Sturgeon on the brink of success


The hacks at the Mail know they’re writing mince. They have to be. Otherwise they have serious mental health issues.

There is not a chance in hell of the First Minister being toppled after this but one or two senior civil servants and one chief executive need to be gone pronto.

In the Times, Magnus Linklater, no friend of independence nor of the SNP, could see what had happened and wrote:

Nicola Sturgeon has survived. Perhaps more than that, she will emerge from about six hours of interrogation with her reputation largely intact. There were weaknesses in her evidence, some points where questions were left lingering, and one exchange which could yet damage her, but on the key issues which could have led to her resignation, she fended off the most serious of the accusations against her, not just with confidence but, perhaps more importantly, with passion.

And in the Herald, Dr Nick McKerrell wrote:

Alongside the more balanced reading of the legal advice, it would suggest that it is difficult to say that the Scottish Government blundered recklessly into the defeat of the court action in January 2019. So the charges under the ministerial code would be difficult to stick and this explains the confident rebuttal by Nicola Sturgeon.

Alex Salmond, by force of intellect and will, took us from nowhere to the gates of independence only to be failed by our chicken-hearted. He uniquely stood up against British militarism in 2003 and may have been the victim of a revenge attack by the UK establishment/intelligence community in the form of senior civil servants’ behaviour in pushing the complainants forward. More serious offences by UK politicians have been swept under the carpet but he should still apologise more fully. I’d love to see him return perhaps as Foreign Secretary.

Nicola Sturgeon played no part in the case. She is currently a major asset in the push for independence. She must stay and lead that final push.

Now is the time to save our ammunition for the Unionists and only for them.

41 thoughts on “Sturgeon on the brink of success

  1. And now we await the outcome of the tactical deliberations of the Unionist parties – their members on the Harassment Committee and their party leaders – regarding the Committee’s final reporting.

    Will Ross, Sarwar and Rennie countenance their MSPs on the Committee endorsing a single report based on what might be taken as self-evident and on what can be arrived at as a consensus of views across the Committee however limited in terms of damage to the FM and the SNP that might be?

    Or are we going to have a majority plus a minority report? And if so where will the lines be drawn? The ‘Better Together’ Gang getting back together again? Or am I being too cynical?

    I can certainly envisage the Tories insisting on statements of a nature that could only appear in a minority report. (Indeed Margaret Mitchell MSP may have been reading from a first draft at the end of the hearing yesterday!) A minority report from Tory members would give the party media attention, a media only too happy to divert attention towards the most damning of statements they can find to refer to in advance of the election. Would Labour members ally themselves with such a Tory tactic?

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    1. Jackie Baillie has repeatedly tried to get her own narrative into this inquiry, by putting words into peoples mouths than were never said, or by twisting their words to suit her own ends. Labour is as dirty as the Tories on this.
      History is written by the “winners”. The SNP need to get their people into studios and in the press.

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    2. There might be a danger of such a minority report making people turn their attention to Westminster and the amount of corruption and obfuscation that goes on there.


  2. “More serious offences by UK politicians have been swept under the carpet”.
    That’s it in a nutshell, and all the faux outrage by the colonial media, only re-enforces their hypocrisy over the “Ministerial Code”.
    Johnson and a number of his Cabinet break the code with impunity; Johnson an a daily basis.:
    Sexual impropriety and predation at Westminster is a long-running sore which is never aired by the press/BBC. A spreadsheet a few years ago, named some 40 Tory MPs as being involved.
    What happened next? NOTHING!

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  3. Given the Lord Advocate is the chief legal officer of the Scottish Government, and international human rights law includes the Principle of non-retroactivity of criminal law, which applies both to the provisions defining the offence and to those setting the penalties incurred, I’m pretty sure he needs replacing as well.

    Guide on Article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights
    No punishment without law: the principle that only the law can define a crime and prescribe a penalty

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  4. Whatever your views,Alex Salmond is entirely reponsible for all of this.
    He,above all else should know that the Media are out to get the SNP and will use any opportunity to so do.
    We owe him a great debt for his past contribution to the independence cause but I do not see any way back for him now.
    Such a great shame and loss to our movement.
    Of course,that serves our opponents well.

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    1. Agreed mostly, except for the “Of course,that serves our opponents well” part.
      I very much suspect the abominable media coverage (as above) and political mud-slinging pushed folks who might previously have remained agnostic to being forced to “pick a side”.
      The AS v NS pastiche the #10 gurus and HMS Sarah Smith hoped to be the battleground has backfired, the REAL target of the propaganda, SNP and Independence, is much more widely recognised.

      No matter what now follows the Unionists and MSM are the least trusted in Scotland, not a good position to be in with a slew of propaganda at the ready, hence I suspect it least serves them well. 😉

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  5. Nicola has admitted mistakes have been made that need rectifying. That must be done as soon as possible. Procedures must be put in and followed. An unelected, Westminster appointed, M15 civil servant can never ever be allowed to cause such carnage, illegally. Breaking every rule in the book with impunity. Extremely disappointing.

    An innocent person dragged through Courts. Against claimants and police wishes or advice. There is always a way back for people with a genuine public apology and compensation. An innocent person is not responsible for anything. Abused and then abused again does not cut it. Blaming and shaming the victim? Not applicable.

    The Lord Advocate needs replaced. Malicious prosecution. Law and rules not followed, far too often. With impunity. Wasting £Millions of public monies with unlawful persecution. The prisons are full of people on the spectrum. 50%. They need additional help not prosecution. The Police need more diversity training. More support not dragging people through Courts. Might help. Might help the public purse as well.

    Another Poll. Independence support increasing.

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  6. There may be “not a chance in hell of the First Minister being toppled” but many remain unconvinced that this is a good thing. I look at the fact that Sturgeon has presided over a process that has led to two separate inquiries into her behaviour and the behaviour of her administration and I wonder if her survival is such a good thing.

    I look at the fact that the cause of independence has been stalled for more than six years, polls five to ten points behind where they should be and no assurance of a free and fair referendum in the next parliament, and I wonder if her survival is such a good thing for Scotland’s cause.

    I look at the financial irregularities and the way the party has been wrested from the control of members and handed to a clique of crazies whose only interest in independence is as a marketing device for their demented social engineering agenda all under Sturgeon’s ‘leadership’, and I’m finding it very difficult to regard Sturgeon’s survival in any kind of positive light.

    But, of course, it’s my own fault for looking at these things. And even worse, talking aloud about them. Doubting Sturgeon’s wondrousness is heresy.

    Well, I’m happy to be a heretic! I don’t do faith! If the Wheeshtmaster General (Paul Kavanagh) and his mindless minions want me to stop speaking about my genuine, very serious and fully justified concerns then they better give me reasons. Only good solid reasons might persuade me that the whole pursuit of Alex Salmond doesn’t stink; that Nicola Sturgeon will do anything to bring about the restoration of Scotland’s independence or that her continued ‘leadership’ of the SNP won’t continue its transformation into something too grotesque far any rational individual to be associated with.

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    1. I agree that you can say what you like Peter as it is always well thought out. My view on Nicola is that she has currently a good public image which should help in May despite all this stramash. My hope is the the SNP and Greens get a good vote and more seats. I am unclear how a referendum is going to happen so I just hope it happens.

      As an aside Gavin Eslers book How Britain Ends is worth a read.


  7. “Nicola Sturgeon played no part in the case”. Do you really believe that.
    As a certain American tennis player used to say; You cannot be serious!
    I like your work exposing unionist myths but you have got this seriously wrong. The evidence that NS was involved in the case is overpowering. By all means try to unite us but please take the blinkers off!

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  8. You only have to look at the crushing of the democratic process within her own Party to realise the danger in giving the SNP unqualified support. We have a clique focused on issues never debated by the membership (GRA). The Scottish Government also recently changed legislation to make an S30 requirement from Boris Law.

    The hunger for Independence should not blind people to the changes made to Party rules and procedures to ensure Nicola is not accountable to the membership.

    Please …. No wheesht for Indy replies.

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    1. “Please …. No wheesht for Indy replies
      I absolutely respect your wish. Julia
      However Have you ever considerd wheeshting
      Apparently it is a wonderfully beneficial experience.

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  9. I have a feeling that the party machine will be preparing several scenarios.

    One of these will involve Nicola being moved aside or upwards into some diplomatic role with a big song and dance about having done sterling work against COVID but being now in need of rest and a different role. If this happens, there will be a period during which Swinney takes the reigns until a new leader is found … er, elected.


  10. Nicola is totally accountable to the membership. In every avenue and at conference face to face. Just e-mail her. Or attend meeting etc to have a say. For those who are interested, At every Conference the representatives can be approached face to face. They can be held accountable at every monthly branch meeting. For those who are interested. They vote for the candidates by secret e-mail vote. Lists for equality.

    The membership control the policies and put forward resolutions. At ground level. That is why the Party is so successful. The representatives get the members opinion in every way. They need the members support. It is also supported financially by the members, who canvass, campaign and support the Party. The largest most successful Party in the UK by far (pro rata). You have got to be in it to win it. Anyone can be a delegate.

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    1. All of that was once true! I experienced it for decades until the rule changes. Why is an unelected, stand in for an affiliated “group” been given the role of writing the Trans guidelines and the equalities official on the NEC, selected by members, who defeated her in a clear victory been ignored?
      Can you reall me when the GRA policy was passed and at which conference?
      I could go on about National Council, rule changes, branch proposals being amended without discussion etc etc. I suspect you don’t want to hear the evidence.

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      1. Julia,
        The Gender Recognition Act 2004 is an Act passed by the UKGov. It came into effect in 2005. The Scottish Executive adopted it via a Sewell Convention. In the intervening years around 5000 people have undergone the process set out in the Act to have their gender legally reassigned.

        In 2016 a House of Commons Committee held an inquiry into the Act and made various recommendations which resulted in moves by the UK Gov, and the Scottish Gov undertaking public consultations on reform of the Act. The Scottish Gov infact has held 2 public consultations the second of which overlapped with the start of the pandemic in March 2020. Both Governments have now shelved the issue for the time being. I believe another inquiry into the Act was initiated in HoC in late 2020.

        I have detailed all of this in previous posts on this site with relevant references which it would appear you have not read.

        The membership of the SNP have had two opportunities via the public consultations to make their views known on this UK Act

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  11. Has the Sturgeon/Salmond “gate” been a success for senior britnat civil servants still ensconced in Holyrood?


  12. This theory maybe too controversial for some but I just wonder if Sturgeon may have pulled off a masterstroke in all of this. Clearly caught between a rock….. as they say I wonder if she decided to take a calculated risk to limit the collaterall damage to the Party. The accusation (if accurate) that the Scot Gov refused to hand over crucial evidence too late and ‘allowed ‘ the case to fail as a consequence might support this. If I understand correctly and apparently against the advice of Counsel they deliberately proceeded with the case knowing that without that evidence and corroboration the case might fail and Salmond would be acquited at least on the lesser charges. In the minds of the Public (Women especially) she would then be deemed to have stood up to the perception of the powerful ‘Weinsteins’ of this world and thus overturning the decisions of many women who voted NO to Independence as they mistrusted Salmond. It is not beyond the wit and guile of Politicians in general to play out this Charade in public after which she would emerge from this in triumph, stronger and thus improve the chances of Independence from those previous ‘doubters’. A scenario not too dissimilar to Thatcher and the Falklands.


    1. I would also hasten to add that it would direct blame for this ‘fiasco’ squarely at the door of Civil Servants in revenge for their betrayal back in 2014.


    2. Some convoluted reasoning there, Gerry, but nothing would surprise me in this “mixed up, shook up world”, now where have I heard that before? Is she named Lola?

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  13. What will happen now is that recordings of committee investigations will now be forwarded to Westminster so that Westminster together with the House of Lords can write the committee final report and conclusions.
    The committee in Holyrood will write their own final report but it will never see the light of day theyre all too useless to be left in charge of this britinat opportunity to attack Scottish government , SNP , Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond and thats just for starters , the attack will then spill over to the Scottish legal system which England would love to destroy and Scotland as an independent country which England would love to prevent.
    That lies can be so damaging is clear now right before our eyes, thankfully most people in Scotland see it.

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  14. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 did not conflate biological sex with gender-identity. As such, it enabled the legal recognition of adopted gender, without completely compromising the legal identity of women. The proposed GRA amendments in Scotland, conflates biological sex with gender-identity, which renders the legal identity of women indefensible, thereby undermining equality law. I’ve provided copious evidence to this effect, though it is clear that some voices are determined to ignore sound legal advice. So by all means sweep this issue under the carpet, but all you are doing is further damaging the potential for justice in and for Scotland.

    The consultation exercise was rendered meaningless by the same conflation of biological sex with gender identity.

    Embodiment: a conceptual glossary for epidemiology


  15. P.S. Law needs to be coherent with cognitive linguistics if it hopes to be understandable. Law can’t hope to be just if it is not understandable. Women are adult human females, trans-women are biologically male.


      1. It would therefore be appropriate to hit the Reply button under his comment, or preface your comment with his name


  16. CameronB Brodie at 8.05 PM
    The proposed reforms to the GRA 2004 are about the process of obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) and does not propose changing any other aspect of the existing Act. Nor does it intend to alter women’s protected rights under the Equality Act 2010. For example, toilets, refuges and sports

    Here is a link to the draft Bill and its Annexes which formed the basis for the second consultation.

    Please point out the section(s) where it ‘conflates biological sex with gender-identity, which renders the legal identity of women indefensible, thereby undermining equality law.’

    This is a link to the background to the Reform in which it is clearly stated that both women’s rights and trans rights will continue to be protected under the current Equalities legislation “” Both women’s rights and trans rights continue to be protected under Equality legislation, and this will not change””

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