No bad manners here please!

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I know, this is a bit of a haven. I’ve seen the kind abusive comment that other blogs suffer.

Mostly, we get really fantastic comments here – clear, articulate, evidence-based and thoroughly enhancing my often sketchy starters. I love it, man!

I’m rarely verbally abused and you rarely abuse each other. If I see anything of that kind, I delete it. If I miss some, as I must, email me and I’ll deal with it.

More frequently, recently, it seems some posts, though not perhaps abusive, are getting a bit annoying, a touch patronising, maybe rude and often so long and opaque that they annoy those following what they thought was a thread.

I’m against top-down censorship so can I ask everyone to self-censor a bit, in everyone’s interest?

The occasional off-topic comment on something important, for which there is no current spot, is welcome, of course but, otherwise, try to stay mostly with it.

Finally, don’t get mad, learn not to see that which could irritate and sail gracefully by until you pick up the prevailing wind?

Peace be with you and don’t bust your blood vessels.

21 thoughts on “No bad manners here please!

  1. Look out your window at the passing world with calm and equanimity.
    All things must pass–even Trump. Even Boris.
    Humour is a good remedy, as is a wee Goldie (in moderation).
    We live in trying times and hope is better than fear.
    Love better than war (yes, born in ’49, I was a Child of the Sixties).

    But….if we HAVE to fight, then FIGHT TO WIN!

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  2. I quite agree John but we do take a lot of stick from the likes of the letter writers in the P&J just thank goodness they don’t come on here,also when you get the likes of Lab Murray telling me that I am wasting my time emailing him with genuine questions and I was not being abusiveto him.

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      1. Aedan
        From Pink Floyd
        And if the band you are in
        Starts playing a different tune
        Then it is time to see you on the Dark side if the moon


    1. Terence
      I am mad
      But i do endeavour when confronting outrageous comments etc
      To take a deep breath,count to 10 then have a wee laugh
      Then think of the best comedic way of belittling those from whom,s fingertips or lips
      The nonsense originated from
      But if such is a blatant lie then simply respond with verifiable FACTS


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