Gender debate translates into massive surge for sNP?

On the 9th to 10th February as the MSM salivated over the massive threat to civilisation posed by some folk deciding they want to change their gender identity, YouGov reported a relatively low 45% support for the SNP in Westminster voting intentions.

The inflatable Allan Cochrane of the Telegraph had shared his wisdom and foresight on this, with us, only days earlier.

Today, with the people having had the time to dwell on this earth-shattering development, perhaps the greatest threat to Western civilisation since our women were being raped and our babies’ blood drunk, on a daily basis, during the Muslim invasions of the Holy Land, 1 000 years ago and in the Punk rebellions in the 1970s, support for the SNP has inexplicably surged to 55%.

Some experts have suggested that the gender identity issue is of little interest to 99% of the electorate. What do they know?


20 thoughts on “Gender debate translates into massive surge for sNP?

  1. A serious but not a casual observation on the discussion here or anywhere else for that matter on Transgenders issues
    It would appear
    Tis rather akin to attempting to herd cats
    A 1000 differing directions within seconds
    Is the only result


  2. OT. Apparently wee DRossy is whining that Nikla should have missed the “Covid Briefing” (her job) to stay and hear the Boris roadmap update for the four nations.
    Guess what? Boris wasnt there either. Will DRossy be having words with him?

    It was chaired By Micky Gove, escaping the incestuous carnage at No10 for a while.
    He uses the job title of “Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster”, an archaic post, relevant only to pre-Union England.
    Both Scottish and English parliaments were supposedly abolished and a NEW Parliament of Great Britain established.
    But Westminster still entirely operates on procedures and precedents from before the Union.
    Anyone claiming this is a “Union Parliament” should be wearing a dress and a wig—Oh, that’ll be the Speaker!

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    1. Gavinochiltree
      Re.Westminster and The Act of Union
      And without going back and checking the exact dates
      England took Eons to sign the Act and when Scotland implied it would withdraw from the said Act England finally signed
      Also if you care to watch the coronation of QE 1 of Scotland (QE 2 of England)
      She is by protocol acknowledge the Crown of Scotland which is present in front of her
      She merely gives the smallest nod of her head
      To it
      So much so that as far as Scotland is concerned QE 1 she is neither our Queen or us her subjects
      After all Tis the English who are stalwarts of Law and protocol otherwise tis not cricket is it old chappie
      So by default she not our Queen


    2. It is the union Parliament, as the Inner House of the Court of Session ruled, neither the the Crown not Parliament are above the law, Scots law. Betty may have shown scant respect to the Scottish Crown at her Coronation just as she disrespected the people of Scotland, their Parliament and their elected representatives, but both she and her ministers are subordinate to Scots law.

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  3. Alan Cochrane gave a timely reminder of the alternative to men in frocks…The Tories.

    People may vote SNP in the constituency but they are not voting FOR the SNP. They are voting for a Referendum ( That depends on Wednesday as regards being a reality!)

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    1. I’m voting FOR the SNP in the constituency, I’m voting for their record in office, saving thousands of lives during the pandemic is just one reason.

      I’m voting FOR the SNP as they are the party that will deliver a referendum.

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    2. “They are voting for a Referendum ( That depends on Wednesday as regards being a reality!)” – The other 99% are going for it any day of the week without a single thought to codicils or anything else…

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  4. Gender identity is most important to those who want to change their gender identity and most important to their friends and relatives too i would think.
    For the rest of us ? well we have so many things in life that do actually impact us every day and we spend our time dealing with them .
    We dont usually get involved deeply in things that dont impact on our daily lives.

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  5. Just because the general public, and some sociologists, don’t appear to consider women’s legal rights to be an important issue, doesn’t make it so. Standpoint theory is kind of crucial to contemporary, post-positivist, conceptions of science. So it deserves and needs defended against regressive ideology.

    Feminist and Gender Theories

    Click to access 38628_7.pdf


  6. I make no apologies in saying I couldn’t care less about this gender issue. I believe most folk in Scotland feel the same as me. They want a SNP government who will deliver indyref2 and/or independence. We can pass laws on the gender issue post-independence.

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    1. Yep and like the OFBA which the Britnats and the Greens at Holyrood made sure was totally scrapped…the same can be the case for other policies, laws and acts and bills which are not fit for purpose, though the OBFA actually was critical to er, peace, equality and womens’ safety etc.
      The thought of a BritNat party at the helm at Holyrood agian is absolutely terrifying, and the SNP win is not a given.

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  7. It’s completely crazy that it is left up to the like of myself to defend a gender-critical approach to law and public policy. Which is what ‘our’ civil service was following until they were instructed to do otherwise. Though I can’t remember this action being debated in Holyrood. And which is also supported by the Office of National Statistics, who acknowledge the significance of the difference between biological sex, a.k.a. gender, and gender-ideology.

    Click to access toolkit-for-mainstreaming-and-implementing-gender-equality.pdf


  8. I don’t expect folks to simply accept my outlook as being correct, which is why I provide sources that support my position. Which is something you’re unlike to get from those who support the assertion that trans women are women.

    If you are not prepared to defend the biological rights of natal women, who’s going to defend your biological rights when the state decides you don’t have a legal right to legal rights. Though Brexit indicates the state already views Scots as being sub-human, so you’re already too late to defend yourself from regressive ideology (see British nationalism).

    Critical gender studies and international development studies: interdisciplinarity, intellectual agility and inclusion

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