I suppose they have recently surged from 5% to 7%

From BBC Scotland with absolutely no mention of the harsh reality of their polling results:

The Liberal Democrats can stop the SNP winning an overall majority at the forthcoming Holyrood election, the party’s Scottish leader has predicted. Willie Rennie will use his speech to the party’s virtual conference to say the Lib Dems can win seats in every region of the country on 6 May. He will say these gains would help avoid having “a government that can do whatever it wants, however damaging”.

Surely, reporting on the claims of a political leader, the most junior of reporters would wonder how their party is faring in the polls?

Just nowhere really and going nowhere after that, with only weeks to go.

Peaking at 12% in September 2019 and with their only ever run of three polls in double figures, after the Shetland by-election, but averaging just over 6% this year, he has some work to do.

This is cloud cuckoo stuff and the reader/viewer has a right to know.

11 thoughts on “I suppose they have recently surged from 5% to 7%

  1. This informercial is brought to you by the same people who predicted Jo Swinson will be the next UK PM. Great predictive track record then!

    P.S. wonderful to see Amy back participating in HoC business even if still from home

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    1. Terrence
      You ask as to where the Libs reside
      It is with certainty that i inform you
      That they are from another planet which i do believe can be referred to as
      Cloud Cuckoo Land


  2. The LibDems blocked the AWPR for years. The NE waited 40 years for it. The oil capital of Europe without a by pass road. Sir Malcolm Bruce sat on his hands along with the rest of them, while £Billions of Oil revenues went south. Purvis, Stephens etc now all Lords. Corruption all around. Packing out the non elected HoC. Along with Steel. If still around. Steal a castle. The kid abuser derrièr. An absolute disgrace.

    The LibDems tried to stop development all over Scotland, Moved wind turbines sites away from near their parents abode. Moved a road at great expense. Inquires put up the cost, They could not even manage to run a proper bus service. The road congestion was unbearable and they told people to take a non existent bus, Declared in the Press to be clowns and neeps. Called out all over the internet.

    The only thing they managed was extending the sleeper train so they could use it. To go down to London and back again. On manipulated expenses.

    An elected LibDem became an Independent. To keep the corrupt ACC in power. Along with a convicted molester and a two job Tory. They have wasted £1.2Billion, £300,000 project with empty shops and offices, Ruined the City centre. Instead of pedestrianisation.

    Wasted £Millions of taxpayers monies. Instead of supporting essential services. Putting up the council tax. The illegal Council 9 Labour suspended members, in an illegal Alliance ruining the City, Anas now supports them. The Tory sympathiser. The only time the City was well run and the books were balanced was when there was an SNP/LibDem Alliance. No longer the LibDem reneged to ruin the City. An elected LibDem reneged and joined the illegal Alliance for remuneration and expenses payments,

    The LibDems facilitated Brexit. Ruining the UK economy. Backed up the Tory austerity. Told lies to get elected. The.reneged on every promise that was made. Clegg/Cameron elected to support students abc education. Cut funding £6Billion a year, Cut NHS £20Billion. Cut Welfare £16Billion. From 2015 to 2020. Reneged on all the promises made to get elected.

    The VOW even more lies. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts, Clegg now making £Millions working for Facebook. Rep in Europe advising on tax evasion. Ruining the world. A corrupt opportunist destroying the world economy and keeping people in poverty. Illegally selling arms to Saudi Arabia. The most repressive State on earth.

    Scotland has lost out on £Billions because of the LibDems supporting Cameron and the Tories. Illegally taking Scottish revenues and wasting funds. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act for years. Brexit and the pandemic mishandled because of Libdem support. Brexit would never have happened without LibDem support. An AV Ref no one wanted or was interested in. To ruin the UK economy. Brexit mess and shambles now taking affect. Ruining trade, putting up prices and causing unemployment.

    Why are football fans being allowed to unlawfully congregate. They should be moved on. Everyone else is moved on and fined. They will be spreading the virus. More cases for the SNHS to deal with. Instead of numbers falling further. More expense. It is the height of ignorance. Trademen and others are getting fined for working, illegally gathering should be disperse. The management held responsible and fined.


  3. Take Highlands and Islands which includes Orkney and Shetland constituencies. They will likely retain Orkney and Shetland so the divisor on the list will be 3. Even a significant vote rise for the LibDems in the list vote will gain them zero list MSPs.

    If they loose Orkney or Shetland the divisor will change to 2 and they may pick up a list MSP net gain – ZERO.

    If the LibDem voters use tactical on the list to vote Tory then the Tories who are already on 3 list MSPs for the region so unlikely to gain a 4th. However if the LibDem loose Shetland then this tactical voting will reduce their MSP numbers by 1.

    Willie hasn’t bothered to study the actual battlefield territory. This sums up Oor Willie.


    1. Julia
      Oor willie

      Is too busy sat upon his bucket scratching his head
      Please do not credit him with actually known
      What a battlefield is far less what it looks like
      Which all begs the question
      Who deserves who
      The liberal supporters do they deserve Willie
      Willie deserve the supporters
      Now there is a enigma within a puzzle inside a conundrum


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