Teachers say Scottish education is ‘a triumph!’

Blur faces or objects in your video by Kenmcgonigal
HandeHoche: Jurgen Klapper, Principal Teacher of Languages at Glentoshan Academy, Glentoshan, West Ayrshire: Face blurred to protect anonymity

First posted on Reddit by HandeHoche (not real name):

The SNP introduced the “CfE” exams in 2015, and – as someone who’s studied papers going back to 1997 – they’re undeniably the best in terms of layout, wording, reasonable difficulty levels, accuracy of results to ability, and marking structures.

Of my five classes I’m currently sitting, two have class sizes of <15, and the others are around 20-25. Remember when that was a big issue?

My teachers are extremely supportive and I’m honestly stunned by how dedicated they are, even giving their lunch time to talk small groups or even individual students through concepts they don’t fully grasp.

My school has never had funding issues, with every student getting multiple free textbooks home and high quality facilities for practical subjects such as PE, drama, music, woodwork/engineering, and home economics.

Schools are well taken care of, and the COVID response from Heads have been clear and professional.

Mental health of students is not ignored and there are multiple support systems in place which we are encouraged to use.

When my particular school had a big health scare a few years ago, it was brought up in Hollyrood, the school grounds were thoroughly tested without impacting teaching, and students, teachers and parents were kept very well informed. The results came back in a book-sized pdf that explained how the school was safe and the small ways it wasn’t up to standard were quickly fixed.

So I ask, what the hell are they complaining about?

5 thoughts on “Teachers say Scottish education is ‘a triumph!’

  1. Scotland has one of the best educational system in the world, 50% educated. More Universities (pro rata) in the world. 15 uni population 5.4Million. Colleges and increased apprenticeships. Skilled people can make a good living.

    Lifelong learning, 25% matures students, Additional needs support. Additional packages. Student loans and lower fees support. Grants for those who need it. Higher paid more qualified teachers, increased nursery funding and provision in Scotland.

    Westminster cut Education funding. £6Billion a year. From 2015 to 2020. Elected to support it. (Clegg) cut funding. Now a £millionaire facebook exec. Lying for Facebook tax evasion.

    A higher burden of loans for students from elsewhere. The Scottish Gov has to mitigate the cuts. Increase funding. An investment in education to benefit the economy. To benefit everyone one.

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  2. I look forward to seeing this headlined by the BBC. Oops, forgot I no longer have a tv licence so cannot watch live broadcasts or anything bbc. What a relief.

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  3. The Royal Coservetoire of Scotland is one of the top 3 performing arts schools in the World according to the QS University rankings.

    Amazingly the Herald reported this today but rather spoiled the moment by referring to it as ‘the third best’

    Also story in the Herald today about an Andrew Marr radio interview being ‘banned’ because of inaccuracies in the reporting. Thought you might have clocked that one John.


  4. Strange that the BBC Scotland news programmes do not read out things like this. However ‘a Scottish teacher who wishes to remain anonymous’ told Radio Scotland, “ when we find out who this quisling is he’s gonna get malkied. Scottish education is pure bad. That’s why us teachers should be payed merr an huv tae teach less. We want zero hours contracts oan full pey an longer hoalidays. ‘


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