Against all the odds, NHS Scotland saves lives

Being reported widely:

Nine out of 10 deaths from coronavirus have occurred in countries with high obesity levels, according to World Health Organization-backed research that sets out the stark correlation between excessive weight and lives lost to the disease.

The scattergraph above shows how countries, even those with weak health infrastructure and mass poverty, like most in Africa or Bangladesh, have had fewer Covid deaths, due to low levels of obesity.

The original graphic only featured the UK but when you take into account Scotland’s slightly higher obesity level, greater prevalence of limiting long-term conditions including cardiovascular disease and higher rate of smoking, the significantly lower rate of Covid deaths, at 134 per 100K compared to 193 in England, is remarkable and seems likely to be due to a more effective NHS.


7 thoughts on “Against all the odds, NHS Scotland saves lives

  1. SNHS funding was increased in Scotland. It was cut in the rest of the UK. The Tories (ConDems) cut NHS funding from 2015 to 2020. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts.

    The Scottish Gov has handled the pandemic crisis much better than Westminster. That is why the deaths and infection have been far less in Scotland (pro rata). There have been professional clear daily briefing in Scotland. Most people have followed the rules and guidelines. The vaccine roll out was excellent. A magnificent effort. Thanks to everyone. Admirable.

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  2. Obesity is a problem that most be tackled. Or life expectancy will fall. There is so much more Gov can do to limit sugar and fat in foods. Pass legislation. Limit booze and smoking habits. Chronic over eating needs counselling. People filling a hole of sorrow. Need awareness.

    Finland once had one of the worse health records in the world. It now has one of the best. The Gov took positive action. Influence positive diet/consumption outcomes. MUP reduces consumption and alcohol deaths.

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  3. Tackling obesity is such a huge problem
    In main due to fact that sugar is a highly addictive substance a fact food processors are only too well aware of,in fact they are almost forced to out wit their competitors
    By ways of sleekitly adding more and more
    Sugar compounds into their produce
    I remember a comment on a documentary years ago by a highly respected academic toxicologist and his comments went something like this and was the very last comment made in a 4 part series on addiction
    ” Processed Sugar when studied over a long time line prove to be
    1.Highly addictive and almost impossible to
    Reverse the addiction.The Food industry just like the Tobacco industry are all too aware of such and know how to deal with political and social resistance to their products
    2.I have studied for over 30 yrs the effects upon the human body of processed sugars
    And i assure you that not only highly addictive
    But ingested over a long time,they are one of the most toxic substance one could put into a human body, The sugars attack every single organ in the body,all interlinked and eventually fatal
    3.Given what i know and what is said
    The UN through WHO should start making moves on this spreading epidemic world wide of a highly toxic lethal addictive compound
    And end by the Banning of processed sugars
    There are many natural forms of various sugars in unprocessed foods that can so easily
    Replace the lethal ones
    3.The scale of the problem is so huge that very soon across the globe we shall see life expectancy levels begin to drop then accelerate fast,along with the collapse of health care systems as they have to cope with
    All the diseases that arise from processed sugars
    4.The only way to successfully deal with this
    And it is a long term solution because it is already too late for most due to the slow but sure addictive properties of processed sugars
    So you must start from pregnancy and birth
    But once education at nursery commences and all the way through educational life to university
    Free meals for and to all not solely based on cost but on quality and health
    At the end of the day not only is this the only solution to this mass poisoning of humanity
    But by far the most economic
    The whole of the sugar processing industry
    Must be shut down ASAP


    1. It’s a huge worry indeed. The amount of products in the shops, laden with sugar, made with mostly sugar and fat, especially in our local coop is horrendous. The sweets and sugar laden chocolate take up so much shelf space it’s bizarre, Easter of course being a big money making sugar fest. What happened to the EngGov feigning concern a while back, saying they would introduce a sugar tax.
      Sugar is obviously big industry, and making some people very rich somewhere.
      Covid lockdowns won’t be helping.
      Obesity no doubt has multi level causes, it’s a western world problem.
      Scotland has much to do to repair the damage of BritNat rule, where people were
      housed in buildings like chicken coops, and not just in urban areas. Awash with land, yet couped up, disgraceful, and not something which can be fixed overnight with limited fiscal levers to manoeuvre.


      1. Arthetty
        Try going into any shop,petrol station or similar for what you are in there for
        And you will be shocked at the complete lack
        Of Sweets or sugary products
        In my travels Through
        South of France
        Here in UK and Ireland it is a major hangover
        From the Days of Empire,slavery and sugar plantations
        Most sugars in the food industry in Europe and Russia is derived from Beetroot with
        Very little refining or processing
        Whilst in the Far east they do not even know
        What refined cane sugar is far less used for


    1. The fastest route to real prosperity is Quite simple and are in the following order of importance
      1.Healthy diet and lifestyle no matter your social back ground, and start in nursery/ primary school, eventually scaling up to all
      2.A educated citizenship and trained fit for
      Purpose in the ever fast changing World
      3.A decent roof over everyones head
      You can now publicly along with controlled
      Private capitialism investing seriously in improving productivity for the improvement
      And benefit of all in society
      Which is the one true key to economic success
      Everything becomes self fulfilling and runs
      In a positive cycle


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