One English researcher with English data used to undermine John Swinney

Dr Deepti Gurdasani of Queen Mary University of London is not the first English academic brought on to BBC Scotland, ignorant of the new context they find themselves in, but quickly applying their opinions as if they somehow know better. Do they ever wonder why no Scottish academic has been set up against a senior Scottish minister?

Gurdasani makes no pretence of presenting her data as even UK-wide, clearly content that things up there are probably just the same as in the English cities from which her data derive.

Gurdasani says that in the data she is seeing, in England, primary school age children ‘had the highest prevalence of all age groups.’

Might the far higher infection levels across England and far far higher in inner cities with large minority populations, a prevalence of over-crowded vertical families and a deep distrust of government, affect the extent to which children in schools are likely to be infected and to infect family members?

The Scottish Government has its own team of expert advisers and bases its actions upon their independent advice. Why should they listen to one researcher, no harm to her, helicoptered in to contradict the Deputy First Minister and to undermine, irresponsibly, public confidence?

If BBC Scotland feel the need for non-Scottish expertise, how about the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control? Here’s what they said on the 23rd December:

Children of all ages are susceptible to and can transmit SARS-CoV-2. Younger children appear to be less susceptible to infection, and when infected, less often lead to onward transmission than older children and adults.

4 thoughts on “One English researcher with English data used to undermine John Swinney

  1. Well well
    Her input is immediately fatally holed below the waterline
    Infection rates are / 100 k of population
    In England almost twice higher than Scotland
    And even more so in vast swathes of London
    In military terms all akin to the dispatch of
    2 ships in WW2 in a vain attempt to thwart Japan and its move for Singapore and the sinking of of 2 ships
    Prince of Wales and Repulse on 10.12.1941
    Why Insufficient Air cover to protect them from The Imperial Japanese carriers the very
    Modern Mitsibushi Zero aircraft upon them
    But more importantly a deadly new torpedo
    Result – decisive Japanese Victory with huge ramifications
    All this despite the Admilarity being well warned with regards insufficient Air Cover
    Thousands of Royal Naval Seamen perished
    And the Prince of Wales had just been commissioned and was the pride of The Royal
    A fine example that Whitehall and London always know Better

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  2. Only because Devi Shidhar was on the programme, “Sophie Ridge on Sunday” I listened to a person no other that Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, lying through his teeth telling us that the Government, L.B.J obviously, had did brilliantly with their handling of the pandemic.
    Part of the British Establishment of course, so I suppose it was to be expected.
    I may have missed it, but has there has been any praise from the established church in Scotland, The Church of Scotland, for the Scottish Government’s much better handling of the crisis?
    I’m was brought up in that very denomination.


  3. This is from The Lancet, last December.

    The role of schools and school-aged children in SARS-CoV-2 t

    “Two large-scale, population-based swabbing studies have been set up in the UK in which households6 or individuals7 are randomly selected and offered a test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2. Both studies have shown that since September, when schools, universities, and colleges have been fully open, the highest rates of infection have been observed in young adults (about 18–25 years old). However, the next highest prevalence has been observed in secondary school children (11–18 years old), suggesting that they are likely to be an important source of infection to peers and others rather than a sink. Yet, primary school children (5–11 years old) have been found to have an infection prevalence comparable to that of working-aged adults.6, 7″

    ,” but quickly applying their opinions as if they somehow know better.” Are you suggesting she is wrong? I have not watched BBC programmes much so have not heard what was said.


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