What does it have to do with him?

On Reporting Scotland, announcing a target for the whole UK, which he knows he cannot set, which BBC Scotland knows he cannot set, but dropped in casually in the hope that at least some viewers might pick it up as evidence we’re better together.


Scotland has actually vaccinated every care home resident while NHS England has merely offered them with thousands of lives lost for their delay. Since early February, Scotland has vaccinated far more and is only just a bit ahead at the moment because of supply shortages. Watch what happens when supplies come back on stream.

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What possible offer from this man might you believe?

10 thoughts on “What does it have to do with him?

    1. I guess the “Union Unit” will be the elite troops of the anti-independence campaign and the BBC treated more like native levies – useful but not treated as well or their lives/jobs considered worth as much.

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    2. Gavinochiltree
      No need to wonder Re.ABC (BBC)
      They merely foot soldiers in the propaganda
      And obey orders
      Yes sir 3 bags full sir
      And when ordered to Jump
      They reply Yes Sir but how high and when
      If it was I giving the reply it would be
      Stupid boy
      Jump over the Cliff NOW


  1. Very doubtful if Scotland will be able to get very far ahead of the RUK vaccination performance. The Westminster administration will simply turn down the spigot until we’re far enough adrift for Ruth Rennie and their ilk to have a bash at the SNP. And that might well be in late April/early May.

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    1. I suspect SG got wind of “The Westminster administration will simply turn down the spigot…” hence the “hissy fit” from #10 over them shrewdly publishing supply details….🤣 They wouldn’t dare now as enough journos copied it before being taken down…
      With that scuppered, Jackatory tried the “British Army” to the rescue ruse with copious photos of cammos vaccinating in the media, but nobody was fooled it was other than a stunt…
      None can get ahead since allocation is based on population, and with the remarkable rate of vaccination the SNHS teams accomplished even their Vaccine Olympics strategy fizzled out…
      No doubt #10’s spin-mongers will have another “cunning plan” being warmed up, but so far so pathetic…

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  2. The offer the next door neighbour could not refuse. £Millions in illegal contracts. Now being investigated. Tory sycophants raking off the public purse. Non scrutinised, illegal public contracts. The Tory muck up. Catastrophe. Hancock inadequacy

    50 staff against 2million++. Minions. Ie dogsbodies.


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