6 breaches of the ministerial code or similar offences but not out!

Scotland’s favourite English newspaper and the 23rd best linesman in Scotland were in little doubt as to who should get a red card but they seem to have missed the repeated fouls by this podgy midfielder:

He has quite a record:

And he’s still at it:

Where is Douglas?

11 thoughts on “6 breaches of the ministerial code or similar offences but not out!

  1. To be fair to DRoss, he’s not the 23rd best linesman in Scotland – he is rated the best.

    Now that doesn’t say much for the rest, same as the fact he is leader of the “Scottish” Conservative and Unionist Party, doesn’t say much for the quality of its membership.

    As to not criticising Baw Jaws and his crooks – as an SFA match official, on the FIFA list, DRoss is contractually-obliged to favour “The Queen’s XI” and stick-up for the Establishment.

    He is a Useful Fool. Let’s not be too-hard on the poor boy. He is looking after Number One.

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  2. DR Claimed £146,000 a year in expenses. Plus the rest. The Tory slush fund.

    Austerity for everyone else. 1% for the NHS. The BHS needs £10Billion. The Tories have offered £4Billion. The Tories cut the NHS £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. An average of £4Billion a year. People are prematurely dying because of Tory policies. Ross should resign.

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  3. Some further thoughts on this issue.

    Recall, a recent High Court judgement found that Health Secretary Matt Hancock had acted unlawfully when his department failed to publish award notices for contracts it had agreed during the Covid pandemic within 30 days of them being signed.

    The Good Law Project’s article (referred to in the blog) comments on latest developments and how they relates to the PM misleading Parliament.: ‘.. at the same time as Johnson was falsely reassuring MPs, Government lawyers were preparing a statement contradicting him – revealing 100 contracts and dozens of Contract Award Notices were missing from the public record.’

    The article goes on: ‘Over the course of our judicial review, Government made no less than four attempts to provide an accurate witness statement setting out the number of contracts and Contract Award Notices (CANs) that had been published late – and they kept getting it wrong. As late as the hearing itself, they said they had published 28% of Contract Award Notices within the 30 day legal limit.

    ‘But when asked by the Judge to follow up with evidence of the figures so he could make his final Order, it transpired that Government had actually only published 3% of CANs in the legal timeframe.’

    The Good Law Project’s article concludes with this damning comment: ‘Government has not only misled Parliament and placed inaccurate information before the Court, it has misled the country.’

    However, whilst both the Good Law Project , and also the BBC News website on 5 March, report that the PM on 22 February misled Parliament, neither source makes any mention of formal consequences: in particular, there is no mention whatsoever of the need now for an investigation into a possible breach of the ministerial code. The contrast with events in Scotland is stark.

    The issue has been covered on the BBC News website but how much if any profile has it had on the BBC’s main communication channels for news and current affairs – Radio 4 and BBC 1 primetime programmes?

    And for some perspective on costs to the public purse, the BBC News online article reminds readers of the details of one of the government’s contracts, one involving £34m spend on masks: “As officials attempt to the clear the backlog of unpublished contracts, more evidence is emerging of personal protective equipment (PPE) bought at vast expense that cannot be used as intended.”

    Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56281934

    (For completeness, the High Court judge ordered the government to pay £85,000 towards the Good Law Project’s legal costs.)

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  4. But of course, as DRossy is aware, these “rules” are not applicable to the Oligarchy, who rule with what Lord Baron Ffoulkesakes calls the “primacy” of the Commons ( a man who signed the Claim of Right–presumably without reading it).

    “Jokers to the left of us,
    Useful Idiots to the right,
    With that vacant, glaikit look,
    they are useless in a fight”.

    “Doctor, A’ canny seem tae get up aff ma knees”.

    “Sorry, Mr DRoss, but ye hiv terminal sycophancy.
    There is nae cure. Best tae go and curl up in a corner.
    Yer Mither should hae thumped the creepy-crawlin’ oot ye when ye wur wee”!
    “Its too late noo”!

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  5. Given the criminal negligence of the UK’s initial response to covid-19, the no-bid contracts awarded to Tory party allies, and the lack of constitutional need for Brexit, and Westminster’s lack of attention to the constitutional doctrines of proportionality and balancing, any constitutional expert worth their salt could tell you Scotland is getting pumped by English Torydum. Though Scotland appears to lack constitutional experts worth their salt.

    The Power of Comparative Constitutional Law Reasoning in European Criminal Law Procedure

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  6. Looks like Johnson is making a career out of breaking the ‘ministerial code’. Water off a ducks back to the corrupt trougher BritNats at Westminster. Shame the far right wing media controls the UK now, it’s a dystopian nightmare that Scotland can escape but it’s definitely last chance saloon time. Anyone ever seen that old series, called ‘The Prisoner’?

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  7. O/T Just learned that a large group of Rangers supporters gathered earlier today outside Ibrox in breach of Covid restrictions.

    I actually heard about it first while listening to BBC Radio Scotland’s football programme c. 4pm when the anchor said in terms: ‘Their (the supporters’) excitement is understandable but we all have responsibilities I guess’.

    The “I guess’ bit was presumably a conversational approximation of something (see an earlier post today)! Does the BBC view this as a group of innocent children who have been overcome by excitement? Or are we all entitled to the apparent BBC Scotland ‘understanding’ when due to excitement we break rules – or is it law?

    And what happens when the club finally wins the league title – potentially tomorrow? Even more ‘excitement’ leading to more rule – or is it law – breaking that is ‘understandable’? Will understanding be offered by the public service broadcaster’s staff because after all the excitement level will be really, really high then?

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  8. In their defence all have been open about being Tories. They have been open about what they stand for. They are not the problem since they have hidden nothing. They have behaved as you would expect them to behave.

    It is the fact that people still vote for them that is the problem 😄😎


  9. The DUP are suing the Tories. Foster is suing Johnston. There are problem getting required goods into NI supermarkets. The US supports the Good Friday Agreement. The EU supports the IR an EU member. Unity for Ireland is becoming a realistic proposal.

    The EU are suing Westminster. It will take three years. Johnston has broken the Agreement signed in December. That did not take long.

    The Brexit shambles and mess is taking off. Transport costs and tariffs are going up. Both for import and exports. Affecting the balance of payments. A lower trade balance. Prices and unemployment are going up.

    The perfect Tory storm. 1% for the NHS, more austerity and Brexit chaos. It will not go down well with the electorate or the voters. Voted out in Scotland.


  10. The fact that some folk are prepared to vote for the Tories, is certainly something a serious social problem. Those of a right wing persuasion are simply bio-neurologically predisposed to be ridged thinkers, who deal poorly with complexity and change. They also tend to be hostile towards science and the cultural Other, and more than a tad authoritarian in disposition. So the Tory mind tends not to support the principle of equality in law, which sustains their lack of true empathy, and sense of innate supremacy. Fortunately, Tories are something of an endangered ‘species’ in Scotland. 🙂

    Cognitive underpinnings of nationalistic ideology in the context of Brexit


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