Sarah Smith Drooling and clapping but it won’t last

22 poles in a row? Slalom?

After suggesting that Sturgeon and Salmond were ‘well-mashed’, Sarah Smith, on Marr this morning, could not hide a wee show of pleasure as she went on to talk about the three polls now showing an apparent small fall in support for independence.

UPDATE: James Kelly reveals poll to be non-standard:

As well as the facial expression lifting, there was a wee handclap just on the edge of the screen. Sarah has previously given us ‘reveals’ in her choice of language and of course, her love of the Union which has given her so much, un-earned pay, is taken for granted.

Her happiness is understandable, but we need not despair. To use a footballing metaphor, they’ve given us their best but it’s still no-score at half-time.

We’ve known since 2014, from Lord Ashcroft’s poll for the NO campaign, that around a third, perhaps increasing now to over 40% are committed to independence and will not be moved. Another third perhaps reducing with the passing of time to no more than 30% will go to their graves saying NO. In between are the floating middle third or so, who quite like the idea of independence but are nervous about, in particular, economic issues and perhaps swayed by impressions of the competence and unity of SNP leaders.

For a year now, other factors such as the pandemic performance by the FM, Brexit and the Boris factor are thought to have been strong enough to have overwhelmed the other concerns.

In the last two weeks, we’ve had wall-to-wall coverage, media carpet bombing, using the Salmond/Sturgeon story of love turned to hate, a simple form so loved by tabloids. It’s been a gift they cannot expect to see again and at best, we’re neck-and-neck again. The floating middle third have floated a wee bit to NO but they’re floating remember? They can be blown back to YES.

Look at what is coming.

Mass SNP membership, recently boosted by more than 10 000. The Tories have money to advertise but no message or talent to deliver it and, critically, no foot-soldiers. Their leaflets will come through the door buried among the adverts from estate agents and pizza-sellers, with the post.

Better weather, an emergence from lock-down, kids in schools, shopping and the return to work for more and more of us, in the weeks before May 6th or at least promised before then.

While BBC Scotland will not want to let the Salmond/Sturgeon show go off-air, the election will force them into trying to save the three Unionist parties and their unconvincing manifestos. You could write the headlines and jokes now.

16 thoughts on “Sarah Smith Drooling and clapping but it won’t last

  1. All this reminds me of the constant barrage against Corbyn
    So much so the right wing thought they had batted him into hell
    So confident were they that T.May called a surprise election forgetting that Jeremy would be given equal and fair air time to give his views under electoral rules
    Result T.May had to go and bribe the DUP to save the wheels falling of the bandwagon
    So this time let us all not only take the wry smile of Smiths,s face.but double whammy slap both her cheeks
    All with simple crosses placed correctly upon the ballot box for Holyrood in May
    Then the little devil Sarah shall have to pull her devil horns in,tuck her tail back inside her skirt and put the blue contact lenses back in to subdue the devil red of her eyes
    The fat lady still singing
    The roulette wheel still spinning
    My dear little devil girl Sarah
    No More Bets Please
    Words you well advised to heed
    Ah but you act upon the orders of The Devil
    Only thinking of the reward thou has been promised
    And such always is the thickest of fog that clouds proper assessment and judgement
    It would appear my dear Sarah that no doubt You
    Imbued by a good education and a modicum
    Of intelligence
    But actually you completely lack that most vital of attributes called

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  2. If only British nationalism wasn’t a thing, as it essential articulates the ethos and tradition of Tory ideology. Which is only a hop, skip, and a jumpy away from full-fat fascism. It is also more than a bit of a shame that the state expends so much energy on sustaining a culture of learned helplessness that afflicts many Scots. So it is indeed fortunate that political change is driven by the floating middle third of voters, who tend to base their politics in practical reason and self-interest.


    1. Cameron
      And as for the floating voter who in main consider themselves middle class i define them as follows
      They embark adult life climbing upon the tree of success merely to settle a little way up
      Upon the bough of mediocrity and indifference
      And it takes something momentous to shake the branch that they are now settled upon
      Therefore it is the job of those below awaiting their climb to begin,along with those above to tell them that the status quo will never allow them any further progress


        1. Cameron
          Your point not only understood,particularly with the herd theory,but taken into account
          We humans always like to BELONG and follow what is conceived as the largest herd
          I.E. safety in numbers
          And that is what is currently driving the current efforts of the MSM. by trying to make
          NO the largest herd for the undecided to flock too
          But i say
          Tis is not better to live as a Tiger even for only
          1 day
          Than as a Sheep for the whole of your life


  3. The BBC’s pushing of the new polling result is evident in the ‘oddest’ of places. The early Sunday morning newspaper review on Radio 4 will hardly ever – possibly never (?) – make mention of a Scottish newspaper headline. But this morning the Scotland on Sunday’s poll was profiled – of course with no caveats as to its limitations.

    Perhaps the BBC is seeking to reassure its Radio 4 audience that the North British possession is still securely held. If so, it’s not only its audience in Scotland that is mis-informed by the public service broadcaster.

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  4. Speaking with friends in England yesterday via Skype,they were of the opinion that toppling a high profile figure like Nicola would be a huge set back to the independence movement.
    It would have probably have had some impact but the real deal changer was Brexit.
    Not so much Brexit in itself,hugely damaging to Scotland though it is,but the fact that Westminster has shown within their Union,Scotland has no voice and no say.
    Their justification for this is that the UK as a whole democratically voted for Brexit and they are simply honouring that mandate.
    The UK is not a unitary state but more akin to a miniture Soviet Union where the term Russia was frequently conflated with the Soviet Union and satellite countries had to submit to whatever the politburo in Moscow instructed them.
    In this situation,state controlled media is essential to hold the crumbling edifice together but in our case,not for much longer.
    The majority of Scots now see this reality and only fear of standing on our own two feet prevents many from taking the plunge.
    Will the HoL be big enough to hold all those Scots who served the “Union” after independence?
    Perhaps,more importantly,will English tax payers be prepared to pay them the £300 per day plus expenses once their usefulness is over?

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    1. You may find this hard to believe bringiton, but all of the Soviet republics had the right to secede from the union.

      Not that the right would’ve been likely to be exercised under the old guard, but it was part of their constitution. Certainly explains why, when the end came, the Soviet Union broke up with relatively little fuss.


  5. Time will tell. If these latest opinion polls do reflect a drop in support for Yes they must therefore show that many Scots are stupid or thick. Independence has zero to do with personality of people as we would be independent (hopefully) long after Alex and Nicola are dead. Yes personality effects a parliamentary election but not indy.

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  6. Complains increasing 100% over Sarah Smith news reports. Cannot be ignored. Further increases and she could be looking for another job. Many biased reporters have already been given their jotters.

    Evidence that even more people are aware of the duplicitous lying BBC reports. Losing even more viewers.


  7. Ms smith is a dyed in the wool internationalist ……she follows her father‚Äôs footsteps without his integrity… time for us Scots to do the hard miles to keep our gains and grow Scotland‚Äôs cause further


    1. Don’t you mean Smith is a dyed in the wool British Nationalist. BritNats tend to be quite insular, narrow and well, more ethnic nationalist. Smith is no ‘internationalist’.


  8. But the BIG question is
    Why do the NO side not have any footsoldiers ?
    Where are they and why dont they come out to play ?
    Is it because
    Theyre old
    Theyre well off
    Theyre english
    Theyre Scottish and cant explain why they hate their own country

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    1. It’s because they don’t need to have FS’s, they have money big money and 100% of media backing, doing their dirty work for them…so yes, it’s because they are ‘well off’, ie have a bottomless pot of cash to spend on shafting Scotland, the BBC being their main vehicle for that. It could hardly be less democratic, and it’s actually very scary given we are weeks away from a crucial election, terrifying what the rich powerful can and will do.


  9. I wonder who they asked in their polls. The ScotGov recently put the word out that foreign nationals ‘resident in Scotland’; can vote in the election in May. I bet many do not know that. It needs to on social media and ads elsewhere. The SNP need to make this campaign about reminding people of Labours’ legacy in government in Holyrood, the fact they sent ¬£billions back to Westminster, left Scotland’s councils in ¬£billions of debt with their PFI scams, some of them were then awarded seats in HOL’s, paid ¬£300+ a day for that. Remind people how few houses were built under Labour rule, how they part privatised Scottish water, and started to run down health care, ie the SNHS, to sell off land and privatise it. Their legacy in Glasgow and what exactly did Labour do with Scotland’s money in their TEN year tenure? Not to mention that the ‘budget’ (tiny pathetic crumbs sent back to Scotland after the EngGov have removed Scotland’s massive resources and revenues) was higher when Labour were at the helm, what did they do with the money serious question…because they did nothing, not one thing that was positive for Scotland or the people of Scotland at all. If anyone can think of anything let me know!

    People have short memories and the EngGov are relying on that, they will not allow an SNP majority at Holyrood, they no doubt have further rabbits in the hat to pull out, conjuring some dirty tricks to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of people.

    No idea how Smith sleeps at night she constantly talks down her own country with glee, and she revels in the BritNats’ attack on Scotland’s democracy, a troughing lying rogue if ever there was. Nasty.

    I had a thought, can we maybe contact the UN to ask them to intervene in the BritNats’ EngGov totally denying Scotland their own broadcasting powers…I know, daft idea.


  10. Smith sleeps at night because she is paid well by the BBC and because her dad trained her to hate Scotland and love Westminster.
    Shes not smart once her side is shown to be a MINORITY in the may elections she wont be so loudmouthed.
    Or will she ? If she is i will love it because she will look such a fool.
    Nothing better than a self made fool in politics.


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