Tell your mum?

This might need updating from 2017 but it still make a point, I think:

September 11th 2017

Anas Sarwar is a shareholder in United Wholesale (Scotland) Ltd, run by his mum, which is currently advertising jobs at £7.50 an hour rather than the £8.45 ‘real’ living wage and far less than the £10 an hour supported by his UK leader, Jeremy Corbyn and his current Scottish Leader, Kezia Dugdale who said during the election campaign:

‘The truth is our businesses can afford to pay a little more so that workers aren’t paid a poverty wage.’

Scottish Government staff are guaranteed £8.45 an hour and it funds the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative, which encourages private sector firms and other bodies to pay £8.45 an hour.

Though formerly opposed to Jeremy Corbyn and his policies, Sarwar has recently made clear his full support for him.

16 thoughts on “Tell your mum?

  1. I have canvassed for years in former Labour strongholds, who are now solid S.N.P, and the main reason given is “Labour let us down, and we’ll never vote for them again”.
    It won’t matter who they elect as leader, how many have they had since 1999, they are a busted flush as far as Scotland are concerned.

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  2. No matter how this man turns and twists
    Electorally he shall find upon the results
    From the bitter taste left in his mouth
    That indeed he is PISSING into the wind

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  3. Poverty?
    Aspiring leader A. Starwars was privately educated.
    His children are privately educated.
    Past leader Leotard was privately educated.
    Acting Leader Jaikie Baillie was privately educated.
    THIS is the Scottish LABOUR party?

    “Where have all the cooncil hooses gone?
    Labour sold them, every one
    Labour cooncillors picked the best–the damp ones went take the rest.
    When will we ever learn. When will we ever learn”!

    Sung by Mandy, Blair and Gordo—the Elastic Principles Band.

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  4. I note the site owner appears to agree with those who think I’m a spammer. No wonder Scots aren’t able to defend their legal rights, when our academics are hostile towards the sharing of practical knowledge. I’m actually trying to put critical political and educational theories into practice, though the value of my efforts appears to have escaped most.

    If only folks weren’t so determined to maintain their narrow opinions and beliefs, Scots might actually be able to enjoy the benefits of open democracy. Such as the fulfillment of their economic, social and cultural rights.

    The Sociology of International Economic Law: Sociological Analysis of the Regulation of Regional Agreements in the World Trading System


    1. It’s a matter of staying on topic, not distracting at least not too much, not filling comments every day with academic papers which most people just do not have the time to sift through Cameron. Your shorter to the point comments are welcome, but I for one have far too much going on and to deal with than to read the links or long lectures, it would be a full time job and I have one as carer already, life is chaotic, like it is for many people right now. Give folks some credit for taking time to inform themselves as much as they can and comment and share their own views, and others’ views as well as facts from other sources. Give us the essence of the things you wish to share, relevant facts, that is a bonus for us all.

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    2. I find that most independence supporters are not narrow minded or have narrow beliefs, quite the opposite, that is why they are of independent mind. They see how their country has been shafted for hundreds of years, and how utterly UNdemocratic the so called union is and has been. If the BritNat gov have their way, Scotland will not survive nevermind be a free and open democracy. I still think you could do your own blog with all the info you wish to impart, it’s not rocket science is it.
      Ps, one thing I loved about the 2014 indy ref was the humour and wit of the Scots to counter the lies and propaganda of the Britnats. I hope we can embrace some of that talent again for next time!
      Right, must go take the washing in, and stop ranting on here as well!

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    1. That’s because I’m trained not to overly influence the learner with my own opinion. Try clicking some of my links and you might enlighten yourself.


  5. Sir Starmer has instructed Labour reps and members not to mention Brexit. Head in the sand. Useless.

    Labour the only party that did not support MUP. Vote Labour to die younger, especially in Scotland. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years. To hide Westminster criminality.

    People are in poverty, worldwide, because of Labour policies. £Trns wasted

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  6. I do appreciate that most folks don’t have the time to get stuck into critical political science and stuff, but I’m only doing what I was trained to do in order to decolonise the social imagination. I’m not expecting folks to fill their boots with every link, which on their own have semiotic value that convey meaning. Though folks will almost certainly improve their understanding of their predicament, even if they can only dip their toes.

    Symbolic Interactionism, Inequality, and Emotions


    1. I can’t find it now but you liked someone’s comment that was suggesting I’d been punted from Wings for being a spammer. Which was what your man Ellis was punting, and he’s a clown.

      “at best tangential references”

      Come on now, you appear to think Habermas is the bee’s knees. He might be a bit of a dude but his political philosophy is simply a bit dated, and not sufficiently critical, nor radical, to support substantive change. Or support the emancipation of the subourdinated identity.


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