1950s and 60s, he was a strong advocate of ‘home rule’ and would not have been unaverse to independence.


  6. The Wee Wullie cult of non-personality. or…….

    The Harry Potter fantasy party:–LOOK, look at ME

    Jo Swinson —Prime Minister and bombast queen.
    Wee Wullie-waggler–hold the balance of power, get changed in a phone box with his y-fronts outside his trousers.

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